The fairy tale hour is enough

The hysteria in Germany among politicians and in the media in view of the events in the “Holy Land”, as Israel is called in ZDF, has now become unbearable. One may hardly criticize this hysteria any more, because this resembles an attempt to pour water into a bucket that has a hole in the ground. The Tel Aviv bombing nights are similar to the Gaza bombing nights, at least as far as the fear of the population is concerned, but too many Israelis unfortunately accept the lies of their government, and in Germany it is no different. Occupiers and occupiers are afraid of an impending war, of an uncertain future. In a war there are no winners, only losers. And we in Germany are afraid of desperately protesting Palestinian and Muslim youth and protect ourselves by calling them anti-Semites. At a pro-Israel demonstration in Munich, a Jewish woman living in Israel said she was more afraid in Munich than in Sderot, where rockets are falling daily from Gaza. It’s not just exaggerated, it’s completely morbid. The police and the media report that almost all rallies and demonstrations have been peaceful. How dogmatic you have to be to ignore not only what is happening in Germany, but also what is happening in Sderot.

Palestinians have been displaced from their homes in East Jerusalem for years. They should make room for national-religious Jewish settlers. What is currently happening in Sheikh Jarrah is not only a prime example of ethnic cleansing and Israeli occupation, but also an example of the ruthless policy of a right-wing reactionary, authoritarian prime minister who is willing to sacrifice Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians just to distract from his trials and stay in power. Since Netanyahu does not have a majority to form a coalition, he is seeking escalation in Jerusalem to drive a wedge between his political opponents, which he has succeeded in doing, because the Arab Raam party, which was willing to coalesce with his opponents, has now of course revoked this in light of recent developments.

In the meantime, the Palestinians have begun to fight back. And when this became known internationally, the journalistic and political hypocrites everywhere crawled out of their holes. Without being knowledgeable, they know how to write: on the one hand, pro-Israeli, and on the other, inflammatory. The conservative magazine “*Focus”*with its correspondents Ulrich Reitz and Hugo Müller-Vogg trumpets their ignorance loud and clear, and politicians like Heiko Maas and Cem Özdemir only talk about anti-Semitism, as if it could explain the situation in Israel/Palestine.

So Reitz writes – if I may start with the last paragraph of his pamphlet-that the logo of*Paliroots *shows a map of Israel including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in the Palestinian colors, in other words: “The organization does not recognize the right of the State of Israel to exist.“Is this evidence of Palestinian politics or is it evidence of obsessive interpretations? What is certain, however, is that Israel certainly does not recognize the right of a state of Palestine to exist.

The understanding of the connections can only go away from someone who does not want to know anything about the conditions on the ground. *Paliroots *is a trade mark for economic products. Founded in 2016, the mission of PaliRootsis to make the world aware of Palestinian culture by producing specialty products inspired by that culture.

The logo draws the outlines of the former mandate territory of Palestine. How should the trademark convey the political statement that Israel does not exist or its right to exist is not recognized. At most, the trade mark indicates the origin of the goods from the former territory of the mandate.

However, if you rent a car in Israel,you get a free road map. It is published by the Israeli Ministry of Transport. Also on this, just like on the map of Paliroots, there are no boundaries. The car rental points out that the insurance is valid only “within the borders of Israel”. And where are the boundaries shown on this map of the Ministry? No! There are no limits. The cards of the car rental are identical to those of the government and may only be handed out in this form.

But in this country it is believed that the Palestinians are allowed to lay the blame for missing border lines on maps. Why do the German media arbitrarily pick out facts in order to politically scandalize them? For Julius Streicher, the editor of the striker, the Jews were something like rats. They also appear in Streicher’s magazine as representatives of American capital. In any case, they were basically to blame for everything (The Jews are our misfortune!). One might think that Ulrich Reitz and Hugo Müller-Vogg copy from Old Master Julius Streicher. In doing so, they only change the image of the enemy: for them, the Palestinians are basically to blame for everything.

