Dangerous Ukraine

“The main assumptions underlying US policy towards Ukraine are wrong. Internal governance in Kiev is characterized by burgeoning authoritarianism rather than a commitment to democracy, and Ukrainian foreign policy is alarmingly belligerent toward its much larger and more powerful neighbor. Ukraine is an unworthy and dangerous partner for the United States.”

The person who wrote and published this on August 30, 2021, is not a Kremlin-friendly propagandist, but an obviously attentive observer and courageous commentator on geopolitical tensions: the American Ted Galen Carpenter. And the sentences quoted above are not somewhere on a small opposition platform, but in the US bi-monthly political magazine “The National Interest”, which politically tends to be attributed to the neocons.

Ted Galen Carpenter observed correctly. Volodymyr Zelenskyj, the hope bearer for the Ukrainian president, is now * the * disappointment. Not only has he not kept his promise to make peace in the Donbass the first priority, he is doing everything he can to prevent a solution to the conflict: even stricter language laws against the Russian mother tongue in many regions of Ukraine, even more money in the military, even more massive demands on the US and Germany, even tougher action against media that are not on his line, “Minsk II” no longer an issue, and and and. Ukrainian realities include that the Ukrainian army is already cooperating very closely with NATO-NATO military advisers for the Ukrainian army, mandatory English courses for the officers, joint maneuvers in Ukraine and even joint maneuvers outside Ukraine. But Zelenskyj wants* official * membership – and that is exactly the problem: According to paragraph 5 of the NATO Treaty, NATO is obliged to provide military assistance if a member is attacked. But then it would be easy for Ukraine to declare any military skirmish with Russia an attack, and the result would be a military-military confrontation between NATO and Russia and thus the beginning of a new great European war.

But there are also stories from Ukraine that are more likely to make you laugh

Ukraine has just decided to transfer the management of the state-owned Ukrainian railway company “Ukrzaliznytsia” to Deutsche Bahn and to order new trains from the Swiss company “Stadler Rail”. Small additional info: Deutsche Bahn proudly announced that it had achieved a higher degree of train punctuality in 2020 than ever in the last 15 years: 81.8 percent of ICEs, ICs and ECs were on time. What Deutsche Bahn is concealing, however, is that in the same year it simply cancelled 4,230 long-distance trains and over 99,000 long-distance train stops were simply not complied with: The train simply ran through each one. As the saying goes: Don’t trust any statistics that you haven’t forged yourself!

The new trains should come from Switzerland! On 26 August, a memorandum was signed with Stadler and Switzerland that Switzerland would grant Ukraine a “loan” of EUR 500 million for the purchase of Stadler trains. The English-language “Kyiv Post” on this literally:

“In order to modernize its equipment, Ukrzaliznytsia signed a memorandum on Aug. 26 with Swiss train manufacturer Stadler and the Swiss government to purchase 90 Swiss trains using a 500 million euro loan from Switzerland. This is the first-ever Swiss export financing project in Ukraine. It will cover 60 local commuter trains, 20 regional trains and 10 long-distance intercity trains.”

A “loan” from the Swiss government to Ukraine? A written request in “Bern” has shown: It is not about a loan, but about the export risk guarantee-with emphasis on risk! Just two days later, the same “Kyiv Post” reported a new case of fraud at the state-owned railway “Ukrzaliznytsia” and added that from 2019 to 2021, senior officials of the Ukrainian Railway company had facilitated the company by $37 million through criminal machinations. Balance sheet of the Ukrainian State Railway:

“The company has $1.3 billion in unpaid loans, putting it on the verge of technical default.”

The fact that money simply disappears is part of Ukrainian everyday life. Especially money from abroad usually disappears in private pockets. Nevertheless: in order to confirm an important “ally”, Joe Biden has just approved 60 million US dollars for Ukraine to buy weapons again in recent days!

Joe Biden has postponed the reception of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky three times in the White House. On September 1 he practically received Zelensky. Zelenskyj’s main demand that the US prevent Nord Stream 2 after all and that Ukraine be admitted to NATO as a formal member was not fulfilled by Joe Biden. But as a gesture of goodwill, Biden has just re-opened his state purse: as a contribution to “humanitarian aid” for Ukraine, he approved another $45 million.

Perhaps Ukraine would really have to tackle its own problems before it increasingly demands that the Western world ensure its state survival with further billions in loans and millions in donations. The relatively cool farewell visit of Angela Merkel to Kiev and the thrice postponed reception of Zelenskyj by Joe Biden have made it clear that the West is slowly beginning to understand that Ukraine – this Ukraine, is not worth it for anything!