Good and bad sacrifices

Apparently, the Taliban must first invade Kabul until the German media realize that the war in Afghanistan is taking casualties. If you looked at the news yesterday, you even got the impression that “our” concern for the civilians threatened by the Taliban is proportional to the failure of our policy to protect those same people and the associated probability that they will never leave Afghanistan. And victims … for our self-righteous commentators and editorialists, these are apparently only those who are threatened by the Taliban or have already been massacred by them. There is no mention of the victims of the West and the warlords allied with “us”. We are the good guys!

Yes, for many Afghans, the Taliban’s seizure of power is not only terrible, but even a danger to life and limb. Yes, Germany has the goddamn responsibility for the so-called" local forces", i.e. the Afghans who worked for the Bundeswehr, the German embassy and the numerous German aid organizations. And yes, in this central part of the long-planned withdrawal from Afghanistan, German policy has failed to an epic degree, so that those responsible should resign.

However, this debate is not honest. Oh yes, the public is almost touchingly worried about the local forces and paints the threat to the civilian population by the Taliban in dazzling colors. However, our perception is sharpened by the fact that the Taliban threatens, above all, those Afghans who correspond to our idea of a “good” Afghanistan. You can obviously identify with these victims.

Could the viewers of the Tagesschau identify with the Pashtun small farmers who were bombed in a riverbed south of Kunduz in September 2009 on the orders of a Bundeswehr officer and went up in flames? 134 Dead, including many children and young people. This is just the war, it was said at the time-although at that time officially still spoke of a “stabilization mission” and to this day sees itself not as an occupier, but as a liberator. Since it was then probably also logical that the survivors of the victims were fed with 5.000 US$. That is the price of an Afghan life. The commanding colonel has since been raised to the rank of general and now heads the Einsatzkommando auf der Hardthöhe. Meanwhile, our sympathy for his victims is limited. After all, these were also “our” victims and thus “bad” victims. If Colonel Klein had been a Taliban and the victims were Western-influenced members of the Kabul elites and not Pashtun small farmers, things would have been different. Then it would have been “good” victims and the crocodile tears flowed in streams.

The situation is similar with the thousands and thousands of victims of the Americans. Wedding parties massacred by combat drones, small farmers who were thought to be Taliban and shot at from attack helicopters, young people, children, women – but fortunately at least above all veiled. War crimes of the Americans and their allies? No problem. We are the good guys and the Taliban are the bad guys. And, of course, our greatness and integrity also radiated to our Afghan allies, such as the warlord and later Vice President Abdul Raschid Dostum. He had 3,000 Taliban prisoners of war perish miserably, but in his district women were allowed to go to university without a veil. So you collect in the value west pluses. Lessons learned, as our good allies would say.

But that’s over now. Until recently, according to German policy, Afghanistan was still a “largely safe” country to which rejected asylum seekers could be deported, but now it is hell on earth. But that’s all there is to it. And if only women! Then even Alice Schwarzer and Armin Laschet agree. Let the men die! Finally, we must prevent a second 2015 and just before the elections, it would be ammunition for the AfD if men were given the same protection from political persecution and death as women. You certainly understand that. After all, we are the good guys.

But slowly it gets harder and harder to keep your bearings in this cynical game. Shuttle flights with female Afghan war refugees are therefore good, while shuttle flights with Iraqi war refugees of both sexes are a" very aggressive act"; at least if it is not carried out by our good Bundeswehr, but by the evil “Lukashenko regime”. This is “an unprecedented provocation” EU Home Affairs Commissioner. Lucky we still have allies who are as good as we are. In order to successfully repel the refugees at the doors of Lithuania, nationalist Ukraine donated 38 tons of barbed wire to the Baltic state in a “humanitarian gesture”. Since who understood how the value vest works. Great! Maybe the Taliban will learn that. Then their “good” could soon become “bad” victims and our news will soon drive the next sow through the village anyway. What has become of our local forces until then? Uninteresting, so is the war.

PS: If you find this comment cynical and inhuman, you are right. It should stimulate thinking. And honestly – the more bigotry thrown at me every night from the news, the more I fall into cynicism on this issue. Maybe this is also a kind of self-protection.