Trade unions and the state

Where do the trade unions want to gain the necessary allies if they want to fight for a higher share of the jointly created gross domestic product? At the citizens ' home on the sofa? With the new billionaires to whom the federal government has allocated our tax money and who squeeze us out with excessive prices and corresponding profit margins? The unions would still be most likely to find comrades-in-arms among people who critically accompany current events and current politics, including those people who have doubts about the sanity of corona politics. If trade unions, if trade unionists allow themselves to be used to put those people who do not agree with the current policy in a right corner in principle, then something is wrong with these trade unionists. Trade unions have not been founded and we have not become members either, so that the trade union officials support the establishment and mobilize against protesting people. If this is how you see your role, then you have missed your profession.

The protesting people are flatly defamed by the country manager of the dju/Verdi. Since the beginning of the assemblies in Berlin on March 28, 2020, Jörg Reichel said on April 21, 2021 in an interview with Telepolis, “central actors:inside right-wing radicalism, Reich citizens:inside, Shoah deniers:inside and right-wing radical influencers:inside have shaped the assemblies in their external impact and political message”. - The trade unionist Reichel repeats this constantly in his interview, without providing conclusive evidence for these claims. Without photos of posters and banners, without videos as evidence. However, he cites a series of figures of violations of the work of journalists by lateral thinkers. He probably counted them all personally!

I still have to quote a paragraph to make it visible how blanket attribution and condemnation is made here:

“In fact, for 12 months, the Shoah has been relativized or instrumentalized nationwide at almost every gathering of the Corona protests in order to declare itself a victim. Conspiracy myths that build on anti-Semitic worldviews and highlight enemy images are also widely spread."- Question to our readers: Have you been to lateral-thinking demonstrations and can you confirm the claims of the dju / Verdi regional Managing Director of Berlin?

The dju country manager also claims that the police behave passively to look away and let the lateral-thinking protesters grant. Well, the dju official should take a closer look and look around and see how brutal police officers dealt with individual people during the last (unauthorized) demonstrations in Berlin. It could be that you or the police leadership have read the interview of Jörg Reichel from April 2021 and therefore this time at the beginning of August 2021 intervened “low threshold” and with brutal force. That would be a special success for our trade unionist from Berlin.

I’ve been a member of this union for over 30 years. I became a member because I consider the collective action of wage-dependent people to be essential. However, I expect full-time trade unionists to recognise who their allies are and who their political and economic opponents are. You can’t say that about the managing director of Berlin, and if what he said in his interview on 21 April should become common property of Verdi, then the support and membership is no longer worth it.