Kill the Amys and that

“The shootings (this week) are just a snapshot of the skyrocketing gun violence archive that has rocked the US in recent months. Between Saturday, July 17, and Friday, July 23, the Gun Violence Archive recorded at least 1,018 shootings, killing at least 404 people and wounding 928.”

The quote comes from a report of the US television channel “ABC News”.

Another quote from the same report:

“The epidemic of gun violence also includes suicides, which are the cause of about 60 percent of adult gun deaths, according to the Justice Department. In 2019, according to the “Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence”, an average of 66 people per day died by suicide with a firearm. This year alone, there have been more than 13, 500 suicides by firearms, according to GVA data.”

And one more place:

“Last week’s evaluation of gun violence conducted by ABC News and GVA found that at least 2.4 people were killed and 5.5 people wounded every hour.”

Here is another part of the report with more details on the age of the victims. Not a few victims of gun violence are young people:

“In total, more than 800 Americans under the age of 18 have been killed by gun violence so far in 2021, 174 of whom were under the age of 12, according to GVA data.”

And here are three questions about where the most shootings take place in the USA:

“The evaluation found that virtually every state was affected last week, with at least one firearms-related incident in 47 states and the District of Columbia.”

“Of all states, Illinois had the most incidents of gun violence, with at least 109 incidents counted in Cook County. Chicago, the administrative city of Cook County, reported 104 of these incidents – about 10.2 percent of the total in the United States. After Illinois, Texas reported the most incidents of gun violence with at least 70, followed by Pennsylvania, New York and California, where there were at least 64, 55 and 53 shooting incidents respectively last week.

“Texas had the highest rate of firearm fatalities, with at least 39 fatalities. Illinois led the list with 141 people injured by firearms.

Inequalities in gun violence

“While no part of the country is immune to gun violence, when ABC News examined the data, it turned out that violence is disproportionately common in poorer urban areas.”

On the same subject, another place:

“More than half of the shooting incidents (58.5 percent) occurred in the poorest districts of the country, where the median household income is $ 40,000 a year or less. About 17 percent of the shootings occurred in areas where people earn more than $ 60,000.”

And here’s a spot on the rapidly growing number of shootings:

“In New York City, New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea told ABC News that the number of shootings in May 2021 increased by 73 percent compared to the same time last year. When asked if people were brazen enough to bear arms, he said: I don’t think there is any doubt about that. … The data here in New York City shows that there are more guns at the scene and that more shots are fired.”

The Covid pandemic has also led to more shootings:

“Factors contributing to the rise in gun violence include gang crime, police budget cuts and COVID-19 court system shutdowns, which have caused a backlog of more than 5,000 gun incidents, according to Shea.”

Individual shootings have almost become a tradition:

“On Wednesday, three teenagers were shot in Philadelphia, where the number of deaths from firearms has already exceeded 300 this year – two of them succumbed to their injuries. When ABC News spoke to the Philadelphia Police, they repeatedly pointed out streets where shootings had previously taken place.”

The causes of shootings are often petty disputes:

“Later that night, a person was shot in front of Philadelphia’s most famous cheese steak restaurants, Pat’s and Geno’s. Philadelphia Police Chief Danielle Outlaw told ABC News the shooting was due to a parking dispute.”

And what should be done about these shootings?

“I’m tired of holding vigils,” Stuart Anderson told ABC News in Suitland, Maryland. If the one who shot my grandchild didn’t have the gun, my grandchild would still be here now. We have to get these weapons off the streets.”

That is the situation in the United States, in this country that is particularly proud of its freedoms.

Have you been able to read in German or Swiss media about this dramatic increase in shootings with more and more victims?