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Partly the same media, which have sparked a campaign for the green chancellor candidate, now see a" hate campaign " against Baerbock. In the course of this, however, an attempt is made to defame content criticism as “right-wing” and “controlled by the Kremlin”.

Over the past few weeks, many major media outlets have seen a massive and distance-free campaign for the Green Party’s candidate for Chancellor, Annalena Baerbock. However, some major media outlets are now focusing on a" hate campaign " against Baerbock.

On the one hand, it is hardly surprising when a countermovement arises to a media campaign perceived as uniform for the favourite candidate of supposedly transatlantic-motivated journalists. Since this feeling hardly finds any room in the established media, it is expressed above all in the social networks. That the antipathies against Baerbock take an ugly form there is to be criticized. But the circumstances and the relevance should be mentioned: The sometimes embarrassingly uncritical and thereby dubious Baerbock supporters in many large media unfold a considerably larger and thereby more manipulative effect than the now overemphasized blogs and Facebook postings.

Criticism of Baerbock to be defamed

By a manipulating representation of these partly very dubious reactions on the net to Baerbock, it is also supposed to be attempted to discredit all Baerbock critics and the criticism of it in general. An example of this is a frequently quoted article in the “Bild”, which once again sees the evil Russian behind the “campaign against Baerbock”. Cem Özdemir (Greens) is allowed to lead the upright and fought by Baerbock fight against “dictators” into the field as motivation for the “hatred” against Baerbock and an alleged Kremlin campaign against them:

“We are clearly on the side of the opposition politician Alexei Navalny and are clearly positioning ourselves against Nord-Stream 2. Putin does not like that.“Baerbock,” Özdemir continues,“don’t cuddle with dictators.”

Another strand of the coverage of many large media would like to dismiss the Baerbock criticism as “right-wing”. And this despite the fact that many points of criticism, such as Baerbock’s strict transatlantic orientation and the resulting fierce and dangerous anti – Russian resentments, clearly have a left character-at least in the sense in which the word “left” was once to be understood before the massive reinterpretation.

An example of this direction can be a current guest comment in the “Spiegel”. Here, criticism of Baerbock is described as a “hate campaign” by “masculinists”, which is not only intended to sabotage the election campaign of the Greens: “It is intended to intimidate women in general and keep them away from positions of power,” says the author.

Manipulation and distortion

Among other things, this paragraph of the Spiegel article, in which Oskar Lafontaine is indirectly accused of sexism and anti-democracy, shows how manipulative this approach is.:

“You cannot share the policy of Annalena Baerbock and criticize the program of the Greens for reasons of content. But statements such as those of Oskar Lafontaine, that in the eyes of the Greens one qualifies oneself sufficiently for governing, if one “raises two children”, are sexist. They fuel right-wing, anti-feminist groups. Those who do not distinguish themselves from it, make misogyne and thus anti-democratic politics.”

First of all, it should be stressed that it was large media outlets that partly highlighted Baerbock’s motherhood and her gender as a political bonus and thus placed it at the centre of the debate. For example, “Zeit” writes under the heading " Eine wie keine”:

“With Annalena Baerbock, a mother could become Chancellor for the first time. Even her candidacy gives hope to millions of parents who should not disappoint the Greens.”

It can be described as a dominant media quirk to place Baerbock’s gender and motherhood above political content and above the criterion of political experience. Lafontaine probably responded with his contribution to such articles as the one quoted here from the “Zeit”. If you don’t take Lafontaine’s remarks out of context, as the “Spiegel” does, then that sounds like this in his Facebook post:

“It would be unthinkable in the economy that someone becomes boss of say VW, Daimler or BASF, who has never been managing director in a small company, or department head or board member in a medium-sized company. With Annalena Baerbock, the Greens and many of their supporters in journalism are obviously of the opinion that if you were a member of a green group and raised two children, you would be sufficiently qualified to be Chancellor of the largest economic nation in Europe.”

Diversion from Baerbock’s drastic points of view

As I said: It was rather contributions in large media that focused on the gender and motherhood of Baerbock, in order to disguise the inexperience on the one hand and the sometimes drastic positions of the candidate on the other. Some of the numerous critical political points of view that Baerbock stands for have already been addressed several times:

“There are probably few politicians of any gender in Germany who are as aggressive in the fields of foreign and security policy as Mrs. Baerbock. The last time the joy of a green candidate for chancellor was so great was the chosen Joschka Fischer. It ended with Hartz IV, pension cuts, wars of aggression against international law and bombs on Belgrade. (…)

  • Baerbock recently confessed in an interview with ZDF that Germany “urgently needs a clear foreign policy attitude towards the Russian regime” (sic!) and again called for” tougher sanctions “against the"Putin system”.
  • Baerbock has long been calling for an immediate halt to construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Above all, the reason is obvious: the pipeline runs – according to Baerbock – “against the geostrategic interests of the EU”, “destabilize Ukraine” and “counteract the clear Russian course at EU level”. Victoria (“Fuck the EU”) Nuland would be proud of the green candidate.
  • Baerbock clearly advocates higher spending on defense and Bundeswehr and advocates additional foreign missions. “We must not duck away,” says Baerbock’s security policy mantra. “If the West does not want to leave the field to countries like China, Russia or Turkey, “he said,“Europe must take its role of peace in the world more seriously.” These are exactly the Bellicose tones with which the Greens have long since departed from their previous peace policy.
  • Baerbock will then also “make an ambitious offer for a renewed transatlantic agenda"to the new US President Biden.”

Baerbock: international law, Habeck, pigs and cows milk

The alleged lack of seriousness of current “allegations” against Baerbock that she exaggerated the actual significance of her part-time studies in London is not to be evaluated here. But anyone who so unsympathetically attaches the predicate of the “international lawyer” to his lapel, as Baerbock does in the short video excerpt that follows here, need not be surprised if we take a closer look at how well-founded this self-definition actually is.