The national striker ARD

Let's compare an ARD-aktuell performance with a typical BILD newspaper offer: "Defense zone of Taiwan / China provokes with fighter jets" headlined the website on October 3. "China flies over Taiwan with 39 fighter jets," the Berliner Käseblatt claimed on the same day. Both alarms consisted mainly of hot air. ARD-aktuell is also a repeat offender: "China sends fighter jets to Taiwan," the editorial falsely reported on June 16 and followed a da capo on Saturday, October 9: "... Beijing has repeatedly (sic!"dozens of military aircraft have been sent into Taiwanese airspace"" This comes from relying exclusively on transatlantic news agencies such as Reuters and AP, whose source material is not checked and not even looked up in the atlas or in a lexicon.

It is not to be expected that the gentlemen correct themselves, apologize to their audience for their mistakes and then feed agencies other than the US-owned agencies into their editorial system. It would be downright revolutionary.

So let's stay with quoting from the false news mentioned here, at least in part. You have to let the evil text melt on your retina and read at least in part in the wording, which the experts of ARD-aktuell and BILD fantasized thanks to Reuters and AP drone.

"Once again, Chinese fighter jets have caused a stir in Taiwan. According to Taiwan, 39 aircraft entered the air defense zone ... near the Pratas Islands ... according to the Ministry of Defense in Taipei. Most of them were J-17s and SU-30s. Taiwanese warplanes had risen in two waves to drive away the Chinese aircraft. In addition, anti-aircraft surveillance systems have been activated, the ministry said."

What is the Pratas Islands, Taiwan's "Air defense Zone" and the communication of the Taiwanese Ministry, we will clarify in a moment. First of all, the version of the Springer paper from the US propaganda plate. BILD-Zeitung:

"Tensions between China and Taiwan are escalating. The People's Republic sees the island state as part of its national territory, which is to be recaptured. And with a vengeance! The Chinese Air Force entered Taiwan's airspace again on Saturday with fighter jets. Taiwan's Defense ministry said 20 Chinese warplanes first appeared near the Pratas Islands. ... With a total of 39 combat aircraft, the number of machines has exceeded the previous maximum number on Friday."

A first look at the Atlas: The Pratas Islands – their Chinese name is "Dong sha qun dao" and means "Eastern Sand Islands" - are located in the South China Sea, south of mainland China. Taiwan, on the other hand, lies east of it, in the East China Sea. Not only the Tagesschau title "China sends fighter jets to Taiwan" and especially the BILD headline "China flies with 39 fighter jets over Taiwan" are therefore pure nonsense.

The state incitement

The Pratas Islands are a good 250 kilometers from mainland China, but 400 kilometers from Taiwan, as you can easily measure using "Googlemaps". The bone of contention: Beijing claims the archipelago for itself, but Taiwan still exercises control over it and maintains a naval base with an airfield on the tiny atoll, which covers almost ten by ten kilometers; it has an overwater share of only 1.7 square kilometers, the rest is lagoon. Apart from about 200 Taiwanese marines, the atoll is uninhabited and inaccessible to civilians. It has no other "use" than purely military. The maintenance costs of the base are not economically proportional to its use value. This is only due to its political prestige and its strategically interesting location.

Small fine difference

What is it about "Taiwan's air defense zone", whose violation is highlighted in both the Tagesschau text and the BILD? Both media reports refer to communications from the Ministry of Defence in Taipei. The abbreviation "ADIZ" stands for the English term Air Defense (and) Identification Zone. According to the usual understanding, this refers to an airspace in which all aircraft, including civilian aircraft, can (should) be located and identified in the interest of the national security of the country in question, long before they fly into its actual territory. An ADIZ is therefore usually much larger and by no means identical to the air sovereignty over a sovereign state specifically defined under international law.

Rather, the concept of ADIZ is quite arbitrary, not governed by any international treaty, and not administered and applied by any international body. An ADIZ extending beyond the state territory only serves to give the government in question more time to react to the approach of possibly enemy aircraft. Only some, far from all countries, have unilaterally declared an ADIZ and require every aircraft flying there to identify themselves. These requests are often ignored without consequences, because there is no enforceable sovereign right behind the non-binding ADIZ. Usually, however, an ADIZ does not overlap any foreign territory.

US-typical big-mouthed

The state incitement

The first ADIZ were declared by the US during the Korean War and in the imperialist manner. Taiwan's ADIZ is also a US creation from that era. Accordingly, she turned out to be domineering and presumptuous. It protrudes far into mainland China, into the indisputable territory of the People's Republic of China: into the provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, as well as into part of the East China Sea. Only part of Taiwan's ADIZ includes its "Exclusive Economic Zone". However, even this is in question under international law, because Taiwan is not an internationally recognized state and is represented at the UN as a member. Only 19 countries, all of the order of Paraguay, Swaziland and below, have regular diplomatic relations to Taipei; the Vatican State is the only European country among them. The US also uses Taiwan only as a trade policy and geostrategic significant post immediately off the east coast of China.

