The Arte Fake Show

The Fake Show of Arte

The documentary contains long-distance interviews and recordings by and with Ukrainian President Zelensky. He is glorified. Putin, on the other hand, is aggressive after this ARTE piece and is to blame for everything. The prosecution's witness is, among others, the well-known Marieluise Beck and a Wilfried Jilge; he is constantly represented in the German media on the topic of Ukraine and Russia. He works for a particularly active institution in the construction of the new Cold War: the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). The documentary also shines with a striking one-sidedness in the selection of the other interview partners and witnesses.

Interesting who is the godfather of the script and direction: Claire Walding.

We also draw attention to the ARTE documentaries because they are part of a massive indoctrination that is currently underway. The message is always the same: Russia is aggressive. We in the West really only want peace and human rights and democracy. By the way, the agitation continues today, on November 18. For example, on the 1st page of my regional newspaper, a dpa message appears under the headline: "Ukraine: Warning of invasion". And then the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin is quoted as saying: "Never since 2014, when the Russians occupied Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine by force of arms, has the danger of a new large-scale invasion been more acute than these days."

The unilateral attribution of blame has a dangerous catch: in Western "democracies" it is clearly necessary to build up enemy images and assign the blame for a possible war to the enemy.

This is obviously necessary in the interests of the actors, because only then can the war be justified and the leading persons do not squander their credit with the people. Propaganda is successful if the opponent can be marked as an aggressor. This was the case at the outbreak of the Iraq War. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, they said at the time. So it was in Libya. So it is in Syria. - The bad guys are on the other side, and this, in turn, also justifies its own military interventions and massive preparation for them.

This game has been practiced for a long time - from Yugoslavia and Iraq to Afghanistan and Libya, until now in the case of Ukraine and Russia. The old games were further away. Now the conflicts are getting closer, it is getting serious and it can also end fatally here with us.

Because our spokesmen and those in power have to pin the blame for the war on the others for the reasons described, we, as attentive citizens, have a small but perhaps important option for action:

We have to fight back. We can and must educate about the fact that, as a rule, we, the West, are the aggressive ones. We must first correctly assign and attribute the blame for a possible war in advance. This is not easy, because the propaganda we are exposed to today is massive and runs on all channels – from Deutschlandfunk to ARTE, from FAZ to Bild, from Süddeutsche Zeitung to the Berliner Tagesspiegel and above all to dpa, from CDU / CSU to the Greens.

But because a war is really unbearable, we have no choice but to make the attempt of enlightenment again and again and to show where the aggressors are at home.

In this context and for your support, I would like to refer once again to the lecture on November 6 with the topic Willy Brandt's relaxation policy – once designed – now playful – in the future necessary for survival. It describes the development from the "never again war" of the immediate post-war period, through the first Cold War that followed and through the policy of relaxation to the new Cold War. And the risks of war are explained. They exist.