Pigs conquer space

Three billionaires are engaged in an absurd race into space. As our planet burns and billions of people suffer from hunger, three billion-dollar children’s heads fulfill their wet dream of a journey into space. This race of billionaires is a symptom of the decadence and breakup of Western societies – a decadent dance on the volcano.

On Sunday it was time. The British fantastic millionaire Richard Branson completed the first “private space flight” in a flying object of his “space corporation” Virgin Galactic and thus got ahead of his fantastic millionaire colleagues Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. This is at least the PR story, which was once again completely uncritically babbled by the media.

The first space tourist, of course, almost twenty years ago was the US financial manager Dennis Tito, who bought himself in exchange for hard dollars in the chronically underfunded Russian space program and was shot to the ISS for it. In fact, Branson spent a few minutes in a parabolic flight at an altitude of 90 kilometers – that is, below the border of space. But such Beckmesserei is no longer welcome today. After all, Branson wants to turn its fairground attraction into a business model for the money elite in the future. While the poor ride on the funfair roller coaster for US$ 2.50, the super-rich can (almost) let themselves be shot into space by Branson for US$ 250,000. A contemporary leisure fun and there come now please also no spoilsport and point out that this may seem a little bigoted in times, in which one wants to spoil the worker his cheap flights. Branson’s bread and butter business is, after all, just one of those low-cost airlines with Virgin Airlines. Incidentally, the billionaire, whose main tax residence is his private island in the Caribbean, can only finance this fun because he and his empire, which is distributed among numerous mailbox companies in tax havens, escape the financing of the common good. But that’s how the dazzling business works. If rich people had to pay taxes, there would probably be no market for Branson’s funfair flights into sub orbit. So the circle closes.

No friend of taxes is also the second fantastic millionaire in the bunch. Even as a young super-rich, Jeff Bezos had the dream that humanity lives in orbit on his space stations and can thus admire the impending demise of the blue planet from the best of all conceivable perspectives. To realize this dream, Bezos takes money in his hands – a billion a year he allows himself to taste his hobby called “Blue Origin”. And since Bezos and his gold ducat-shitting donkey Amazon pay almost no taxes, these are Peanuts for him. Since the end of the world is “unfortunately” still waiting and its space stations are still a dream of the future for millions of (rich) people, Jeff dreams of luxury hotels in space. Is there actually an interplanetary set of rules that sets minimum wages for bullshit jobs in space? On July 20, it’s time for Bezos too. Then he, too, will spend a few minutes in space with his own “spaceship”. Juchhe! Actually, he could stay there. Nobody would miss him.

The situation with the third fantastic millionaire is a little different. Elon Musk’s space company Space X is already a different number than the spleenigen hobbies of Messrs Branson and Bezos. Space X is the logical consequence of the American deregulation and privatization of space travel. Musk is also less concerned with tourism for the global upper class, but with gaining a monopoly position for space technology. Its launchers already carry astronauts and materials to the ISS for good money, and every conceivable space project in which the US is involved also involves Elon Musk – whether it is the return to the moon, including the construction of a permanently manned lunar station, or the flight to Mars. These are multibillion-dollar projects funded by the taxpayer. And Musk is already working for the military and intelligence services. It is his company that transports the top-secret satellites into space - with recyclable and therefore cost-effective rockets.

And no one says that Musk is forgetting about the really serious problems of mankind. As part of the Artemis program carried out by Musk and NASA(https://www.nasa.gov/specials/artemis/index.html “Artemis”) should – but not before 2024 – finally land the first woman and the first colored man on the moon. The moon is becoming diverse! If that does not make the hearts of all left liberals rejoice! Who cares about poverty in the world? So much civilization has never been. Whether and when Musk himself will let himself shoot to the moon is not yet known.

The space race of Branson and Bezos alone costs an estimated six billion US$. According to the director of the World Food Programme, this could save 41 million people from starvation. But this is of course much less fun than flying into space.

Why does our society accept such antisocial behavior? Why does no one storm the villas and private islands of these egomaniacal parasites? Why does politics not take this openly flaunted decadence as an excuse to finally ask these gentlemen to pay? In a better world, there would be no billionaires who run a childish race into space, trampling on the world’s problems. This is the dance on the volcano.