The unheard of about the pandemic

How are the "fact checkers" who significantly influence reporting in the corona pandemic financed? What potential conflicts of interest exist? How many times has the well-known British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who played an important role at the beginning of the corona pandemic, been wrong with previous forecasts?

This and many other questions #allesaufdentisch investigates. In over 50 videos, each lasting around 20 minutes, various artists ask different scientists from a wide variety of disciplines about topics related to Corona. 

Highlight conflicts of interest

The viewer learns, for example, that Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar significantly finances much-cited fact checkers. Ebay has benefited greatly from the corona pandemic, according to the Handelsblatt, the online trading platform earned over 400 million dollars more than last year by autumn 2020 alone. Whether this has a demonstrable effect on the reporting of the fact checkers, the video leaves open. However, it becomes obvious that there could be a conflict of interest. The sources on which the scientist relies are not listed at the end of the video.

"With increasing concern, we are watching the development of political action in the Corona crisis. Many experts have not been heard in the public Corona debate so far. We would like to see a wide-ranging, fact-based, open and factual discourse and also a similar examination of the videos," the website says in the introduction.

Listen to scientists without institutional dependence

Among the people interviewed are, for example, pandemic experts such as Professor Klaus Stöhr, the Austrian health scientist Martin Sprenger, who publicly criticized Austrian politics and resigned from the coronavirus task force there, but also the vaccine-sceptic pediatrician Martin Hirte. Who, on request, canceled to participate in the project, is also shown on the website: the list contains many names that appear very often in the media.

What unites the participants of #allesaufdentisch is the demand for a regular, "round table for Corona Crisis Management, where scientists from different disciplines with different points of view discuss interdisciplinary and evidence-based and provide policy advice. It is important that scientists who are not institutionally dependent on the state are also heard in this committee," it says on #allesaufdentisch.