When the media scold

Cultural workers, some of whom were already involved in the satirical #allessichtmachen, have now spoken out in a completely serious – and apparently all the more outrageous – way by interviewing scientists, doctors, lawyers, media experts and other experts on the subject of Corona in over 50 videos. Among other things, it is about a possible vaccination obligation, purchased research, the infection numbers and the role of the media.

It is much more time-consuming to get involved, as the interviews are usually 20-25 minutes long. But you can get an overview through the summaries under each video.

The reaction to this makes an open letter from an ARD employee even more understandable.

I can no longer – open letter from ARD employee Ole Skambraks

In an open letter, an ARD employee criticizes one and a half years of corona reporting: Ole Skambraks has been working as an editorial employee and editor at public broadcasting for 12 years.

multipolar, October 5, 2021

Although their editors and scribes probably hardly looked at some of the interviews (the first Verisse were published just a few hours after they went online), the German Hitler media pounced on them and, as Klaus Hartmann aptly put it, poured a "cauldron of hate" over interviewers and interviewees.

"Hit dogs bark," you might say. Because the interviews demonstrate what the media has been lacking on the subject for a year and a half: to bring all relevant positions, expertise, analyzes of recognized experts to the table and thus to come to a fruitful debate, instead of just the one wanted by the government and interested parties.

The media pack is now howling particularly loudly because most of the interviewees are undoubtedly proven professionals in their field and their expertise and professional authority could puncture the prevailing narrative. Therefore, one proceeds according to the framing procedure proven in such cases: before even one sentence about the persons and the contents of what has been said is lost, they are characterized in the contributions (which mix opinion with report in a journalistically actually unacceptable way) as "rubbish" and pushed into the "lateral thinker" corner.

In particular, the crowd probably met the first interview that the actor Volker Bruch conducted with Michael Meyen, Professor of Communication Science, about the newfangled "fact checkers

"Fact-checkers are the new media police who shoot around whenever something comes to light that contradicts the official version of reality... Fact-checkers are propaganda machines masquerading as journalism."

Of course, the creators of the established media can not stand this criticism. Unfortunately, their veracity can be easily confirmed by verification: the fact checkers are actually set up by the media themselves, who then unsurprisingly miss their positions the seal of quality and qualify opposite positions as false, or – even more cleverly – actually pick out oblique statements, tear them apart and then associate them with oppositional positions. For example, the fact checker of the "independent network of journalists Correctiv" was founded by the billionaire owner family of the WAZ Group and is financed by Google, Deutsche Bank, the Open Society Foundation of George Soros and RTL, among others. In his "Ethics Council" sit the chief editors of ZDF, Focus, Spiegel, Stern, Zeit etc. – obviously concentrated "independence".

German press Agency exposes itself and large parts of the German media landscape with expert selection

In an article that can hardly be called a "news", Germany's leading news agency dpa offers a political scientist against the "controversial" initiative #allesaufdentisch. His statement uses a language that is not common in liberal societies. His status as a scientist may (hereby) be considered "controversial".

Norbert Häring, 3. 10. 2021