Apartheid exports

A wiretapping scandal makes headlines. According to international research, hundreds of journalists, activists and opposition figures have apparently been intercepted by sophisticated spying software in various countries in recent years. The reports state that the Pegasus spying software used was made by an Israeli manufacturer.

The permanent occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip by the State of Israel is the basis for the most advanced surveillance industry in the world. The company NSO Group founded in 2009 with the spy software Pegasus is also part of this. NSO co-founder Shalev Hulio was deployed with the Israeli killer force against the Second Intifada in the West Bank.

“The young killers, they are 18 or 19 years old, are given all the freedoms in the huge development departments that the military has created to be at the forefront in the digital world.“This is how Israeli author Ronen Bergman reports on his many years of research in Israel’s digital industry.

Israel is the most advanced digital laboratory in the Western world for the fight against uprisings and the killing of people who are called terrorists by intelligence agencies without a court ruling. Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple are constantly buying up start-ups in Israel, e.g. Anobit, LinX, PrimeSense, SlickLogin, Waze, Annapurna. With 5,000 start-ups so far, most of which have been bought by US and other Western corporations, Israel has the highest start - up density per inhabitant. The companies are usually raised by ex-officers of the Israeli killer squad, often they start with it already in the killer squad. Here they use their experience in the long-and near-detection, combating and killing of Palestinians in a “civilian” entrepreneurial form. The Israeli state killers are coddled as heroes and national elites. The military is the “innovation driver”. “Those who serve in one of the well-known elite units bring valuable knowledge and often become self-employed a few years later.”

The practice of the decades - long apartheid regime, which violates international law and human rights, is a training campus for moral-free disruption. “You break things”,” You are software Ninjaneers”, it says in praise. Since the use of remote-controlled killing drones in the first Intifada, Israel’s military-industrial digital complex has been developing new and better technologies to capture all kinds of data connected to people-acoustic, optical, linguistic, non – linguistic, color, haptic, shape and movement, interactive, environmental, electronic, digital - and to evaluate them integrated and at the highest speed after target input.

No economy and media industry in the world is as militarized as the Israeli one. High school diploma, university exams – in Israel, the rank of officer counts above all for positions in the economy. The chip manufacturer Intel was the first company to come from Silicon Valley four decades ago – when production was still primarily for the US military. Today, Intel employs 11,000 people in Israel, including many ex-killers. For several years, the five GAMFA giants have been expanding the purchased start-ups to up to 1,000 employees and placing orders.

Google maintains its own start-up area on the Stanford University campus in Tel Aviv. No other state subsidizes digital research and development as much as Israel. The products and services are mainly exported to the USA and the EU. Even before Trump had the wall extended to Mexico, the Obama administration took Israeli detection and defense technology for thousands of kilometers of the high-tech fence to Mexico, which had already been started under President Clinton.

After Obama’s approval, the cyberwar software Stuxnet was developed jointly by US and Israeli authorities under the Microsoft operating system Windows. Stuxnet was placed as a destruction worm in the control system of the Iranian nuclear center Natanz and led to the “self” destruction of the centrifuges.