BILD and the conspiracy theorists

Those who criticize Annalena Baerbock are Putin’s henchmen and part of a Kremlin campaign against “Putin’s green horror”. At least that’s how the Green politician Cem Özdemir sees it. Of course, he does not have any proof, circumstantial evidence or even evidence for this. If it were not for Özdemir and if these confused sentences were not printed without criticism by SPIEGEL, Tagesspiegel and BILD, the fact checkers of the nation would probably rightly sense a conspiracy theory here. Has Özdemir risen to the head of the early summer heat, that he now walks in Atilla Hildmann’s footsteps? No. Özdemir is rather an idiot who acts in an anti-democratic and anti-European way. This was already seen in the days of ACTA.

Do you know the joke of the two New York Jews in 1940? One reads the New York Times, the other the “striker”. Then the first asks the second why he gives up with such a hand. “With you it says that we are persecuted, with me it says how powerful we are and that we influence the whole world”. Vladimir Putin probably also belongs to the enthusiastic readers of BILD und SPIEGEL, according to whose view, the man in the Kremlin not only lifts US presidents into office, but is even responsible for the fact that the Green chancellor Annalena Baerbock managed to pulverize the poll figures of the Greens within a few weeks.

Of course, such theses are a little too steep even for the PICTURE, especially since there is no evidence of the sinister machinations of your favorite villain. Therefore, the quality journalists resort to a popular trick and let the most grotesque theses dictate to the block by a citation giver. And when it comes to steep and unprovable accusations in the direction of Moscow, there is no better source of quotations than the Swabian-Turkish Russian eater Cem Özdemir.

He then says phrases like the following: “Annalena and we are no longer only national, but also by Putin and his secret services (…), who drive dirt campaigns on the Internet against them and us Greens”. From this, BILD then makes the crisp headline “Moscow presses the anti-Baerbock button” and DER SPIEGEL raves “Russia and Turkey mastermind of dirt campaigns”. Strong Tobak. And what evidence is there for this? A BND boss who says things like “that would fit into the picture” and a criminal Krawalny who refers to alleged insiders. Super. There are some Telegram messages from Atilla solider occupied.

By the way, Mikhail Khodorkovsky is also a criminal oligarch in exile, a convicted criminal who is more concerned with the extremely lucrative sale of Russian mineral resources than with things like human rights or freedom, and who in recent years has regularly been imprisoned by transatlantic terrorists such as Özdemir.

According to” BILD-Informationen “by Khodorkovsky and Özdemir,” Moscow “has been working for months on an"anti-Green, but especially on an anti-Baerbock campaign”. That’s exciting. Then it was probably Putin who invented Annalena’s all-too-fantastic CV and had it published by his hackers on the Green Party’s website. A clever little fellow, this Putin! And certainly FSB agents have drizzled her diabolical psychic substances in Annalena’s tea, so that she stammered confused things in speeches and interviews, which were then relayed on social networks by goblins from Moscow’s fifth column. And maybe Putin’s hackers even hijacked the digital party congress at which the Greens chose their candidate? “That would fit into the picture,” the BND would say.

There are more original conspiracy theories, but they rarely make it to the front page of BILD, SPIEGEL and Co. But how does a politician like Cem Özdemir even come up with such thoughts? That what does not fit one politically is called the work of Moscow is an old hat. At that time it was often said “then go over there”. In the US, during the infamous McCarthy era, this narrative was a powerful sword to suppress unwelcome positions. Either you are for us or you are Moscow’s red servants.

Özdemir is also only superficially a muddle-head who peddles conspiracy theories in order to block criticism of his party leader. He is rather a prime example of an educated person who can make a career thanks to party. Strongly remembers the henchmen of the Nazi era. Nothing in the pear but through ideology and party ascended to mass murderer. Baerbock is not the only one whose CV wears a wig. The same can be found in Özdemir, which is probably not enough for the big media from their profound racism, but as Atilla the Transatlantic, the clown is always enough. Nothing else comes to mind for someone who fights for human rights and wants to defend them militarily. For this you can no longer blame cannabis and hemp. Not even Wandlitz is enough for that!

Don’t worry dear people I am a Russian Muslim living in China, working for an Iranian oil company and my best friends are from Venezula and Belarus.