News from Gaza

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends,

Gaza on 16 May 2021

The anger, the restlessness, the grief and the helplessness grow within me. Of course, every person/state must have the right to self-determination and self-defense and this applies to ALL people worldwide, regardless of skin color, religion, ethnic background. But when it comes to us Palestinians, the world community unfortunately does NOT grant us this right. I would like to ask the Federal Foreign Minister why? We are not equal people!!! Do we not also deserve to be treated with respect and dignity?

The second question: how does the state of Israel, with American and German support, justify killing civilians in cold blood by bombing their homes with F 35 aircraft at night while they were asleep and without warning them? Do these families pose a threat to the security of the state of Israel? Or were you involved in active acts against Israel in your sleep? Or were rockets fired from these houses? Or do the resistance movement tunnels go through the fifth or 14th floor?

The dilemma is that the world community believes these Israeli lies. What about the destruction of the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Social Development (Sozialamt)? What about the destruction of streets, schools, mosques, post offices, banks?

Do these destructions bring you and us peace??? Yesterday, 200 aircraft were deployed, according to Israeli data….

My son (11 years old) asked me, why can’t we do something about these destruction planes??? I told him we have NOTHING….

In the face of all the lies and injustices, I feel completely depressed.

The media makers present facts and facts in reverse. They confuse perpetrators and victims, occupiers and occupiers. This one-sided partisanship shocks me and just makes me sad. As I have read, even the candidate for chancellor of the Greens is absolutely one-sided on the side of Israel. I had expected a dynamic young politician to have more knowledge of the situation and of history, more sense of justice, more courage to take a position that was different from the general mainstream in Germany, that was simply based on more fairness. But it also uses the term “reason of state” coined by Chancellor Angela Merkel for Israel. Thus, Germany has basically ruled itself out as a mediator. If one shows his absolute one-sidedness, one CANNOT be a fair mediator.

I understand that because of its history, Germany has to deal with great guilt. BUT if Israel constantly tramples on international law (e.g. settlements), human rights (e.g. unequal treatment, occupation), then Germany, despite all its guilt, cannot remain silent. It cannot just stand by and watch Israel ruthlessly vent its anger against US with its own terrible historical experience. WE did not expel the Jewish immigrants. We Palestinians were driven out with support, at least with the silent attention of the powers involved in the war. Palestinian villages were burned down and people had to flee. I have written to you before that my family was driven from north of the “border” to Gaza. You cannot undo history. I don’t mean that, but you can, yes, you must at least remain fair in the present.

Yes, me and all Palestinians, we would have liked to vote. The election was cancelled. The two or all sides are probably happy about that. What if Fatah had won or lost? I mean, DON’t you also have to negotiate with the" enemy"? You want to end a war, you have to negotiate. Those involved in the fighting, the enemies, must negotiate with each other. But it can also be a good thing that no peace is wanted at all, that one does not want a lasting solution at all. A ceasefire is the first step, but if there is no permanent solution, there will always be war.

The Israeli daily Haaretz today says that no one in Israel opposes the war. By the way, it is worth reading haaretz on the net from time to time. There you can read the voices of Israelis, which fortunately also exist. People who, like us, want peace. Again and again I think, why do most Israelis hate us and not the Germans, who did them harm about 80 years ago?

All this makes me sad, especially because I feel so connected to Germany.

We are portrayed as the guilty. We, the imprisoned inhabitants of Gaza. We, who have almost 70% unemployment, are dependent on the “goodwill” of the occupiers in every area of life (water, electricity, etc.). That’s what’s bothering me and making me faint.

My Mail has become a bit long. I just wrote down what goes through my head. I hope so much that my family, that all of us in Gaza will survive the incredible superiority of the Israeli military. I wish all people, including the peaceful people of Israel, that we all recognize in the Other, in our face to the people who want nothing more than to live a normal life in peace with their family.

With the hope that this nightmare will end as soon as possible, I remain

With sad and helpless Regards, Abed Ass. Prof. Abed Schokry, Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestine