The sworn master

According to Wikipedia, the term "buzz" is a pejoratively used expression of colloquial speech for supposedly or actually incomprehensible, unrealistic or meaningless statements. Critics of the corona measures are often disqualified by their supporters with this term. This is amazing, since one of the spokesmen of the self-proclaimed "caution faction" strictly speaking fulfills all the requirements to qualify himself as a prime example for a "swearer". Karl Lauterbach swears what he can do, and seems to have slowly completely lost touch with reality. It was good to see this on Sunday evening with Anne Will, when he completely got into a rut while trying to refute Sahra Wagenknecht.

It is certainly not always pleasure taxable to watch the Sunday propaganda round of Anne Will in the first. Especially when it comes to corona, the narrative of the alarmists and lockdown friends is a common consensus here, and if once again the media omnipresent "expert" Karl Lauterbach is allowed to be there, the course is pre-programmed anyway. Professor Strange always has a very fresh study from "Hachwaht" ready, with which he can stir up panic. Whether he read and understood these studies is unknown. Doubts are appropriate.

Sometimes he fantasizes about intensive care units that are full of young people, half of whom die, which can not even be proven by the official figures. Sometimes he tells robber pistols about "Long Covid in children", which do not withstand any scientific examination. Then he puts children in the vicinity of virus launchers – a "swearing", which was already then long since refuted and even denied by the RKI.

He is also happy to give unsolicited advice to other countries. For example, during the European Football Championship, he criticized Hungary for holding matches in front of full ranks and under 3G conditions. Contrary to Lauterbach's shrill warnings, however, the incidence in Hungary also fell incessantly after the "reckless and unsportsmanlike" (quote: Lauterbach) stadium openings and even more than in Germany with its strict visitor restrictions.

The master of bullshit

Lauterbach's resentment is currently held by the Danes, whose first opening he described as a "spectacular mistake" in the spring. Now, in typical alarmist diction, he also sees the complete cancellation of the corona measures in September as a "complete failure" and refers to the recent development of Danish incidences.

The master of bullshit

However, he "forgets" to mention that the incidence in Denmark is the same as in Germany with his measures and the number of intensive care patients and deaths in Denmark is very significantly lower than in Germany advised by the "Caution team".

The master of bullshit The master of bullshit

How was that again with the worm? Incomprehensible? Yes! Meaningless? Also! Out of touch with reality? For sure!

Schwurbel-Karlchen meets Wagenknecht

Now Karl Lauterbach – presented as an "expert" – met Sahra Wagenknecht at Anne Will's. The left-wing politician had the thankless role of conveying the position of people who criticize the increasing pressure on the unvaccinated, and then also outed herself as unvaccinated. According to his own statement, Wagenknecht is waiting for the approval of a vaccine with a traditional principle of action.

This is a point of view that is quite legitimate. After all, it is not the case that there are only newly developed vaccines based on the mRNA or vector-based principle of action. Quite the contrary. In China alone, more than 2.2 billion doses of vaccines have already been injected, the vast majority of which are classic vaccines with inactivated viruses. The vaccines from Sinopharm and Sinovac are approved in over 60 countries and are the most widely used vaccines outside the EU and the USA. More than 900 million doses of Sinovac's vaccine "Coronavac" alone were delivered. There are no reports of serious side effects.

But this does not apply to Karl Lauterbach. Instead of using the internationally successful traditional vaccines from China and India, he prefers to refer to the French vaccine candidate Valneva, which, however, is still far from being approved and for which there is therefore naturally little data on side effects. Lauterbach's conclusion: the data came "perhaps from a clinical study of 30,000 people. This is a risk". This assessment is already interesting, a year ago he assessed the risk of side effects of the BioNTech vaccine, which was only tested in a clinical trial at that time, quite differently and swore something about "breakthrough" and "great". Until today, pharmaceutical lobbyist Lauterbach does not want to know anything about side effects and potential long-term consequences of the new vaccines.

"It has never happened before that a side effect occurred very late," says Lauterbach. Then the Herr expert will probably have never heard of the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix. It was also approved in an urgent procedure in 2009/2010 and has been vaccinated millions of times in numerous countries. A year later, there were more and more indications that an active enhancer added to the vaccine could trigger the incurable sleeping sickness narcolepsy. It was then investigated in Sweden. It mainly affected children. In July 2011, the EMA revoked its recommendation for this vaccine. By the way, today not a single swine flu vaccine is approved anymore. In 2015 - five years after the vaccination campaign - there were already 1,300 cases of narcolepsy in children and adolescents known in the database of the European Medicines Agency and a year later the Swedish state even had to pay damages of up to one million euros to the victims in 311 cases. Did the "expert" Lauterbach not know all this? Unlikely.

Lauterbach then provided a sample of his clam when he was specifically asked about the example mentioned by Sahra Wagenknecht about a side effect of the vaccine against dengue fever. Here, vaccination – again, especially in children and adolescents – can lead to the fact that in the event of an infection, they even become seriously and fatally ill. But Lauterbach, oddly enough, does not want to let this be considered a side effect. So he swore …

"It makes a difference whether the disease is more severe when I am vaccinated or, uh, a side effect of the vaccination. [...] With dengue it was a little different, but this is not a side effect of vaccination, but this is a severe course of infection after vaccination, but not a side effect of vaccination."

Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses - as the Latin used to say. But what should one expect from an "expert" who, with Covid 19, does not even manage to distinguish between infection and illness, and still takes the completely contrary position that vaccinated people do not contribute to the spread of the pandemic?

Why let him go through this?

The fact that Lauterbach is repeatedly invited to talk shows, interviewed by newspapers and courted as an "expert" despite all the fuss is amazing. Even more surprising is that no one puts him in the barriers and openly contradicts. This was also the case with Anne Will, when the journalist Christina Berndt contradicted him on almost all points in terms of content, but did not refer to his statements and instead attacked Sahra Wagenknecht for minor contradictions. Apparently Karl Lauterbach enjoys fool's freedom ... or you don't understand his Rhineland, often confused singing properly.

It would be a worthwhile task for the numerous fact checkers in this country to check the statements of a Karl Lauterbach. Or is there a risk that you will then speak the word "wrong" to the wrong people? Obviously, you think so. As long as the message is consistent with one's own narrative, facts are of no further interest. And it seems that a Karl Lauterbach can swear what it takes. It doesn't matter. Because only the others are swearers.