A letter that speaks the truth

The Berlin Health Senator Dilek Kalayci has written directly to the parents of children and young people from 12 years to convince them of a vaccination. But what is missing in the letter is balanced information with a scientific basis. I am publishing here an Open letter from parents who are interested in the " Forum Schule-wie weiter?“with which citizens can oppose this approach and demand information and justifications.

Berlin, 16 August 2021 Dear Senator Kalayci,

in a letter dated 28.07. (apparently not sent until 10.08.) you address a very basic question to our children. They recommend vaccination to children and adolescents and thus ignore the concerns of the Permanent Vaccination Commission (Stiko), which have repeatedly been expressed to date. In the meantime, Stiko has changed its decision recommendation in response to political pressure. Now the federal states have a duty and responsibility.

We parents urge you to explain on what basis of knowledge you are pushing our children to vaccinate against the coronavirus. Because your letter lacks all the approaches for responsible and caring health education. Apart from the fact that it is a questionable style to simply bypass the parents and guardians and turn to our children, it is completely unclear to us what information they have weighed against each other for this step. Your letter is full of claims that are not substantiated by you.

Where is the information, the arguments, the studies that could reassure us mothers and fathers and convince us that vaccination is likely to do more good than harm to our children?

Where do you mention that you have carefully considered and weighed all the available information about risks already proven and, based on reports, at least to be feared, from vaccination for the younger generation before turning to our children with your recommendation (and not to us parents, who have to decide and who take care of the children if they should actually be ill or permanently affected by such an intervention).

Show us expertise, present us with scientists who give us understandable, reliable and, above all, up-to-date information, speak up for yourself and assure us that you take full political responsibility for possible damage to the health of our children!

In your letter you find: NOTHING. If you look at the pages of the Berlin Senate indicated in the letter (which most young people will not do), you will find: NOTHING. You write to children and young people so that they can be vaccinated – possibly against the will of their worried parents-and do not clarify them and their families about possible risks and long-term consequences?

You do not mention that this is a completely new form of vaccine, the effects of which have not yet been studied in the long term, or indeed cannot be studied at all, since it is a recently approved conditional authorisation? You do not mention that the vaccine is especially useful for thosewho are at risk of a serious illness with Covid-19, that is, especially adults, very elderly people and especially people with a weak immune system and previous illnesses?

They do not mention that children and young people are statistically practically at little risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19, let alone dying from it, but that they were and are thepopulation group that has suffered the most severely and worst from the measures and continues to suffer to this day!? And that they are trying to build up pressure, according to the motto, you can only have fun, do sports and learn when you are all vaccinated!

You *do not *mention that there are genetically modified organisms in the vaccines, which the vast majority of people carefully avoid in their food, but which they should now have injected into their children and themselves?!

You do not mention*that the manufacturers are not liable for any damage, but the state and thus the taxpayer (m/f/d) or the solidarity community of the health insured!?

They do not mention that negative vaccination consequences are by no means systematically recorded. If this was to be ensured, then people would be questioned again two weeks, then perhaps two months and possibly two years after vaccination, and at least once again ordered to a doctor’s office and carefully examined. Check whether any complaints may be related to the vaccinations. And inform the population about this offensively and quickly. Nothing like this happens-neither in Berlin, nor nationwide. Why not? And how should we parents have confidence that they are already advising our children the best? And why are so many medical practices dropping out of vaccination programs?

Where are the studies that prove that various reports – such as those from Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland at the beginning of June – about heavy bleeding in women and girls as a result of vaccination were a false alarm? That the prosecutorial confirmed death of a 32-year-old as a result of vaccination, as reported by the “Welt”, was an absolutely tragic individual case? Where is it proven that younger women, and maybe even girls, do not have an increased risk of thrombosis? That girls and women who want to have children again can be vaccinated with a clear conscience? Why do you recommend vaccination, which can lead to hospitalization of children with heart muscle inflammation, as reported by Stiko?

Where are the studies that deprive us parents of the concern that autoimmune diseases or even cancer in children and adolescents will continue to increase in one to two years? And where is the evidence that society really benefits more when children and adolescents are vaccinated instead of naturally developing an immune response to a virus that has been proven to be predominantly not dangerous for this age group?

Where can we see the damage-benefit analysis that your administration has certainly carried out some time ago?

If you really care about the health of our children, please prove and justify the following:

Please prove that children do not mind wearing masks for hours! Please prove that you have ensured that only those masks come onto the Berlin market that certainly do not contain harmful substances such as the carcinogenic formaldehyde and that, when used, certainly do not end up with fluff on the lungs! Please prove that the CO2 re-breathing, which our children have now had to endure for over a year in heat and cold, and despite wide-open windows, for hours every day, does not lead to neuronal damage in the brain!

Please prove that the increasingly widespread lethargy, depression, increasing addictions and behavioural problems among children and adolescents are not the result of the contact bans and school closures imposed by them, but are due to the virus!

Please justify that it is and was sensible to burden thepopulation group that has the lowest risk of seriously falling ill with Corona or even dying with the harshest, most hostile to life and above all severely damaging to development measures, while adults are allowed to celebrate mass parties with the permission of the Berlin Senate as at the CSD!?

Why, for example, the mask requirement in school has not been abolished long ago, since it has been regularly tested since the spring? By the way: please prove that irritation (and possible injury) of the nasal mucosa 3 to 4 times a week is not harmful, does not make children more susceptible to transmission of all sorts of diseases, including Covid-19, that now more frequent nosebleeds and constant itching in the nose in children has nothing to do with the regular tests! Why are there no non-invasive tests at all Berlin schools and why is there no prospect of when this test circus will finally be abolished? Incidentally, the incidences are currently significantly lower among Berlin schoolchildren than in the general population (Berliner Zeitung of 16.08.21).

Please prove that children who may be infected, but without symptoms, can be really contagious to others in normal interaction with each other and often spread the virus. Why does the head of the Frankfurt Health Department, Prof. Dr. Dr. med. René Gottschalk, “that there is no data that has ever reliably confirmed this fear”? (Berliner Zeitung, Medical journal)

Please prove that the contact bans, the sports bans, the closure of playgrounds, the excessive digitization have not harmed the Berlin children and young people! Please prove that Berlin children and young people are not affected by the rampant increase in myopia as a result of forced digitization! Please prove that Berlin children and adolescents did not gain weight last year, that there were no regressions in motor skills, that there was no increase in eating disorders and addictions, that there was no rapid increase in depression and no increased rate of suicides and suicide attempts in children and adolescents, that no more children were affected by domestic violence! Please prove that all this had nothing to do with the mass quarantines and school closures imposed and that it is a good idea to imprison teenagers at home for five months during puberty!!!

Please prove that you have done your work as a health senator properly and have carefully considered all these questions and, in the event of worrying developments, have immediately examined and initiated countermeasures!

Speaking of which: A wonderful opportunity for this would have been the school examinations for the now starting first graders. However, in some districts, these did not take place at all or were offered so late that the families were already on vacation. And not a single question was asked to the parents about how their children got through the Corona period.

We expect your answer soon with all the required scientific evidence - because we should listen to the experts.

Signatories: Berlin mothers and fathers as well as many other people who are concerned and concerned about our children and the future of our society

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