Hugo Müller-Vogg is not even too bad to accuse Greta Thunberg, the young climate icon from Sweden, of abusing her prominence in order to “support the efforts of terrorist Palestinians to wipe out Israel and its people.“Greta’s offense is that she spread the messages of Canadian Jew Naomi Klein on Twitter with her millions of” followers.” For Müller-Vogg, however, the Jew Naomi Klein is an “Israel-hater”, because she quite rightly accuses Israel of” one war crime after another”. Naomi Klein does what her conscience tells her to do. Only people who have no Conscience can condemn it. And Müller-Vogg should rather remain silent. With such friends, Israel truly no longer needs enemies.

One hears and reads almost exclusively of the “radical Islamist Hamas”, which is financed “with foreign money”-of course from Iran. Hamas allegedly wants to"throw the Jews into the sea." In fact, Hamas has not thrown a single Jew into the sea since the creation of the State of Israel. The Israelis, for example, have driven hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into the desert. Nevertheless, Israel is financed with billions of dollars by the United States and Germany. “Money does not smell,” said the Emperor promise the Asian. If the money of the Iranians smells, the money of the Americans will stink similarly, especially since the Iranian money is also only from money of American payments for oil.

Ulrich Reitz complains that the city of Hagen had rolled up an Israel flag, which had originally been raised on the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel (May 12, 1965). Reitz recognizes a “deficit of democracy"in the roll-up. Why? Reitz writes, " Some citizens have interpreted the raising of the Israel flag as unilateral partisanship in favor of Israel in the current military conflict between Israel and Hamas.”

Didn’t the city authorities act skillfully when they rolled up the flag, as was demanded by concerned citizens, perhaps angry protesters would have wanted to burn it? Since Hamas is a terrorist organization for Mr. Reitz, he probably hoped for Radau. Obviously, he is disappointed, because the city administration spoiled his fun.

Moshe Zuckermann, professor emeritus of Tel Aviv University, said in an interview these days: “The fact that one day after the escalation of violence in Charlottenburg, the mayor raised the Israeli flag to show his solidarity with Israel, has filled me with no less disgust than the fact that some critics of Israel think that they absolutely must be anti-Semitic.“I can only agree with that. And Moshe Zuckermann continues: “Anti-Semitism is crap, let’s record that. But he is a much smaller danger today than he once was. Of course, anti-Semitism is one of the worst resentments in history. That is why it must be fought. However, it must also be said that those who think they should show solidarity with Israel and fight anti-Semitism in it have a completely false image. Israel has done a great deal to ensure that anti-Semitism is commonplace in the Arab world.”

But Reitz and Müller-Vogg are not alone: many other journalists and scribes confuse the justified anger of young Arabs and Turks towards Israel with “hatred of Jews”. It was not long ago that Germans in “Central Germany” hated the Russians for occupying their country. And didn’t people in West Germany chant “Ami go home” at demonstrations? And how long might the list of peoples in Latin America, Africa and East Asia who hate Gringos and Yankees be? It is in the nature of things that a people oppressed by occupation sooner or later begins to hate its oppressors. After 70 years of brutal oppression, the Palestinians inevitably hate the Israelis today. The Jews hated their Greek, Roman, Babylonian and Egyptian occupiers and rose up against you. And if the occupiers are Israelis, then hatred of them is not necessarily anti-Semitism. After all, the Arabs and the Palestinians also hated and fought the Turks, who had occupied their land and limited their independence. It was not anti-Semitism then, as it is today. “It is a trivialization of the protests, “said the Palestinian ambassador Dr. Khouloud Daibes during an interview with Deutschlandfunk,” if you just call them anti-Semitic.“It was embarrassing to listen to how the presenter had pressured her to distance herself from the bombing of Tel Aviv. I have never seen an Israeli ambassador asked to distance himself from the bombing of Gaza.

The term “anti-Semitism” stands for unjustified, racist, irrational hatred, just as in Germany at the time, where Jewish fellow citizens did not oppress the Germans, but were still hated by them. Ulrich Reitz and the like may not distinguish that. But if there is Palestinian, Turkish, or whatever kind of anti-Semitism that developed out of criticism of Israel, then that is exactly what the Israelis want, because anti-Semitism serves Israeli propaganda. You need anti-Semitism to be able to say: “The whole world is against us. That is why we do not let anyone dictate to us.”

This reminds me of Heinrich Heine’s poem of 1824:

To Edom! A millennium already and longer, Let us tolerate each other fraternally, You, you tolerate that I breathe, That you rage, I tolerate.

Sometimes only, in dark times, Wondrous courage, And the love of pious Tätzchen You stain with my blood!

Now our friendship becomes stronger, And still increasing daily; Because I myself began to race, And I become almost like you.

The Jews, as Israelis, actually became like all peoples, which was one of the goals of Zionism.

That is why Reitz does not care about the difference between the legitimate hatred of the Palestinians for their Israeli occupiers and the hatred of German anti-Semites for their Jewish fellow citizens. The hated Israeli is Jewish like the hated Jewish citizen in Germany according to the old formula “Jud is Jud”, as propagated in the “Stürmer”. It may be true that the immigration of Muslim (Reitz, of course, writes “Islamist”) youth has sometimes failed. But certainly not with regard to"anti-Semitism”. The number of allegedly anti-Semitic incidents among around one million immigrants is so low that it is difficult to express it in percentage terms. No, the Palestinian youth were not " too credulous “or” too naive”, but rather” poisoned “by scribes like Henryk M. Broder with the Israeli motto:” It is true that the Palestinians have been expelled, but unfortunately not far enough.”

Compared to Broder’s incitement, Benjamin Netanyahu’s incitement against Arabs and leftists is more cynical and dangerous and unprecedented in Israel’s history. He is the politician who has tried with all his might – divide et impera – to divide and rule. But in the end, he only managed to split, and the result we see today. But what do we care Netanyahu. The Israelis should take care of him. But let us return to our own door.

Cem Özdemir preached in the*heute Journal *about freedom, independence and the right to demonstrate. These fundamental rights are a privilege for him, “also for the Turks and Palestinians here.“It finds its limits in the Basic Law – in the Civil Code-and in the raison d’être of state. Özdemir adds logically: “This would include the obligation that the refugees in Germany profess the existence of the State of Israel.”

One can only hope that there are politicians among the Greens who do not link the memory of Auschwitz, our guilt and obligation towards the Jews with our commitment to Israel. Because Cem Özdemir demands more than Angela Merkel with her nebulous declaration that Israel’s security is “German reason for state”, which Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once commented as “foolish”.

Why should criticism, even justified criticism, of war crimes and crimes against humanity always be anti-Semitic when it concerns the conditions in the Middle East? Does Israel not provide us with almost daily reasons to criticize its policies? Is not anti-Semitism promoted if one wants to force applause for Israel’s policy in this way?

He advised the Palestinians in Israel and in militarily occupied Palestine to endure the occupation; Özdemir also warned not to rebel against oppression, because rebellion against Israel meant – anti-Semitism. In this respect, Özdemir, a child of Turkish emigrants, has integrated into German society in an exemplary manner. He even mastered the language of ingratitude, the language of philo-Semites.

In his bestseller “The Invention of the Jewish People” in the last chapter of 2008, Schlomo Sand prophetically wrote that sooner or later the Palestinians living in Israel would rise up and demand freedom and equality. 13 Years later, even the grandchildren of the Muslims who immigrated to Germany in the 1950s and 1960s join them, regardless of whether they once arrived from Turkey or Morocco. The relatively few Palestinians are not alone. It’s getting too much for everyone. Enough is enough. And their anger is also directed against the Jewish communities in Germany, who stand behind a chimera of Israel with blinders, loyalty to the Nibelung and up to the hasty self-abandonment. They also draw hatred towards us and towards the German press, which does not tire of waving its prayer drum: “Criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.”

