The West and International Law

For two and a half weeks, the frigate “Bavaria” of the Bundesmarine has been en route to the Southwest Pacific. What is she doing 5,000 miles away from home? Scare the Chinese? Unfortunately, that sounds like what Foreign Minister Maas and Defence Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer said before the warship was dropped off at the Wilhelmshaven naval base. Maas: “… In the Indo-Pacific, the shaping of the international order of the future is decided … we want to help shape it and take responsibility for maintaining the rule-based international order.“Kramp-Karrenbauer, even a gay tone higher:” Our rule-based order is also defended on water – and the German Navy is in the service of peace, freedom and law.“Pretty mean: The two apparently want the Chinese to laugh at each other.

Logically, that ARD-aktuell transferred the bullshit, without making the attempt to address motives, goals and the problem of the ship mission, unimpressed by the inflated laundry of the ministerial dilettante duo.

The question came up, but did not interest the Tagesschau: “What has a German warship lost off the coast of the PRC these days?” The audience had to be satisfied with the explanatory snippet of the Foreign Minister, the “Bavaria” also participates in the “monitoring of UN sanctions against North Korea”.

North Korea. In the Southwest Pacific.

He was serious. He really thinks he’s still being taken seriously.

Instead of serving with enlightening information and explanations, the Tagesschau also comforted the fashion phrase “rule-based order”, five times within a week alone. in recent years, this stupid and dangerous blubber has appeared 188 times in publications of the Foreign Ministry. Heiko Maas had already sounded the alarm when he temporarily took over the chairmanship of the World Security Council two years ago:

“As a globally networked country, we are committed to a rule-based world order that is shaped by the strength of law and not by the law of the strongest.”

The man is a master of denial of reality. Which is why he soon voted against the ban on nuclear weapons. His crawling towards the rectum of the US emperor should help to get Germany a permanent seat on the World Security Council. Of course, nothing came of it. The Tagesschau concealed the filth with the usual reliability.

Black carbon black, mixed together

“Rule-based order “is linguistically as wrong as the” white mold”; each order already represents a set of rules itself, it does not need to be"based” on rules. The linguistic nonsense “rules-based world order” serves to disguise the vicious political concept that the US Empire arbitrarily determines the rules and tries to enforce them, often enough in violation of international law. The other members of the transatlantic community of states, especially Germany, have long submitted to this US absolutism and support it.

Governments that oppose the” Western community of values, " WWG, are usually accused of disrupting the “rules-based international order.” Russia and China, as well as their political environment, are constantly accused of this. Against weaker states, the WWG acts ruthlessly with sanctions and often with brutal military force. Iraq, Syria and Libya are recent examples of the permanent violation of WWG international law. The Charter of the United Nations, international law, is the only globally valid civil order. However, it does not prevent the WWG from its modern colonial wars.

The aggressors not only defy the UN Charter, but accuse to self-justification – " Stop the thief!"- their respective victims of the violation of law. And the Tagesschau is always docile and uncritical. There is no independent world court to which the aggrieved could turn and which would have the means of gaining respect for international law. The International Criminal Court? If he dares to launch preliminary investigations against the US and Israel, he faces massive threats from Washington. The WWG Alliance maintains its dominance, militarily and in world trade, here mainly with the help of its banking system and the petro-dollar.

A particularly shameful example of disregard for international law: the poison gas attack on Douma in Syria, probably launched from Turkish territory. Immediately and without evidence, President Assad was accused of this. The US, France and England fired more than a hundred missiles at targets near Damascus. In doing so, they undoubtedly violated the comprehensive prohibition of violence under Art. 2 No. 4 of the UN Charter. According to experts in international law, their attack on Syria was neither justified nor appropriate. But Chancellor Merkel declared in the crook jargon of WWG:

“We support the fact that our American, British and French allies, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, have accepted responsibility in this way.”

