Public propaganda

Public broadcasting is state propaganda, as I was able to see in a documentary about Vietnam in the 1990s. The lawn was dried by the sun and communism was to blame. Since that day I even look at the clock when they say good morning on the radio.

Unfortunately, this is not obvious in the case of the ÖR, in order to hide the state propaganda, the citizen pays the apparatus, which is more of an ABM measure than information and education. Deutsche Welle, on the other hand, is direct state propaganda, which is financed exclusively and exclusively from tax resources in the amount of ~ € 300 million.

The Schmierfink is currently gaining momentum to open up a new enemy image. Der Spiegel is once again the leader here as US lackey, but Heise & Co. also beat in the same notch! On board, of course, is public broadcasting. Arte is actually one of the few channels you can do to yourself, although “With open cards” often attracted negative attention, you are not spared from enemy image care.

ARTE has broadcast an article about China that triggered the contradiction, in the concrete case the contradiction of Prof. Dr. Boglarka Hadinger. The dispute is interesting. Hence the reference to the ARTE contribution and the reaction.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of ARTE,

over the past few days, I have been contacted again and again by frightened people after they saw their post about China on July 13th. Now I have also got to know the article and would like to ask you: What do you aim at with the broadcast?

If someone were to make such a report about Bill Gates or America, then in a matter of seconds this person of yours would be downgraded as a stupid conspiracy theorist. Or as an anti-Semite.

But now, after Russia, Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Poland and Hungary, China is also demonized in our leading media. Beautiful, frightening music, frightening cuts, statements that are taken out of context. Skillfully done! Yes, the Chinese, he is the new evil.

I am already waiting for our leading media to frighten us again with a “new Hitler”, this time allegedly in China. As we experienced before the destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria. So justified “must” of course eliminate the so-called danger, so bomb out. And hold a few million people on top of that. As in all other countries before, which brutally destroyed America and NATO, to the cheers of our press. Don’t you notice? Or do they want to deceive the population again and again with the “We must free from evil” trick and thus persuade them to agree to a NATO attack?

Question to ARTE: Why don’t you describe how many military bases America has in the whole world? There are almost 800 of them. In addition, the US can militarize about a thousand of its bases in a matter of seconds. In addition, there are hundreds of NATO military bases. * In all parts of the world, on the water, under water and even in space, we find the rifles of NATO.* Even in those countries where Parliament calls on the American occupation to leave their sovereign country, the boys cannot get away with their bombers, missiles, machine guns and other killing devices. Why don’t you report it? They already have the scary music in the box.

And:How many people have America and NATO killed in the last 30 years? In the name of “democratization and liberation”? How many people have been mutilated or forced to flee? The Chinese and their Uyghur orphans are against it. The difference is that our press presents the great American killing, as in Iraq, Libya, Syria and many other places in the world, as an “act of humanity” and assesses it as ethically sound.

Our press even thought the American coup attempt in Venezuela was great, even though it was, once again, about oil. Isn’t this a quest for omnipotence? And the “noose around Russia”, as the press spokesperson of the Federal Government revealed the project of our policy just two weeks ago – are there really our so-called"humane Western values"?

As a psychologist, I would advise ARTE: To look yourself in the mirror for the first time. For the first time, to think for yourself what morality you show yourself. First of all, think about what the so-called" Western community of values", which is also so often advertised by ARTE, has done in the world and does it every day. And how much inhuman our policy, led by the Americans, causes: even now and every day.

Of course, we always talk about “humanity, protection and democratization”. Coincidentally, oil wells and gas are nearby and soon the NATO military bases are stationed right there. Purely coincidental and " for the protection of the population”, of course. How about, for example, an ARTE report on the US military occupation of Syria in violation of international law – and its accidental “proximity” to the oil fields there? Again, you could use the scary music well again. And, to my knowledge, neither Europeans nor Americans have gone down in history as benefactors to Africans.

Incidentally, it is absolutely understandable that the countries that are not loyal to America are moving ever closer together. And develop a common strategy with each other. I have been wondering for years how stupid our politicians-and the mainstream media-are, why they do not realize what they are doing with their words and deeds, exclusion and hostility. “We are the good and teach you, because you are the evil” - this message of ours is well known and has always been lying. And this strategy fuels exactly what is happening now: An alliance of Belittled. That was to be expected. And now one wonders?

In any case, your reporting, dear ARTE team, worries me more than the Chinese do. I remember too well how millions of English and Americans remained in fear for weeks, staring at the television with a gas mask on their faces, because the leading press had announced to them a terrible Iraqi attack with weapons of mass destruction. This, of course, was a “duck”, a deliberate deception of the population. She also worked with us, also in this country. The generation of fear elicited the consent of the manipulated population for the war of aggression against Iraq, which is contrary to international law and murderous. Because fear is known to make stupid.

Now for them is the new evil in China. Skilfully staged, illustrated and accompanied by creepy music, we, the good, are shown the threat of evil. The already well-known designation: “The new Hitler!”, will appear on the front pages of our newspapers in a few months.

Based on years of experience, it can be assumed that once again the fear of a country that has something that we would like to have or does something that is not acceptable to our self-interests is fuelled here.

Of course, many ethical words must be conjured up from the box of tricks. “Peace, human rights, freedom and: values, values!”, we must shout until the people once again give their consent. For what, actually?

Best regards Prof. Dr. Michael Hadinger