There is something else; the conflict overlaps with another conflict. The military” guardians of the (border) walls”, as the war against Gaza is called, are also the guardians of Benjamin Netanyahu’s job as prime minister. So you could read it in the Hebrew edition of Haaretz. It is held that it promotes escalation and that it therefore bears sole responsibility for further development. If “our” Dr. Joseph Schuster, the chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, speaks of “cause and effect”, then he is right in principle if he would not confuse the cause with the effect: Schuster complains that no distinction is made between Jews and Israelis. But isn’t that primarily his fault, having been uncritically behind Israel’s policies for years? His predecessor, Dr. Charlotte Knobloch, has publicly stated that her heart always beats for Israel. It is not surprising that many Germans assume that practically all Jews stand behind Israel. The Muslims mostly see it the same way. And to say, as I read in our newspapers, that Hamas started the war is just as nonsensical as it was at the beginning of the Second World War, when it was said that the Jews had declared war on Germany.

Therefore, no one should be surprised if there is also a demonstration against Israel in front of Jewish communities. There one demands from the Jewish citizens a more uncritical attitude to the events. In Germany there is only one Israeli embassy, but everywhere in the country there are Jewish and (unfortunately) “para-Israeli” synagogue communities. And are not the Jewish communities a kind of"state within the state"? Do not the portraits of the respective Israeli presidents hang in all Jewish communities, do not the Israeli flag hang in every community and are they not additionally protected by Israeli Army veterans? And is the rite not prayed for the good of the Israeli soldiers, not for the good of the soldiers of the Bundeswehr?

It is hypocritical to defame the Palestinian youth for anti-Semitism by protesting against Israel’s policies in front of Jewish communities. These communities represent Israeli politics in Germany, and they are also openly committed to it. As long as synagogues are not set on fire here, as they were by the Nazis, we Jews will be able and have to put up with that little bit of Radau if we stand so much behind Israel.

Many Jews in Israel, the United States, France and England are raising their voices against Israel’s aggressive policies. Only in Germany are such Jews discredited as traitors, Jewish self-haters or even “notorious anti-Semites,” as Knobloch recently called me.

Dr. Schuster and Charlotte Knobloch represent the Jews of Israel in Germany. I doubt whether they also understand the Jews and Israelis who are critical of Israel. They obviously lack political insight. Dr. Schuster does not tire of preaching “anti-Semitic demonstrations”, although" only " for the freedom of Palestine and for an end to Israeli violence is demonstrated. And if" Peace for Palestine " is chanted, then it would be wiser to participate, because peace for Palestine is also peace for Israel. It condemns Israel’s rocket fire and does not utter a word of regret over the much more intense rocket fire by the Israeli Air Force. To date (19 May), 10 Israelis have been killed, but about 200, or twenty times as many Palestinians, have been killed by Israeli retaliatory strikes. In Bat Jam, south of Tel Aviv, Jewish Israelis lynched an Arab-looking man. “*Hanged by Mistake *“steht auf manchem”*Tombstone *” im Wilden Westen. So the executioners can now also label the grave of the “Arab-looking” Jew. And yet it will continue. For there are millions of Arab-looking Jews in Israel (*the **Mizrachim).*From now on, you may also be worried. Is that right, Dr. Schuster?

Justified protests against Israel’s policy are automatically reinterpreted as “anti-Semitic rallies” by the attitude of the Central Council of Jews and by the sayings of the unfortunate anti-Semitism Commissioner Felix Klein. But the rallies are very well justified. Nevertheless, they are “not tolerated"by the federal government. What’s the point? If demonstrations against obvious injustice should no longer be allowed, the concern of many citizens is confirmed that the state wants to restrict, if not even collect, fundamental rights.

The Frankfurt Public Order Office has just tried and banned a rally of several pro-Palestinian groups planned for last Saturday. The authority sees in it calls for violence that endanger public safety, although several rallies in Germany have been quite peaceful. The Frankfurt authorities lie to us knowingly and deliberately. Freedom of expression and Article 5 of our Basic Law obviously do not interest the deputy mayor, city treasurer, chairman of the DIG (German-Israeli Society) and anti-Semitism Commissioner of the State of Hesse Uwe Becker. When it comes to Israel, he knows no basic law.

Various Palestinian organizations had called for the rally on the occasion of the so-called Nakba Day. But again, Palestinian organizations do not have the same rights as, for example, the Jewish community, which was allowed to hold its pro-Israel rally. This is mainly due to the special conditions in Frankfurt, namely an aggressive Jewish community and Uwe Becker (CDU), who constantly smells anti-Semitism everywhere and has rallies and even lectures banned in order to please his friends in Jerusalem. He may also want to bring home an honorary doctorate from some obscure Israeli academy in the West Bank from a visit to Israel.

But thank God we still have righteous judges in Germany who abide by the law and, above all, respect the Basic Law, which is recklessly ignored by people like Uwe Becker or Josef Schuster. The Frankfurt administrative court overturned the ban on Saturday afternoon, anyway. The prohibition application of the City of Frankfurt then went to the next instance before the Verwaltungsgerichtshof in Kassel. At the beginning of the rally at 15.30 Clock, however, the decision of the VGH was not yet available. = = References = = = = External links = = Senate of the Hessian Administrative Court, however, the decision of the Frankfurt Administrative Court that the ban on assembly pronounced by the City of Frankfurt does not stand. The rally could thus take place. The Frankfurt Administrative Court justified its decision as follows: “The meeting, which was not intended to address the issue, and the possibility that orientation and statements could be perceived as anti-Semitic alone did not justify a ban on the pro-Palestinian rally.“And with that, the court hit the nail on the head. Some local politicians and federal politicians up to the Minister of the Interior do not like the whole direction, less the risk of riots. They side with the Jewish communities, who in turn side with Israel. The former are opportunists and the latter submit to Israeli propaganda and are ultimately victims of the intra-Jewish socio-psychological pressure to stand behind Israel, even if it is wrong. According to the motto: Right or wrong-my country. Israel is not even their “country”. It is not even their wishful thinking, because otherwise they would all emigrate to Israel. However, Israel would welcome it and even cover the travel costs if necessary.

But the fairy tale of packed suitcases is in fact just a fairy tale. No one sits in his apartment on packed suitcases (exceptions confirm the rule). All the Jews I know like to live in Germany, and very few are afraid of anti-Semitism. They know that Israel’s warnings about anti-Semitism are part of Israeli propaganda, and that only “stupid Goyim” like Felix Klein or Uwe Becker repeat them in misunderstood solidarity or opportunity.

And so the Middle East conflict reaches into our society, with the result that attempts are made to bend the Basic Law and to persecute innocent citizens who have a different opinion than a Mr Becker or a Mr Klein, or the chairman of the Jewish community.

The question then arises: who rules in Frankfurt and throughout Germany? I do not want to be misunderstood: of course, there are also now and today real anti-Semites who use the “favor of the hour” and want to get rid of their hateful anti-Semitic garbage even in so-called “anti-Israeli” demonstrations. But it is always a vanishingly small minority that does not justify putting the stamp of anti-Semitism on the rallies and demonstrations.

People are dying in the Middle East. Israelis shoot at Palestinians, and Palestinians shooting at Israelis. Israel is no longer the safe country for Jews. The conflict threatens to spread to other countries as well. I am sure that the people of Gaza do not care about “the Jews” and do not hate “the Jews”, but rather their enemies and oppressors, the Israelis, and that the Palestinian and other Muslim youth who protest in Germany do not do so out of anti-Semitic motives, but because they are outraged by the actions in their homeland and by the mendacity of German politics and the German media. There will always be exceptions. And” Indignant you " was a popular slogan only a few years ago, after Stephan Hessel published his book of the same name.

The Jewish intellectual Micha Brumlik also intervened in this debate in an opportunistic manner, accusing the indignant of “pure anti-Semitic agitation”. Brumlik takes another turn after being an active anti-Zionist in the Jewish group in Frankfurt in the 1970s, even though he often had self-doubt as to whether “we Jewish anti-Zionists or Zionism critics were dangerous fools, “Trojan donkeys”, neurotic self-haters or disguised anti-Semites.“Brumlik was in front of all of us at the “Palestine Solidarity”, and he writes that he was interested in “showing a German public, how to behave consistently and not nationalistically.“Later, of course, Brumlik behaved very nationalistic and narrow-minded and by no means consistent.

Brumlik of all people, who only a few weeks ago co-signed the progressive and encouraging “Jerusalem Declaration”, which warns against the inflationary abuse of the accusation of anti-Semitism. Obviously, it did not seem advantageous enough for him to say what needs to be said even in the current conflict. The demonstrators are not looking, as Brumlik says, for “an outlet for their hatred of Jews,” but for an outlet for their legitimate frustration, anger and anger at German politicians and their policies, as well as German intellectuals who are again closing their eyes and ears to the suffering of the Palestinians and not opening their mouths, like other Jewish and Israeli intellectuals around the world, to put an end to dispossession, expulsion and killing. The Germans owe solidarity and support to the Jews, but not by endorsing Israeli injustice and above all Israeli hubris, supporting them and accompanying them to their doom. Because one thing is certain: hubris ultimately leads to destruction.

It is high time that Israel, in defending itself against terror, committed much more terror itself. And the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves against this Terror. As early as 2003, the English-Canadian philosopher Ted Honderich wrote in his book “After Terror": “History is proof that peoples demand their freedom, that is, leading their own lives in a place with which their history and culture connects. It is a freedom that oppressed peoples have always fought for. The Palestinians are denied by their enemies the very moral right of a people that these enemies secure and defend for themselves.”

Micha Brumlik hastened in an open letter to denigrate Honderich as an anti-Semite, after which the Suhrkamp publishing house withdrew the book from circulation. The publishing house was afraid of the Jew Brumlik. He later realized that he was spreading pure hate, but he did not apologize to Honderich. Now, it seems, he is returning to his origins.

Only three years after this scandal, Micha Brumlik wrote his book, “critique of Zionism”. In it, he criticized the “Israeli occupation policy that violates peoples and human rights”. And came to the conclusion, as Honderich had done before, that the situation of the Palestinians was in many ways “worse than that of the black majority in South Africa during apartheid.“The question remains why he changes his mind every few years.

The Middle East conflict is one of the longest conflicts in the world. But it is still unresolved. And if we want to help solve it, we must not excuse the perpetrators and condemn the victims. It was not the Palestinians who expelled the Jews from their homeland, but vice versa, they were expelled by the Jews. The first step towards a lasting peace would be to at least acknowledge the historical truth and not to take refuge behind myths in order to calm one’s conscience, because as a German one is guilty of this conflict more than anyone else. Without the help of German Nazism, the Zionists would have remained a marginal philanthropic movement, and this would have saved the world and especially the Jews a lot of trouble. The claim that Israel is protecting Jews around the world is more wishful thinking and propaganda than it is factual. Israel does not help to eliminate anti-Semitism, but deliberately promotes it, because ethno-nationalist politicians such as Sharon or today Netanyahu are firmly convinced that anti-Semitism “flushes"Jews into their country.

Even the rather ignorant anti-Semitism Commissioner Felix Klein has to admit that more than 90% of the so-called anti-Semitism in Germany is an “Israel-related anti-Semitism”. For years, however, Klein has been trying with all his might and all his tricks to seize the sovereignty of interpretation over anti-Semitism. He says: “We will not tolerate anti-Semitism in any form whatsoever.“It is up to us Jews to determine what we tolerate or do not want to tolerate. There is only one Form and interpretation of anti-Semitism: anti-Semitism is hatred of Jews (not Israelis), just because they are Jews. Point.

But the whole confused and confused debate is basically not about hatred of Jews, nor about delegitimizing Israel, but about preventing criticism of a policy of the State of Israel that is contrary to international law and truly brutal, or as Moshe Zuckermann says, barbaric. However, such criticism must be possible in a democratic country like Germany. We must not allow our Basic Law to be occupied and interpreted by people who think little of it. Fortunately, however, we still have the legal process open to us, and in recent years a number of courts have upheld the right to freedom of demonstration and assembly. I alone obtained three injunctions against the City of Frankfurt and its representative Uwe Becker, which incidentally cost the city a lot of tax money.