Criticism of the system is now a threat to the state

In September, a new Bundestag will be elected and at least I find it harder than ever to be able to decide for a party at all. Apparently, I too am a victim of"political alienation". The diagnosis will probably be correct. As a political person, who always felt that he belonged to the left side of the political spectrum, I would actually have to argue for a strong state that intervenes in the social and economic system in a regulatory manner in the sense of the common good. A state that does its best to ensure that our country can live in peaceful coexistence with other countries. But after decades of neoliberal and increasingly militaristic policies, which obviously do not serve the interests of the common good, but the interests of the financial markets and transatlantic hazards, can we really still wish for a strong state? I’m not sure. And this uncertainty shows that I have become politically alienated.

However, the idea that alternative media such as KenFM should be responsible for this alienation is completely absurd. One has only to look at the very excellent last issue of the “Anstalt”, which shows in all clarity the matted, mafia-like and corrupt structures of the permanent ruling party CDU/CSU. Is it any wonder that you become politically alienated? Should one identify with a policy that is committed to particular interests and not to the common good? And what about the Alternatives? Should you be enthusiastic about the greens? A party that acts like a transatlantic puppet of NATO in the field of foreign and security policy, wants to bring other countries closer to their ideas of “Western values” without batting an eyelid, even by military means,and takes all the ideals of peaceful coexistence of the peoples ad absurdum? Or should one identify with an SPD? An SPD that has betrayed its own values at the latest since the agenda policy and, incidentally, has divided society so deeply that it seems impossible to repair the cracks immediately? Or maybe the Left Party? A party that, while still offering programmatic bright spots, is on the self-destructive course of identity politics and apparently regards the common good only as a secondary goal? Of the FDP and the AfD we do not have to talk seriously here.

Is Ken Jebsen responsible for the fact that one can no longer identify with one of these parties as a critical citizen? Did he pass the Hartz Laws? Did he bomb Belgrade? Did he save the banks and dish out the bill to the general public? Does he participate in military threats against Russia? Did he sell himself to lobbyists and associations? He has implemented a disastrous Corona-policy? Did he sabotage the German pension system in order to open up a new trillion-dollar market for financial corporations? Does Ken Jebsen have critical media monitored by domestic intelligence?

All this would be new to me. You could write whole books about the reasons why more and more people are losing their trust in the state and politics. The name Ken Jebsen would not appear there. But the names of traditional media makers, who with their campaigns have contributed significantly to winning majorities for this alienating policy and who today more than ever uniformly defend this very policy that contributes to alienation. Why doesn’t the Office for the Protection of the Constitution observe the BILD, the FAZ, the Tagesspiegel or the SPIEGEL? Does the permanent agitation of BILD against foreigners, refugees and Hartz IV recipients not contribute to alienation? Does the transatlantic escalation policy, as promoted by many other media outlets in addition to the FAZ, not cause alienation? And what other than alienation are the divisive corona measures that are formally written about by media such as the Tagesspiegel and DER SPIEGEL?

According to the law, it is the task of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to collect and evaluate information that reveals efforts against the liberal democratic basic order of the Federal Republic. Is Ken Jebsen planning to abolish the Basic Law? Or is it not rather the case that almost every important law of the federal government is now criticized by the Federal Constitutional Court and must be improved? The idea alone that critical media represent a threat to democracy is absurd.

Oh yes, there are still the allegedly so evil “lateral thinkers”, who also appear in the justification to monitor KenFM, non-stop. Jebsen’s portal would radicalize them, according to the Verfassungsschutz, which once again wants to justify its existence. Anyone who does escalate here shows up on an infinite number of demos for which you do not have to go to evil Russia. By the way, in Russia I have never been sent by a policeman.

Ultimately, the state’s decision to have critical media monitored by domestic intelligence contributes more to the political alienation of its citizens than any critical media could ever do in their lifetime. With the observation of KenFM by the Domestic Intelligence service, another red line has been crossed. German politics does exactly what it likes to accuse “authoritarian regimes” in its own country. But maybe you shouldn’t say that out loud. That could contribute to political alienation and then you would be a case for the protection of the Constitution.