For the puke bucket

Popular saying: “Tell me who you are going with, then I will tell you who you are.“If you do not even want to call an act of war that has not been approved by the Security Council and is therefore a crime, then you sound like “taking responsibility”. It is the language of the habitual liars.

“Rule-based international order”: Volker Perthes, former head of the pro-government” Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik”, SWP (buzzword:" Denkfabrik"), explains the term “rule-based international order” with academic precision:

“An alliance of willing states must devise international rules without raising the suspicion that this is about Western dominance.”

The imposing criticism is not even heard in undertones by the Tagesschau. The self-chosen role of the ARD-aktuell editorial team is to submit to the service of German and US government propaganda under all circumstances. The coverage of the speech bubbles of the Saarland greats Maas / Kramp-Karrenbauer at the farewell of the frigate “Bavaria” proves it for the millionth time. By the way, said warship is equipped for submarine hunting. However, it should, what the Tagesschau and our Saarland comedian duo “forgot” to say, at least officially not participate in the annual off China’s coasts running US maneuver “Freedom of Navigation” (= “freedom of navigation”). However, the deployment of the frigate is understood by the federal government itself as a sign to counter Chinese claims to sovereignty in the South China Sea"."

“The pressure on countries in and outside the region, including Germany and other EU member states, to commit themselves directly or indirectly to the concept of the Indo-Pacific is growing, especially from the USA,” to a concept that should be understood primarily as a containment strategy aimed at China.

In its own" Indo-Pacific Guidelines " from the previous year, the federal government had adopted a relatively sovereign, rational attitude:

“…not least in view of the strong interdependence of economies and the complexity of global challenges such as climate change, peacekeeping and fragile statehood – containment and decoupling strategies are not effective.”

Swing into the warpath

However, these guidelines come from a time when Donald Trump was still US President. Since his successor Biden, according to the wishes of his backers, presents a highly aggressive course against China, German buckling and pivoting on the warpath are announced. This is increasingly evident in the statements of our political elite and in the news of the Tagesschau. China is stylized as an “enemy”. The pösen Chinösen need a front bib:

“The Bundeswehr frigate should send a signal against the Chinese claims to power in the region. Other countries like Japan and South Korea feel threatened by them … China has upgraded militarily in recent years …”

The fact that China’s" claims to power " and its rearmament have a strongly defensive component and also a political context that makes them very understandable is apparently not noticeable to any Tagesschau and WWG mainstream journalists. “US experts” have been raving about a war against China for years:

“A military conflict between the two is … not impossible”

US President Biden recently:

“I think it is more than likely that we will end up in a war – a real war …”

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: Together we must position ourselves against Russia, but also against China. The country will soon be the strongest economic power in the world … “It does not share our values”. In doing so, he made it clear that the value West in the conflict with China is not about the alleged security, but about the defeat of a competing economic power. The Tagesschau, however, belittles the Cold Warrior and lets him claim that the West views China as an opponent, but not as an enemy. Naïve can not tell about the man, you just have to let him talk.

The WWG wants to prevent by all means that China becomes the strongest economic power in the world. Bush thieves think so when they want to destroy a competitor they can not rob. Considerations to strangle China with a naval blockade have long existed:

“If a blockade is carried out, it could cause ruinous costs to the Chinese economy and the state.”

The distorted image of China as an insurgent peace threat provokes a response with facts: The US has a 39 percent share of global military spending, China 13 percent and Russia not even 3.5 percent.

Bush Thief-Thinking

It is true, China has border disputes. With India (but both are currently negotiating) and – in the South China Sea-with Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Philippines. However, Beijing has always been at a loss when it comes to the big picture. The US is ensuring that tensions remain: with a consistent policy of intervention, with frequent naval maneuvers, with provocative passage of its aircraft carrier fleets, with aggressive interference in regional economic and trade relations, and with sanctions policy. The Federal Government, whether intentionally or not, makes itself involved in the form of the “Bavaria"mission. Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer leaves no doubt that she is obviously interested in playing a global political role again militarily by serving the Anglo Axis to “contain” China.

