NATO terror and the Black Sea

“Trojan Footprint 21” is the name of the great NATO maneuver on land, in the air above the Black Sea and on water in the Black Sea, which is currently taking place. Large Western media report on this only sparsely. Infosperber informed on 11 April and 7 May, after the NATO maneuvers “Defender Europe 21” had begun in South-Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

According to CNN, 30,000 soldiers from 26 countries are now taking part in the Black Sea. Also included are Ukrainian and Georgian units, although Ukraine and Georgia are not (yet) members of NATO. The maneuvers would be imposed " in view of the tense situation in Russia," CNN said. The" Russian aggression “and the” invasion of the Russians in Ukraine and Georgia in recent years " must be countered.

Exclusively, a CNN reporter embedded by the US military could make some authorized film footage of the maneuvers. We show here an excerpt with the original comment: