Empties instead of the social turnaround

We are waiting in vain for a truly social, humanistic turn. Poverty is omnipresent in this our country. The poor fight their way through. A visible proof for everyone is the bottle collection of people who want to at least make ends meet with the proceeds from the deposit of empties. Now an idea has broken ground on social media, which was pushed by a CSU politician. In the Franconian Saalestadt Hof near the Vogtland. To facilitate the gathering work of the poor.

The advertising-effective Facebook Internet presence of the city of Hof, "Hof in Bayern ganz oben – Stadtportal", has spread a news this week (Thursday, 09.09.21), which makes you wonder, yes questioning standing or protesting – depending on how it should be for a free, democratic society. So it says:

Kai Gollwitzer, city council member of the CSU, had the idea to set up Pfandtower in the city center of Hof to make it easier for deposit collectors to search for bottles. Currently, the first tower stands in front of the tourist information. At the ball well, one should also be set up. Kai Gollwitzer wants to install a third tower at Kreuzsteinstraße, near the bus station.

Due to the tubular shape of the tower, the deposit bottles can be stored easily and concealed.

Simply push the bottle through the lower opening into the tower. The deposit can also not slip out again due to the mounting surface. At the same time, the surface allows convenient removal of the bottles. It is also practical that you do not come into contact with the deposit of the predecessor when you put the bottle in.

Good. In fact, passers-by in many cities can observe on a daily basis how other people, fellow citizens, whom one assigns accordingly "to the edge of society", complain about looking into the narrow, dark openings of the garbage containers in order to discover any usable empty bottles there. Then they reach into it, rummage, hope. Redeem. Glass that brings money to the vending machines of supermarkets. Plastic, disposable bottles, is also in demand-after all, 25 cents bring these objects per unit, in contrast to glass with lappish 8 cents. A lot of bottles have to come together to hold a five-euro bill in your hands. All over the country, we can see that more and more people, "more and more" is not a hollow media phrase, collect bottles. Over the years, a veritable collecting profession has even emerged. And special features. In front of stadiums, people collect bottles from people who emptied them before concerts or football matches and left them lying. In front of concert halls, empties professionals lie in wait for bottles of music fans, who throw away their garbage, their glass after the concert or deliberately put them down so that they are collected. This" conscious provision " of bottles for the poor is a gesture by the fans, now – so the presumed intention of Mr. Kai Gollwitzer, City councilor of the CSU in Hof/ Bavaria. In itself, the gesture is a human one. But …

Final. The question is in the air: How can it be that a party like the CSU for Bavaria, plus the sister party of the CDU for the whole of Germany, has been making a good, stable policy for Germany for tens of years according to its own claim and self-confident statement, which Chancellor Merkel, who has been ruling for many years, comments on in terms of her commitment: "For a country in which we live well and gladly"?

Whether in Hof, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and even in small towns of the provinces in Germany-the bottle collectors are certainly waiting for the"deposit tower". They are waiting in vain for a real social, humanistic change.