The ideologues live

Dear Mr. Montgomery,

first: it is quite right for me to write to you and not to face you personally; this saves me from having to look for the dagger in your clothes. After all, you, like millions of others, have recently declared me a tyrant.

It is, of course, clear to me that your verbal derailment is not solely your fault. Finally, the entire talk show was equipped in such a way that the participants could rock each other up, in ever-increasing demands. And you, as a trained association functionary, of course delivered. Staying in the headlines is, after all, half the business in this industry. And it is also clear to me that during your professional life you were above all a functionary and only a medical doctor for a quarter of your time, plus a radiologist in a clinic; so, in order to carry out their activities, they did not need a pronounced empathy.

they can also benefit from the division of the hospital staff, back then as chairman of the Marburg Federation, when they left the joint collective bargaining negotiations with Verdi – which gave the doctors a decent salary increase, but worsened the assertiveness of the nurses, not to mention the cleaners. You are probably also personally convinced that you are something better as a doctor, otherwise you would not have been able to go through this split.

But well, these are things from the past. Before I get personal, just a little question: Do you really have no contact with the ground troops in the hospitals anymore? You have also called for mandatory vaccinations for all health care personnel. Has no one told you that this is the fastest way to exacerbate the nursing emergency? I know a few people who work in nursing; there are some who have been vaccinated, but will no longer compete for a third, fourth, fifth vaccination, and there are some who have not been vaccinated and will react to a vaccination requirement in exactly one way – they convert their abundant overtime into vacation and then get out. That's right: you get out. This is exactly what has already been shown in other countries that have drawn this card; the Canadian Minister of Health just had to quietly withdraw the vaccination obligation again, because otherwise the clinics would have actually collapsed.

Sure, you can't know everything. And basically, I am trying to respond to this audacity, to the accusation of tyranny – which you certainly did not raise in the conviction that this is what motivates people to vaccinate now. I don't know how you motivated others to do what you wanted during your career as a functionary, but I guess insults and public defamation were not one of them. To know that this does not work, your practical experience would have to suffice, for this you do not need to be a psychologist.

Interestingly, the Federal Ministry of Health has the solution on its own website, in this survey of unvaccinated people, which it commissioned. If you read the survey itself and not just the pitifully demagogic summary that Forsa wrote about it, it is crystal clear that half of the unvaccinated could be vaccinated if there were other vaccines. If you had worked for it, it would have made sense and maybe even, thanks to your career as a functionary, could have made a difference. In contrast to the shouting that she and her companions raised.

I am certainly not alone in telling you that a lack of information is certainly not the reason why I do not want to have anything to do with the vaccines offered in this country. I have already read the first genetic analyses of the COVID-19 pathogen when it was explained here that this is a Chinese problem. Since then, I have read a lot of other studies; fortunately, my general education goes far enough to be able to understand them. Among them, by the way, before the emergence of the BioNTech vaccine, there were also those on animal experiments with mRNA vaccines. And here we come to a side effect, which alone is enough to keep me away from it: animal experiments have shown that these vaccines can trigger autoimmune diseases.

Unfortunately, I have already had two autoimmune diseases, hyperthyroidism, which occupied me for a whole ten years, and psoriasis. I did not find both so enjoyable that I attach importance to an addition to the collection.

A close relative, by the way, had been vaccinated. She then developed an extremely fast-growing cancer, which she is currently struggling with. And the fact that in the manageable family history, in the last four generations on both sides, there is not a single cancer before the age of 70, and only two of them, reinforces the impression that this is an unusual event. However, if one broadens the view a little beyond the leading media, there are certainly reports of accelerated tumor growth as a result of vaccination, and it is precisely this outstanding characteristic of extremely rapid growth that leads me to fear a side effect of vaccination in this case. This could only be clarified by appropriate investigations; but it is not a possibility excluded from the existing literature, quite the contrary.

Like many others, I would have doubts about the more "classic" vaccines that have not yet been approved by us, whether they will have a lasting effect (doubts that, by the way, were already in the room at the beginning of 2020, based on the fact that until then there was not a single vaccine known that could cause an immunity of more than six months for coronaviruses), but the side effects that, in my opinion, well-founded, prevent me from vaccination, would not be to be feared. And I'm certainly not the only one who has already thought about how to get these vaccines; however, not only is the vaccine not approved, vaccination elsewhere is not recognized either.

But you seem to be firmly convinced that we unvaccinated people do not want to administer these glorious vaccines just to make life difficult for you and other vaccinated people, because they could neither get sick nor transmit and therefore there would be no problem without people like me.

Which immediately raises the question for me whether you are even reading the press distribution list, which you are sure to receive as a high-ranking association official. Because, on the one hand, there was this report from the Federal Audit Office, which clearly indicated that there had never been an overload of intensive care units, and on the other hand, there were enough reports about the dismantling of intensive care beds. And you, as an association functionary who is constantly dealing with business-oriented hospital management, should also have heard that the business-oriented utilization rate is 80 percent plus x, but if possible not below that. So if occupancies of this height are now cited to talk about overload, we both know perfectly well that this is a show. And that there are not enough nursing staff – well, maybe you will go into yourself and think to what extent this is a side effect of your old maneuver to give the doctors a better position by letting the rest of the staff down. If the nursing staff, as in the past, could assert their interests together with the doctors, the working conditions and the pay would look better; then the staff shortage would not be as bad as it is today. But that's your responsibility, personally, and certainly not mine, just because I don't get vaccinated.

