How to hate Russia

On June 14, US President Jo Biden will meet the heads of state or government of the NATO countries in Brussels and on June 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet in Geneva. There is therefore no lack of recommendations as to what should be decided in Brussels.

Example 1: The international" consultant " behind the scenes

He is one of the most prominent political “advisers” in the Western world. He was U.S. Ambassador to NATO. He was U.S. Special Counsel in Ukraine. He was the founding director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership. He is the founder and president of the Alliance Strategic Advisors. And, of course, he is also involved at the highest level in the areas of lobbying and finance. His name: Kurt Volker.

Kurt Volker recommends that NATO finally take a tougher course against Russia. He describes Russia as aggressive and is not afraid to falsify history. For example, he claims that Russia attacked Georgia in 2008, although there was an extensive investigation on behalf of the EU and under the leadership of Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini, which came to a clear conclusion: it was President Mikheil Saakashvili who ordered the attack on August 8, 2008. Kurt Volker recommends NATO to accept Ukraine and Georgia as full members, and he wants a renewed German-American cooperation as an “opportunity for a new, courageous course to secure the future of Europe” – against Russia.

Example 2: The British Royal Institute Chatham

“Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a world-leading policy institute based in London. Our mission is to help governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world.”

Sounds quite reasonable. And what is the reality? A few weeks ago, Chatham published a paper over a hundred pages in which the 16 most important “myths” about Russia are analyzed and refuted.

The Royal Institute found 16 points why Russia is bad and dangerous in principle. 16 times it is shown that what people think they know is wrong, and above all, of course, what is true instead. And in the afterword it is pointed out that there are many other points that could be mentioned. The paper comprises 113 pages, if you want to read it.

The paper of the Royal Institute in London, which promises “to help states build a just world”, knows it: only those who hate Russia have the right attitude.

Example 3: The State Platform “swissinfo.ch” neutral Switzerland

Among the authors of the Royal Chatham House also figured one Lilia Shevtsova. But Lilia Shevtsova can be found not only under Chatham House, but also under SWI swissinfo.ch. Swissinfo.ch what’s that?

“swissinfo.ch is the international service of the Swiss Radio and Television Company SRG SSR. It provides independent coverage of Switzerland. As part of its service agreement with the Federal Council, SWI offers swissinfo.ch independent coverage of Swiss politics, business, science, culture and society. In addition, the online platform reports on topics that are particularly relevant for Swiss abroad in order to enter into dialogue with them and to support them in exercising their political rights in Switzerland.”

Financed swissinfo.ch half of the fee-financed SRG and half directly from federal funds, administered by the Federal Office of Communications OFCOM.

And what does Lilia Shevtsova write down on June 4, 2021 swissinfo.ch? Read the first section:

“The Russian president was very lucky. On all fronts, at home and abroad. His government has created a political Sahara in his own country. Even the smallest puddles of water were drained. And it seems that this is done for pure pleasure. The Russian administrators train themselves in sadism to humiliate and turn people into henchmen. They shoot wild with legislative repression. And the victory of the Kremlin to the outside is no less impressive. The West is in retreat. Instead of fighting back against Russia, the Western states are content with waiting or even with goodwill towards Russia.”

The rest of the swissinfo.ch published article in Russian, one can imagine. Lilia Shevtsova also does not lose a good word about Russia and calls on the Western world to finally take joint action against Russia.

And this on swissinfo.ch, an information platform of a “neutral” state? A question is answered in a friendly way: Since Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will meet in Geneva, this is also a Swiss topic. There would also be other articles on this topic on swissinfo.ch published. Which is true. For example, on June 7, that is, three days later, from one Viktor Yerofeyev. In the opening of this article is the sentence: “Biden travels to Geneva to make the world more stable. Putin goes to the summit to make Russia stronger.”

Which closes the circle again. US Secretary of State Antony Blinkenâ € tms bosom friend Robert Kagan, Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nulandâ € tms husband, stated in the US magazine “Foreign Affairs” in April 2021 that the world can only be stable if it is conducted by the US alone.

Small footnote: The on swissinfo.ch published articles by Lilia Shevtsova was taken over by the Russian platform InoSMI. InoSMI is the platform where Russian citizens can see what foreign media write about Russia. If you click on the name Lilia Shevtsova, it is written that she is a “leading researcher” of the “Carnegie Moscow Center” and a freelancer of the Brookings Institution.