Solidarity in Germany

We vaccinated are very well protected against severe courses of a corona infection, we are insured. That's why we got vaccinated. Nevertheless, politicians keep coming up with new ways of marginalizing the unvaccinated in order to keep them away from us. I call on all vaccinated people not to take part in this evil game that divides society.

Either vaccination protects, then we do not need to be afraid of unvaccinated, or it does not protect, then we have been deceived. People like Jens Spahn and Karl Lauterbach, who advocate to largely exclude people who do not want to be vaccinated from public life via 2G, with the argument (Lauterbach today via Twitter)

on the other hand, while the top public relations virologist Drosten points out the advantages of a corona infection for vaccinated people, try to fool us.

I prefer to believe that vaccination protects. I therefore call on all vaccinees to resist the exclusion and harassment of people who, for whatever reason, have not yet been vaccinated.

If possible, do not go to bars, restaurants, cafes or to events that do not allow unvaccinated. Let those responsible know what they think of such discrimination. Above all, let the politicians who come up with these discriminations or promote them know. Do not choose a party whose leaders incite different groups of the population against each other and enact the regulations that arbitrarily harass or approve of members of certain groups.

And if those who do so want to flinch at the inner contradiction of their argument by claiming, as an evasive argument, that they are concerned with preventing an overload of the health system, then let us call these people hypocrites and liars. Because they have unabashedly and unrestrained closed hospitals and dismantled beds.

We should not allow ourselves to be divided and pitted against each other. The voices of the vaccinated are particularly important now.

Those who do not want to rebel out of solidarity with the marginalized should do so out of self-interest and for their children. For the ever-increasing separation of society into the permitted and the excluded entails an infrastructure of ubiquitous surveillance and control that, in all experience, will not go away again.

As the defense and IT security group Thales recently wrote so succinctly, the digital vaccination certificate, which we are allowed to show more and more often to claim our fundamental rights, is only the pioneer for the fact that a mobile digital proof of identity will soon be required of us at every step. And the World Health Organization has let it be known in its recent technical guideline for the digital vaccination certificate, funded by the Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, that after Corona, you can easily use it for the next frightening disease.