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British, Dutch and Germans provoke, not only in the Black Sea

Attention Realsatire ,the Tagesschau makes handstand on the tongue: “Military conflicts have been a proven means for Russia for years to gain validity and say something,” she asserts cheekily, although the policy with bombs and grenades is the trademark of the US. The top journalists of ARD-aktuell just feel above all facts. Even about the fact that propaganda works especially when it merely bends the truth and does not completely ignore it. In the present case, your Stuss also raises the question, since when it is due to the US and their NATO war comrades, to grant other peoples participation and validity or to refuse. Not “the Russian”, but the” Western Community of Values " is trying to force all the insubordinate countries under its thumb, with extortionate sanctions or - if it feels militarily superior-with a murderous war of aggression.

You do not have to point out and prove the obvious again and again. So let us leave it at the objection that not only Iraq, Syria and Libya bear witness to the lawlessness, infamy and inhumanity of the world ruler USA and his vassals. The countless wars of the “Western Community of Values” and their destructive policy of sanctions have even less to do with democratic and humanitarian ideals than the medieval crusades with strength of faith and Christian charity.

The West of values, the good guys, we prefer to falsify history instead of taking its lessons to heart; to equal rights for all and to the benefits of peaceful coexistence, we whistle at any time when it is in the interests of the United States. The German federal government is particularly happy to serve them. Chancellor Merkel always finds the right justification for this: transatlantic relations are a central pillar in foreign and security policy, which must be preserved in its own interest.

“We should never forget that Europe is not neutral, Europe is part of the political West.”

Well, bad luck, friends, we are not neutral and peaceful. By the way: Geographically, Russia also belongs to Europe, but we are already touching on a root of discontent: Russia does not want to be taken over by the NATO-EU and exploited by US capitalists as part of this “political West” (Merkel). That is why Russia, like the People’s Republic of China, like Iran and several other “evil”, is considered an enemy. And that is why Merkel remains with her transatlantic twisted logic: if “Europe” wants to assert itself in the world, it must

“take its fate more into its own hands and at the same time act as a reliable partner of the Western community of values and interests.”

It would be laughable if this ignorance of history (the Soviet Union and China were victims, not perpetrators!) would not be to howl.

Too much on the Kerbholz

Of course, ARD-aktuell is also taking part in Germany’s current increasingly hostile orientation towards Russia and China by covering up the aggressive policy of the West. It helps to pin all the evil on the new/old “enemies” with which the West excels itself. The murderous coup in Kiev, although organized by the US, NATO and the EU, was turned into the" Maidan Democracy movement". The plebiscites of the majority Russian Crimeans to reunite their peninsula with Russia, to which Crimea has belonged since Catherine the Great, are erased from memory with the club “Annexation of Crimea”, regardless of the facts and Russian historical consciousness and cultural tradition. The war of the Ukro-Nazis against the Donbass republics is issued as a defense against Russian intentions of occupation. The consensus of the Minsk Agreement (2015) has long been forgotten.

The Tagesschau has not lost a word so far about the fact that the USA and its most devoted war servant, the Federal Republic of Germany, continue to deploy troops in Iraq, in violation of international law and against the will of Parliament and the government in Baghdad. It is persistently silent about the German part in the violation of international law in the occupation and bombing of northern Syria. Especially about the fact that the Bundesluftwaffe participated in war crimes, e.g. in The-Es-Zur, by their tornado reconnaissance of the US Air Force obtained the target data for the carefully planned massacre.

The listing of fundamental journalistic rule violations of the Tagesschau could be continued at will. Tags: Venezuela’s puppet “President” Guaidó, Israel’s land grab in Palestine, the Psy-ops around the Skripals, Navalny and the Berlin Tiergarten murder, the interference of the West in Belarus, the riot stories about the Uighurs in China, the alleged Russian cyber attacks on the Bundestag and so on and so on and so on.

Incomplete messages

On June 28, the US-led Values Alliance began the two-week Sea Breeze maneuver in the Black Sea. With 32 participating countries from all continents, 5,000 soldiers, 32 warships, 40 combat aircraft and 18 special teams and diving teams, it is the largest such exercise to date right off the Russian coast. ARD-aktuell reported on this, but did not explain the object of the maneuver, the assumed situation, the so-called “scenario”. And: She did not mention that, in addition to the USA, Ukraine of all countries has a leadership role in the maneuver.