Shrub thief drivers are also becoming increasingly apparent in Germany. Chancellor candidate Baerbock babbles about “more hardship” and considers economic boycott measures against China to be appropriate. Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet and Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer openly call for a” strategic cooperation with the USA " and German participation in their hostilities against China. Otherwise, there would be a threat of Chinese control of the" markets", including in Germany. It is shocking how much ignorance and thoughtlessness are exposed here.

Why doesn’t a Tagesschau microphone holder ask Benz, BMW and VW whether the close economic ties between Germany and China still allow such German aggressiveness that is pleasing to the USA – and what consequences it could have for local supply chains and the labour market? In 2020, China was Germany’s most important economic partner for the fifth time in a row. Trading volume: 212.1 billion euros, 3% more than the year before. The Netherlands came second with 172.8 billion euros (-8.7 %). Only in third place the USA with 171,6 billion euros (-9,7 %). Shouldn’t reason finally come to us, if not for peacefulness, then at least for economic reasons?

Sesselpupser in the Broadcasting Council

However, ARD-aktuell excludes this fundamental aspect in its conflicting reporting on China. Whether this is to be explained by journalistic incompetence or ostensible propaganda obligations can be left undecided. A corrective influence on schizophrenic reporting is excluded. The committee responsible for this – the NDR Broadcasting Council-is composed of mostly ignorant amateur actors, brassy, externally determined chairpupsers. They are neither willing nor able to detect problematic errors in reporting and prompt correction. In the daily program of August 2, it says (from minute 16), the route of the “Bavaria” also leads to the Chinese city of Shanghai on the Pacific coast and on the way back from there close to Taiwan (!) be over. That was completely wrong.

Chancellor Merkel and SPD parliamentary group chairman Rolf Mützenich obviously do not want German provocations, with regard to economic relations with China and in contrast to the instinctively leading US leader Kramp-Karrenbauer. They caused the “Bavarians” neither to invade Chinese territorial waters nor even to give the impression that they were on a confrontational course. With genuine Teutonic clumsiness, Maas asked the Chinese Foreign Ministry whether the “Bavarians” could call Shanghai for a port visit.

The transparent double game of serving the aggressive USA on the one hand as a combat-ready vassal and indirectly participating in their military “containment policy” by sending a warship (Kramp-Karrenbauer et al.), but on the other hand pretending that no provocation was intended (Maas et al.), was, however, badly received by those responsible in China. Their concise answer:

“The German side has asked China to let its warship … visit Shanghai. But with regard to this warship operation, the information published by the German side before and after is too contradictory. China will make a decision after the German side has fully clarified its intentions in this regard.”


Now our top political staff is on the tube. It simply cannot “clarify” what is inconsistent in itself. Chancellor Merkel could have prevented the mess, but she is already floating away from the lowlands of government work. Regarding the “Bavaria” is therefore broadcast break between Beijing and Berlin. The cockiness of the definitely unqualified Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer and the embarrassing thinker Maas hacks up relations with China. As expected and equally bumbling, ARD-aktuell jumped in and showed off their supposed knowledge of building a

“vast Chinese maritime armada in an area where China has converted islands and reefs into naval bases”.

Foam brawl, far from any realistic consideration of the circumstances.

Conclusion: The US and its soldiers are now taking off from the Hindu Kush after twenty years of loss – making colonial war against Afghanistan-with a clearly visible Taliban footprint on the butt. It’s obviously not enough. The Presidents, Chancellors and Ministers are keen for a reprieve in the Pacific. Especially our War Minister AKK once again gives the crazy girl scout, who at the campfire " Once again to Taiwan / or to Shanghai …“blaring, loud enough to be noticed in Washington. Do not worry, the Tagesschau will bring that even in the original sound.

All sources can be found here.