Terrorists and the Power

Obviously, the majority of our media and policy makers see it differently: The Chancellor travels to Washington, the Chancellery and the White House negotiate. The result: we pay millions to Ukraine, we commit ourselves to continue to support the transport of gas through Ukraine and to be ready for sanctions against Russia should Russia try to “use energy as a weapon or commit further aggressive acts against Ukraine”. This is how the US diplomat Nuland, who is well known to us, expresses herself after a report by dpa. Who defines what “aggressive actions” are? We go into the interpretation dependence of the USA and pay on top of that to Ukrainian Nazi pigs millions of euros that people in DE urgently need. And this process is being waved through by the German media and political parties. Have you seen or read any well-founded criticism of this process? The Empire squeezes them out and they still do not ask the obvious question: what does the Americans care about our gas supply?

We can judge for ourselves whether Russia is a reliable supplier of energy, in the specific case of gas. In the past, we had no reason to believe that Russia would turn off the gas tap to blackmail us politically. We are capable of assessing and assessing the risks and benefits associated with the new Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. For this we do not need the uncle from America.

Even the German media and apparently also the B├╝ttel in politics are not capable of such a simple statement.

Most disgusting once again The Mirror, which calls the imperial diktat Merkel’s triumph. German taxpayers ' money is used to feed the Ukrainian Nazi wine and the American terrorist, while people are losing their lives and livelihoods at the door due to a dead infrastructure.