Unabashedly, the ministry in Taipei shows with a map the audacity of its ADIZ claim to territories of the People's Republic. An identical border map also appears on the New Zealand website "Global Security". It also identifies the ADIZ of China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan and shows that all zones except the South Korean overlap, but only the Taiwanese overlaps on foreign, namely the Chinese territory.

By the way, the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense makes no secret of the fact that it does not consider the overflights of the People's Republic fighter jets over the southwest tip of its far-flung ADIZ to be dramatic or even existentially dangerous; they are Wortsinne. On 1. October, the national holiday of the People's Republic of China, there was only an extra portion of these military training flights over the atoll.

Military training flights

If our quality journalists had taken the trouble to first understand the basics of the burgeoning agency news of the Canadian [Thomson-Reuters]( "China marks national day with mass air incursion near Taiwan"

"China celebrates National day with massive airstrikes near Taiwan"

and the American Associatet Press

"Tensions due to increased Chinese flights near Taiwan"

to investigate, then you would have noticed the misleading objective of these propagandists. Whether the Tagesschau greats would then have refrained from broadcasting the poisoning mischief is unfortunately another question.

Not even the Defense Ministry in Taipei went so far as to claim that Chinese fighter jets had violated Taiwan's airspace or even attacked the island itself. This was reserved for the Reuters and AP agitators. They falsified PRC military exercise flights over the southern Pratas Atoll into an act of aggression on eastern neighbor Taiwan. And the Tagesschau echoed the AgitProp lyrics.

To do this, however, the gifted journalistic specialists had to close their eyes and stop thinking altogether, because logic would only have disturbed: if really Chinese fighter jets invade Taiwan's sovereign zone, its anti-aircraft defense would react with the launch of surface-to-air missiles. The US would put its nearest aircraft carrier fleet on the march, the war with China would begin. However, there could be no question of a corresponding substantial violation of the airspace over Taiwan. Only from "air activities in the south-western ADIZ". At Pratas Atoll, about 400 kilometers from Taiwan.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense's announcement was appropriately cautious: its own fighter jets had risen, radio warnings had been sent and anti-aircraft missiles had been made ready to be fired "to monitor the activities". That the Chinese fighter-bombers had been forced to turn off, as indicated by the Tagesschau, was not claimed. There were no reports of "dangerous approaches" or even of warning shots. Such erroneous ideas were suggested only by Reuters, AP and the Tagesschau.

Blind to the contradictory

With a halfway correct journalistic way of working, the ARD-aktuell editors would have noticed a special feature: The AgitProp message

"China marks national day with mass air incursion near Taiwan"*

published by Thomson-Reuters on 1 October at 01:30 (local time), was taken over by AP eight hours later and published in the evening of the same day by the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post. Here under the title

"38 Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan's air defense zone".

The South China Morning Post is a daily newspaper published in Hong Kong. The fact that she, too, obviously enjoys so much freedom of the press to publish an AgitProp article by US and Canadian news agencies, which is hostile to Beijing, did not strike our experts in the ARD-aktuell editorial team as remarkable, although the claim that Beijing suppresses press freedom is part of the transatlantic-German creed.

Stirrup holder

We Germans good, Chinese evil. The U.S. posits the enemy China, and its superstition is to be re-established and cultivated with us, as in Emperor Willem's time. The opinion makers of the Tagesschau make meritorious contributions to this. In the style of the house, meanwhile, already on the same primitive level as Springer's journalistic riot brothers. The ARD-aktuell has kept the Baerbocks, Habecks, Göring-Eckarts and Bütikofers stirrups to enter government. Now, in anticipatory obedience to the coming coalition government, it is taking over green-aggressive, anti-China frothbite in the regular reporting of the Tagesschau.

Even the deselected black-red coalition could allow itself all kinds of maulheldism towards Germany's most important trading partner China, without having to fear a distanced-critical reporting of the Tagesschau. By order of the Minister of Defense Kramp-Karrenbauer, the frigate "Bavaria" just passed through the South China Sea, a laughable maritime slicing. However, the "Bavaria" does not participate, as originally intended, in the US-led Dauer-Manöver "Operation Freedom of Navigation" part.

This manoeuvre by a huge multinational fleet poses a far greater threat to world peace than the few Chinese demonstration flights over the Pratas Islands. Dozens of mainly US and British warships frolic in the FONOP frame, less the "Freedom of navigation" for the provocation of the People's Republic of China. By the way: Foreign Minister Maas had – one cannot believe it – asked in Beijing whether our frigate "Bavaria" would also go to a port visit in Shanghai. (after passing Taiwan. Hash me, I am the spring). Us Heiko. The greatest foreign minister of all time. Soon he too will be history.

But it's always even dumber and worse – at ARD-aktuell, BILD-Zeitung & Co.