Ukraine is not (yet) a member of NATO. Nor is self-defense practiced in accordance with the NATO statute. That’s why the US Embassy in Kiev made it harmless: They just want to " improve the compatibility of the armed forces, increase security at sea and ensure peace in the region."

Less hypocritically, the newspaper “Star and Stripes” of the US Armed Forces admits that a demonstration of power is intended:

“…the US and its allies have continued preparations for Sea Breeze, whose goal is to send a clear message to Moscow that it will not be intimidated. … If Moscow believes that we stand together in time of war and have sufficient military power … Russia will be deterred … at the same time, our allies, partners and friends will take courage and feel confident enough to resist Russian demands.”

However, the Tagesschau and its correspondents in Moscow and Washington do not ask: What Russian demands endanger “the allies, partners and friends of the USA”? Is not “Sea Breeze” itself an aggressive challenge, an extremely explosive, adventurously stupid attempt to “contain” Russia’s sovereign rights with the largest possible helot army, as officially decided as a political target at the NATO summit anno 2016?

####Rivets on the government rudder

The British launched their destroyer HMS “Defender” into Russian territorial waters off the Crimea in a showpiece military provocation that was as risky as it was stupid. And again, the Tagesschau carefully and NATO-bound avoided telling us what was wrong with it. The British warship violated international law and could only be forced to change course by the Russian Navy and Air Force with warning shots and bomb drops.

There was talk of" the latest test of strength " instead of a breach of law and a threat to peace, not only on tagesschau.de. And although it was undeniably a British assault, again the Russian was to blame:

“It is not the first time that Russia is running against the … maneuver ‘Sea Breeze’ storm”.

Just as if Moscow was obliged to put up with the aggressive behavior of the British without contradiction.

“Sea Breeze” is not a maneuver in the usual sense. It takes place on the basis of Washington’s appointments with Kiev in 1993, at a time when in Moscow the drunken Boris Yeltsin was at the will of the United States. However, at that time there was no talk of close coordination of Ukraine with NATO. “Sea Breeze”, however, pursues expressly the goal,

“to increase the compatibility of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with those of NATO allies.”

The British destroyer HMS " Defender “was not the only brazen provocation in the"Sea Breeze” frame. The Dutch frigate HNLMS “Evertsen” shortly after, also without Russia’s permission, set course for the “Kerch Strait”, a strait east of the Crimea. Only Russian SU-30 fighters and SU-24 bombers finally convinced the frigate captain that a change of direction was advisable.

ARD-aktuell also reported this event as usual unilaterally, cleaned of backgrounds and context. At length she echoed the hypocritical whining of the Dutch government that the Russian fighter jets had harassed the “Evertsen” and had flown “sham attacks”. They had caused “irresponsible interference to the electronics” on the frigate. The Russian view, on the other hand, was given only one sentence.

The Tagesschau did not mention that the Dutch had to be warned. What happened to them, the US had already experienced seven years ago. At that time, a Russian SU-24 bomber flew over the USS “Donald Cook” in the Black Sea and thoroughly ruined the state-of-the-art electronic combat system “Aegis” of the missile-equipped destroyer. The “Donald Cook” had ignored all Russian warnings and even took too cheeky course on the Russian coastal waters. As a defenseless barge with a completely disillusioned crew, she had to flee to a Romanian port.

The underlying purpose of the two recent high-risk provocations was of course hidden from our quality journalists: the British and Dutch thwarted the plan of French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel to hold a more meaningful EU summit with the Russian president after the (unenviable) Biden-Putin meeting in Vienna. Her proposal was met not only with predictable opposition from Poland and the three Baltic states. The EU member Netherlands also opposed this. The non-EU member Great Britain anoys from the edge. Message to Washington: EU summit plans overturned, mission accomplished.

The Tagesschau is obliged to inform comprehensively and completely about world events according to the State Treaty on Broadcasting (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag). But how should the ARD-aktuell editorial staff inform about something that they do not allow themselves to understand?

