The Corona network

In months of research, an IT specialist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has created a complex network analysis on relationships, connections and flows of money between numerous influential foundations, NGOs, companies, people, organizations, public-private partnerships (PPPs), etc., which, in his words, is based entirely on publicly available sources. The "Network Analysis-Corona Complex” available as a PDF file with 169 pages and an explanatory audio interview have been published by Markus Langemann's "Club der klaren Worte”.

The present data analysis and the interview conducted by Markus Langemann do not anticipate any conclusions and are certainly only a section of links or are therefore certainly not the wisdom of the last conclusion. The graphics, tables and diagrams on 169 pages put together publicly visible connections and facts, show payment flows or announcements and the author expressly calls for further research and to form his own opinion. According to his own statements, the anonymous IT specialist does not belong to any party, does not associate any political goals or monetary interests with his work, but has compiled these research basics in a PDF file for months of work out of curiosity in order to offer his fellow citizens and also interested journalists a basis on which to build. The only socio-political goal that the analyst formulated in this interview is that his little daughter should be able to grow up in freedom and that the division of society should be overcome.

Verifying these analyses, drawing conclusions from them and formulating them should actually be the task of a functioning public service broadcasting system. In terms of personnel, they should be most able to address this challenge in order to fulfil the very purpose of journalism: to control the rich and powerful and to provide information in the interests of well-informed, responsible citizens.

Below are some excerpts from the accompanying article "Das Netzwerk-Dokument" by Markus Langemann.

"We all know from our real lives that social networks are vital as networks of relationships. ... How important networks are and what power is concentrated in them can often be seen in professional life or in politics. These can be party-political networks, lobby networks or platforms in current social issues .... There are networks that basically operate in secret, like those you can join. ... Then again, there are those that you only recognize when you connect points. Connecting the dots. When you connect them, relationships, dependencies and teams become visible. If you see them clearly in front of you, you can, for example, better understand and thus also classify political decisions and the motivations preceding them. With this video, I publish a network document that is unique in the world so far, which for the first time makes the complex network of relationships between non-governmental organizations (NGOs), companies, documents and people visible. There are 6,500 objects and more than 7,200 links, including cash flows and, in part, amounts paid. ... The document is important especially before the upcoming Bundestag election, but it also has great value for gaining knowledge beyond that.”