It starts again

Meanwhile, the word covidiots falls back on those who invented it to belittle others. Although more and more people are vaccinated (57 percent have the first vaccination and 40 percent already have complete vaccination protection), Covid howlers like Karl Lauterbach use the delta variant to warn again and to set horror scenarios in the world. It is becoming increasingly clear that the so-called experts are arm-in-arm with the pharmaceutical industry to paint the devil on the wall in order to vaccinate as many people as possible with the vaccines with “conditional market approval” and to prepare for the next lockdown. In the process, the “experts” gradually lose their credibility.

Riding around for incidences without specifying the number of tests performed is charlatanism from a scientific point of view. On closer inspection, the warnings about overcrowded intensive care units turn out to be interest-led lies, as the Federal Audit Office has found. And even the statistics of the corona deaths and the conclusions derived from them are in the twilight.

In his new “Schwarzbuch Corona”, which made it onto the order lists, Jens Berger has described the mistakes of the Corona policy in detail. A compliment to the pediatricians and the members of the Permanent Vaccination Commission who so far steadfastly refuse to demand the vaccination of children, although the pharmaceutical lobby with its henchmen like Jens Spahn makes powerful pressure. The lockdown has done more harm and harm to the children than it could to an infection with Covid. The swear word Covidioten is falling back more and more on those who take every opportunity to put pretentious warnings into the world and drive people crazy with scientifically unsecured claims.