Bent Truth

Instead of dutiful information, the Tagesschau only played the record again with the misinterpretation under international law that Russia had annexed Crimea; the British had therefore not violated any Russian sovereign rights, their warship “Defender” had only passed through Ukrainian sea area in front of the Crimea:

“For the vast majority of the world community, however, Crimea was and remains an integral part of Ukraine in accordance with international law. Which is why the British also point out that their ship was in Ukrainian and not Russian waters.”

First, “world community” is a transatlantic concept of struggle. He conceals the fact that only a narrow majority, 100 out of 194 states, declared Crimea to remain Ukrainian in 2014; more than 50 dwarf states had contributed to this majority (including Monaco, Tuvalu, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Malta, Nauru, San Marino, Palau, Marshall Islands). The demanding “vast majority of the world community” represents less than a third of the world’s population. Secondly: In contrast to what ARD-aktuell is trying to suggest, the maritime law remained unaffected by all this. The Russian Federation was even explicitly requested by a UN resolution on December 19, 2017,

“to comply with all its obligations as an occupying power under applicable international law.”

This also includes the fact that Russia, as an “occupying power”, is allowed to regulate traffic in the territorial waters around the Crimea. Even German legal experts recognize this competence. Under international law and (in the case under discussion here) also politically, it does not matter at all whether Crimea was annexed or whether it freely and of its own accord decided to move to Russia. The entry of foreign warships into the waters around Crimea is in any case illegal.

However, it is typical for ARD-aktuell that it withholds such correctly classifying information from its audience and gives the clumsy British provocation the appearance of legitimacy. Wherever possible, Russia’s foreign policy should be portrayed and discredited as a threat to the security of Western Europe. This is also evident in another comment of the Tagesschau:

“At the same time, the country (Russia) is flexing its muscles during an exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean: after all, Russia maintains a naval and air base in Syria. The military exercise also involves the use of combat aircraft capable of carrying supersonic missiles.”

Not everything that lags is a comparison. The US and NATO are staging provocative military maneuvers in an already tense atmosphere far from their headquarters, but in close proximity to Russia. Russia is responding, but only close to its own border or within the jurisdiction of Syria, its ally. It acts legitimately, because it demonstrates readiness for defense and does not rehearse aggressive “containment”.

The squadrons have the floor

The propaganda blushes of ARD-aktuell turn out to doubt this and to swathe of (threatening) Russian “muscle games”. For ignorance and transatlantic conformism ARD-aktuell guarantees Sylvia Stöber, with special status in the ARD-aktuell subdivision “Fact Finder” equipped:

“Domestically, the reports from the Black Sea are suitable to distract from the corona situation in Russia and the restrictions on politicians and civic engagement not loyal to the Kremlin before the Duma election in September: Putin instead presents himself as a defender of Russia.”

Facts that prove the aggressiveness of the “value West”, its painting of the enemy and warmongering, are gladly under the table at ARD-aktuell. The Tagesschau therefore did not report that secret papers had been found behind a London bus stop and published on the Internet proving that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had sent his destroyer HMS “Defender” to Russian territorial waters for a deliberate provocation. The incident was not an accident, but evidence of Johnson’s unspeakable arrogance and chaotic lack of concern.

ARD does not lose a syllable-currently, of course, about the fact that our intellectually only modestly equipped War Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is also good for any threat to peace in the Black Sea. At the same time as the"Defender “provocation, she had two Eurofighters of the Tactical Luftwaffe Squadron 71” Richthofen " transferred from the East Frisian home base of Wittmund to the Black Sea: to Romania, to the military part of Constanța Airport. There, they are integrated into a Royal Air Force redoubt and should be “ready to act as quickly as possible alongside the British unit in an emergency”. The Nazi Brigade Bundeswehr is delighted.

In fact, this is a German participation in the “Sea Breeze"provocation: the maneuver ends on July 10, the Eurofighters of the Bundesluftwaffe are to return home to Wittmund on July 9.

ARD aktuell would be well advised to report on the warning of the Russian generals: “The next intruder into our territorial waters will be sunk.“So far, the Tagesschau felt sublime. She prefers to fondle the freewheeling Foreign Minister Maas, downplays the Baerböcke of the week and gives out Mutti Merkel as a peace-loving light figure, Kramp hin, Karrenbauer her. So she distracts the paying public from the fact that we have only gotten around to another real war by a hair’s breadth.