Good and bad artists

Media and politicians are currently also dividing up artists - like the rest of society: government critics are evil, government supporters are good. In the meantime, corresponding lists are published and "problematic" artists are unloaded by the Federal President. In addition, it is depressing that questionable corona practices are also supported by some artists and organizers.

The division of society is driven forward by political and media stakeholders: into believers and "deniers", into lateral thinkers and "reasonable", into obedient "democrats" and renitent "right-wing extremists". Social selection is also favored by parts of the cultural business – on the one hand by artists, organizers and customers, who through their participation make the rejected and socially dangerous 2G rule possible and "socially acceptable" and thus promote the intentional social division. On the other hand, by numerous politicians and editors who dig and deepen trenches within the cultural scene and additionally mark "good" and "evil" artists with a royal gesture. These arbitrarily defined unequal treatment is already known from the practice of demo prohibitions.

In this poisonous atmosphere, it is all the higher if cultural workers do not allow themselves to be intimidated – that is why the special respect for the creators of #allesaufdentisch should be expressed at this point. Thanks to Volker Bruch, Miriam Stein, Maxim Mehmet, Jeana Paraschiva and the many others involved! So there are the committed exceptions of the cultural scene such as #allesaufdentisch - and many other committed cultural creators of many genres who are not mentioned by name here: We have linked some examples in the list "Music and Politics". But there are also the opposite poles: Prominent artists who can be fully engaged in the vaccination campaign and thus indirectly justify the social division projects associated with it - examples of this will follow later in the text.

Steinmeier punishes artists for political commitment

There are also numerous current examples of the fact that the practices of arbitrary unequal treatment and the punishment of political "misconduct", which are now omnipresent in society, also cover the cultural scene – for example, a denied award of a deserving cultural worker by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier due to contacts with "lateral thinkers" will be discussed here. As well as a list of the Deutschlandfunk of adapted and resistant artists.

The episode in which the Federal President cancelled the award of a Federal Cross of Merit for political reasons is described here, further background can be found here. The Deutschlandfunk lists of "good" and "bad" artists can no longer be found, the original article link now leads astray - that's why secondary sources had to be used in the following, in which the article of Deutschlandfunk was quoted.

According to the reports, Deutschlandfunk (in its "disappeared" article) initially listed some artists negatively who have expressed critical views on corona policy in recent months, such as Nena, Xavier Naidoo, the participants of #allesdichtmachen or Til Schweiger. On the positive side, Deutschlandfunk comments: "Selected views of this kind arouse anger among some colleagues. They hold partly moderate, partly sharp against it"“ Kerstin Ott, for example, is mentioned as such an upright defender of the government line because she "expressed criticism of Nena and Xavier Naidoo" and in an interview with said: "Basically, I can not understand these Aluhut stories at all. I think that's very bad.“

In addition, "positive" are mentioned: the singer bosses, because he finds it "insanely irresponsible"that "stars like Nena do not follow current rules". According to Deutschlandfunk, Peter Maffay said: "People who denied Corona harm society." And the rapper Bushido is mentioned by Deutschlandfunk because "he pre-buttoned the so-called corona deniers". "I could never understand you aluminum hats", he wrote on Instagram, according to Deutschlandfunk: "He referred to those who deny the dangers of the virus and spread conspiracy theories about it.“

Of course, the criticism of the creation of such artist lists according to the criterion of ideological "reliability" is not in common with all statements by, for example, Xavier Naidoo. It could also be noted that this article also makes a questionable distinction between "good" and "adapted" artists: In contrast to some media contributions, however, no disadvantages are required for the supporters of a policy that I criticize.

"Rock Rebels" drums for the vaccination campaign

This list of "good" artists could have been extended considerably: Under the keyword #vaccineschuetzt, some organizers and artists are currently advertising to get vaccinated – bands such as Die Toten Hosen, Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Element of Crime, Isolation Berlin and Silbermond are now involved, which indirectly justify the social upheavals caused by the corona policy and the aggressive vaccination campaign with their participation in the campaign.

The band Die Ärzte is also fully integrated into the dominant official presentation on their website: In the band message, a shock effect with "agonizing suffocation" is to be achieved, the "future of culture" is made dependent on the progress of vaccination, and according to Die Ärzte (all along the government line) vaccination is a prerequisite for "normal conditions" and for "life to continue":

"That's also why we as a band decided to get vaccinated – a short stab in the upper arm to massively reduce the likelihood of 'long Covid' or the agonizing death from suffocation. And as a bonus, according to current knowledge, vaccinees are also much less contagious; so we are also doing something good for the people we meet.

We would like to ask you to follow our example. You also have the future of culture in your hand (or arm). A small step for each of us, a big step for society – so that it does not take so long until concerts, club and theater visits are possible under normal conditions. So that we can finally hug and celebrate together in a relaxed way. So that life goes on.“

Musicians as pharmaceutical lobbyists: Those who have such "rock rebels" no longer need followers.