For weapons we destroy nature

Dear Mrs. Breymaier,

in almost every speech of almost all politicians these words occur at the moment: “Sustainability”, “climate neutrality”, “species protection”, and that it is very important “for the future generations” to ensure that it does not get even warmer on this planet. Beautiful.

Less beautiful, no, not at all beautiful is when I now read in the Heidenheimer Zeitung (HZ), how “the DEPUTY Leni Breymaier (SPD)” advocates that a new industry"park" should be created in Oberkochen. So that once again valuable farmland is sealed. With concrete-the climate killer number 1.Your commitment to land grabbing thus contributes to making life harder for future generations. Maybe even unbearable.

Especially perverse, another, a nicer word unfortunately does not come to mind in this context: 88 000 square meters of fertile soil should / will be sacrificed for an arms company-the company Hensoldt. Weapons, you surely know, do not create life. Farmers preserve and secure lives, you should know that.

Yes, they say it’s about jobs. It’s always about jobs. This is always the killing argument against reason and reason, for too many years. But, and there it gets totally perverse: In your constituency there is in fact no unemployment (if you read the FAZ, you can read that there), if you read your local newspaper HZ from the day on which your irresponsible plea for the war corporation appeared, you can take this to heart: The withdrawal of unemployment in the region HDH/AA makes the employment agency “worry”, because: for “the reported vacancies it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable workforce”.

In plain language: The planned destruction of nature by a gunsmith cannot be justified by the concern for jobs. In plain language: Every new job inevitably requires access, more traffic, more living space, more soil destruction, more concrete consumption, more global warming.

The fact is also this: The Kocher-/Brenztal is already crowded - with industrial “parks”, with planned commercial areas (for example opposite the Zeiss in Oberkochen/Königsbronn). The formerly beautiful valley is already ugly stuffed.

And: Drive in the morning or in the evening on the B 19 from Heidenheim to Oberkochen, from Oberkochen to Heidenheim. Have fun in traffic jams and stench.

Are you really not sure what you are doing? Or do they do it unscrupulously, against better knowledge?

However, it is sheer mockery when they write (let) that environmental protection would also be taken into account in this so unspeakable and so irresponsible land grab that one is “aware of the responsibility for future generations”.

They talk like Mayor Stütz from Köngsbronn. In June, he gave his citizens a bag with wildflower seed mixture (“Aktion Königsbiene”) and praises these eco-placebo bags as “species protection”-while at the same time designating a huge commercial area, building a residential area in flood zones, and insisting that every new house in front of the door must have a carport, making life almost impossible for bees.

Oh, one more thing, you can put your employees on it:the US military alone pollutes the environment more than 140 countries. If now, for which your party is also for, the arms budget rises to two percent of GDP – then you can all climate targets, I say it clichéd: smoke in the pipe.

There are many reasons why the SPD disappears into historical insignificance – one of them you have just delivered.

With greetings from Königsbronn: Arno Luik

** p.s.: * * Oh, oh, one more thing: climate? Your party, perhaps you too, is vehemently in favour of Stuttgart 21. The construction of one kilometre of railway tunnel releases as much CO2 as 26 000 cars driving 13 000 kilometres a year. Seen in this way, their commitment, i.e. this fight against the environment and for the arms company, is only consistent.

    • P. P. S.: * * Of course, the SPD is not in favor of an arms budget of two percent. Although the then Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) voluntarily agreed to this NATO goal in 2014, this does not necessarily have to be remembered during election campaigns. It is also enough to do away with the increase in the exorbitant arms budget year after year and thus slowly but surely seal the 2 percent target (in fact a doubling of the current budget). Oh, climate? Will the fighter jets soon be flying with solar cells? Are the tanks rolling with green electricity to the maneuvers on the NATO eastern border?