You can't accuse me of basic anti-vaccination either. I got vaccinated against yellow fever twice before traveling to the tropics; that was the vaccination with the most severe side effects before the corona vaccines. However, yellow fever is also fatal for every third person. By the way, malaria tropica, against which it is still impossible to get vaccinated, has a mortality rate of 20 percent. Just as a house number, what other parts of the world have to deal with and what is a really deadly disease. In leptospirosis, a tropical infection transmitted by rat urine, it is also 20 percent. In chagas, a disease transmitted by bug bites, it is even 90 percent. I have already been in areas where all this is on offer. A mortality of one percent of the sick is nothing to scare me with.

In general, the whole thing that is distributed by government officials and also by their side as information would be more credible if the data on which the decisions are based were a little more reliable. We have already touched on this topic, with the intensive care beds; but it also concerns the incidence. Only now the riddle question: if it were possible, without additional effort and additional costs, to remove the doubts of many people about the numbers by setting a threshold value for the reproductive cycles during the PCR tests, so that it actually determines who is contagious and who is not, why did this not happen in 18 months? Why are measures imposed instead that trigger costs solely through the necessary controls, from psychological consequential damage caused by mask compulsion in children, etc. not to mention? This is the second point where simple pressure takes the place of a simple, rational, conflict-free and cheap solution, in addition to the release of other vaccines.

Wikipedia doesn't tell me if they have children. The fact that they thought it was great to have unvaccinated people pay for tests themselves actually suggests that they don't have any. If you want children to do something specific, but your reasoning is not convincing, then you will not make up ground if you scold them extensively, then impose house arrest and add another round of abuse. Unless, of course, your children have no self-esteem at all. Otherwise, you will be amazed to find yourself achieving exactly the opposite.

For months now, I have been allowed to listen to this rabble-rousing, from the mouth of a political staff member who, as a rule, is likely to be far less informed than I am. Selfish, lazy, stupid, unsolidary ... Which I largely put away shrugging my shoulders, at best irritated by the lack of logic that characterizes the entire procedure, and a little worried about the direction that all the rhetoric took and which aroused very unpleasant associations. After all, Mr. Montgomery, we are not talking about Ebola (with a mortality rate of 50 percent among the sick), but about the one percent you mentioned yourself. The patient, mind you, not the one who tested positive. And we are at a different point in terms of treatment options than we were over a year ago; we would be even further if all serious research in this country had not been stopped in favor of vaccination, which was initially praised as permanently effective; even attempts to gain statistical insights are not taking place. They cannot take place as long as the data basis is as it is.

But slowly it's good. The mob of hysterical howling buoys has already ruined my everyday life, squeezed a mask into my face and deprived me of basic political rights. Not a single one of these measures has grown on my crap or been decided by me. Tyranny, if you want to locate it, you have to look elsewhere.

But you, Mr. Montgomery, were even awarded once for promoting the discussion of the involvement of doctors in Nazi fascism. I am certainly not telling you anything new when I note that it was deep and far-reaching. If you now accuse a population group that has already been described as lazy, stupid, anti-social and anti-solidarity and whose media portrayal, as in the case of Kimmich, only skips past the rhetoric of the pest on public health, of tyranny, which can only be interpreted as an appeal that the vaccinated may rise up against the unvaccinated, then, if you have really taken a look into the past of German medicine, you would have to shudder when looking in the mirror.

If you now think that having to answer to me whether or not to get vaccinated is, after all, a matter of choice and therefore not comparable to the persecutions under the Nazis, I must draw your attention to the fact that large groups of the persecuted were certainly as a result of a decision. This applies to Communists, Social Democrats, trade unionists as well as to Jehovah's Witnesses or women who ended up in Ravensbrück because of a relationship with a forced labourer. Any one of them could have been accused of being Nazis. They were slain for their convictions. Just because a group is defined by a common conviction and not by a lineage or a disease, it is not legitimate to incite against it in a way that leaves far behind every limit of democratic communication and can no longer deny its kinship with the thought patterns of brown propaganda.

A few days ago there was a tweet circulating from Austria, which allegedly reported from the meeting of the governors (the Austrian heads of state); it seemed to me quite realistic, and the specified source may also have had access to this information. The text was as follows:

"As I have just learned from an absolutely reliable source, yesterday the members of the crisis meeting were informed by the experts involved that the 4th wave can no longer be stopped, as the spike protection is failing on a broad basis. Especially Astra, Johnson, Moderna but also Pfizer have disastrous data that can no longer be denied. The effect of the 3rd stitch is also very limited, there are already the first clusters among triple-treated in Styria and Vienna. (...) The experts were asked which strategies are now available as an option & the answer was: 'semi-controlled screening'. Literally then one of the desperate participants in the discussion said: 'If this comes out, they'll chase the hell out of us.' The government then presented the proposal coming from Vienna to ease the situation by – again literally – 'focusing on the unvaccinated'. The state governors, without hesitation, took up the proposal."

If something like this is behind your outburst, Mr Montgomery, I can at least tell you that I understand your reaction – but neither approve nor accept it. They, in particular, should know what barbarism medicine is capable of, as soon as the doctors disregard common sense and forget all basic humanism. Maybe you should get the little book by Viktor Klemperer, LTI, out of the bookcase and read in it, about "barely concealed coercion", for example. In any case, I would be willing to accept your apology on behalf of you.