The war between rich and poor

Who still doubts that we have been at war for over a year? In the Third World War of a super-rich and power-hungry "elite” against us citizens. But war, according to the notorious Prussian Major General and military strategist Carl von Clausewitz, is "the realm of uncertainty”. Thus, every war holds an opportunity for the citizen. He only has to seize it. George Orwell believed:

The moral to be drawn from this nightmare is a simple one: Don’t let it happen! It depends on you!”

Fog of War – Fog of War

The term "fog of war” refers to the fact that information relevant to war always has a certain uncertainty and incompleteness due to various circumstances (2). It first appeared in Carl von Clausewitz’s (1780 to 1831) work. In his main work "On War”, he describes the strategic necessity of making decisions under time pressure with incomplete information to the best of one’s knowledge and conscience:

"War is the field of uncertainty; three-fourths of those things on which action in war is built lie in the mist of a more or less great uncertainty. Here, then, it is first where a fine, penetrating mind is called upon to feel out the truth with the tact of its judgment.” (3)

His theories on strategy, tactics and philosophy had a great influence on the development of warfare in all Western countries and are still taught at military academies today. They are also applied in the field of business management as well as in marketing.

"The Fog of War” was also an award-winning US documentary film released in 2003 with the subtitle "Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara”. A German summary of the film in "” states:

"Roughly 160 million people were killed in the 20th century. It was one of the most violent in human history. The film suggests that we take a closer look at this tragic century as a clue to how we can avoid a repeat in the 21st century. (…).” (4)

Come on, let’s get to work! Even in the face of the satanic master plan of eugenics of the power-hungry "elite” as well as the psychological warfare against civil society, together we can prevent a repetition or even a worsening of violent history in our century: If we don’t let it happen!

Psychological Operations (PSYOP)

It is a bitter reality that in the current war against us citizens, all kinds of methods and measures are used to influence our behaviour and attitudes: morale is disturbed and diminished, the will is broken and perception is distorted. In NATO parlance, the term "Psychological Operations” (PSYOP) has become established as a parallel discipline to MEDIAOPS (Media Operations), which in civilian parlance means "public relations” / media work. PSYOPS and MEDIAOPS are sub-disciplines of INFOOPS (Informational Operations).

As an example of the systematic destruction of the human psyche, the techniques of coercion, compulsion and perceptual programming, which the psychologist Dr. Albert Biedermann summarised in 1956 under the title "Bidermann’s Diagram of Coercion”, are presented below. These techniques are designed to destroy people’s thinking, will and self-respect. Military personnel have used them to force (false) confessions from prisoners of war. Under the term "mind control” they have been practised on individuals and groups for many years.

Since one can quickly find what one is looking for on the internet, the seven measures for breaking the will and producing obedience are only briefly listed by Dr. Biedermann. But already this will make clear to many readers the obvious parallels to the illegitimate "emergency measures” of today’s politics:

  1. Isolation Isolation means depriving a person of all social support from fellow human beings in order to break through the ability to resist. See "social distancing”.

  2. Monopolisation of perception Only one opinion, the mainstream opinion, is accepted and tolerated and any opinion that differs from it is defamed or access to it is blocked.

  3. Induced exhaustion and debilitation Exhaustion weakens mental and physical resilience. By stoking fears and creating circumstances of constant insecurity, one is deprived of any sense of security and stability.

  4. Threats of negative consequences, punishments and violence for non-compliance with rules. Threats from outside create fear and despair. The individual no longer has any decision-making power.

  5. Occasional concessions For example, one promise is: If enough people got vaccinated, then maybe we can go back to the old normal.

  6. Humiliation and degradation By threatening harsh punishments for nonsensical actions and defaming those who do not play by the rules, people increasingly lose the courage to resist.

  7. Making the victim dependent on the perpetrator The more the economy and material livelihoods are destroyed, the more the citizens become dependent on the benefits of the state. The more dependent the victim is on the perpetrator, the more obedient he or she becomes.

George Orwell: "Don’t let it happen! It depends on you!”

An English cartoon from the silent film era around the 1920s finally made me breathe a sigh of relief: "An Early Warning Cartoon ‘How To Take Over The World'”. (7). Already 100 years ago, the modern rulers were shown what infamous methods are suitable for taking over the world and its people.

This must convince the last doubter that the political "emergency measures” used today are old-fashioned means of discipline and domination that the enlightened citizen can subvert with a little courage. The individual steps were accompanied by a graphic and appropriate music:

  1. use flu as a weapon
  2. flood the newspaper and radio with death
  3. close shops and church
  4. use law enforcers to suppress dissent
  5. display the sick and the dead
  6. inject a vaccine to sterilise the work-shy and put the old to sleep
  7. the people who own the banks now own the hospitals.
  8. this is their plan to own YOU

After the cartoon, a short interview excerpt by George Orwell (1903 to 1950) was inserted. In it, he probably predicts a bleak future towards the end of his life:

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot incessantly kicking a human face. The moral to be drawn from this nightmare is a simple one: don’t let it happen! It depends on you!

Seize the opportunity!

There is not much to add to George Orwell’s exhortation.

If we return to the words of the military strategist Carl von Clausewitz quoted at the beginning of this article, it must be stated that in the fog of war it is not only the military that must first call upon its fine, penetrating intellect in order to find out the truth with the tact of its judgement. It is also the task of every citizen to find out the truth so that the nightmare may come to an end.

To be sure, a free thinker never claims that he has the truth. For the free mind, there is an unlimited number of truths to be discovered and subject to change. For him, truth is what is not a dogmatic shackle and does not divide people into believers and non-believers or those of other faiths, but rather benefits the coexistence of people and promotes their understanding.

However, what is happening in our society at the moment goes completely against human nature, harms coexistence and destroys harmony. That is why citizens will wake up even before their human consciousness is paralysed by remote control. Dictatorships have never survived over time because those in power underestimated the unconditional will to live and the resilience of the citizens.