France is testing weapons of mass destruction

Despite a global pandemic, a climate crisis and a crisis of democratic values, France conducted a test with an M51 rocket on 28 April 2021. This belief in the power of a weapon of mass destruction becomes unreal in view of the blind spots of this defence policy, the non-respect of international human rights law and the consequences in the event of detonation.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian was absolutely right in his speech to the round Table organised by the magazine “Le Grand Continent” on 26 April when he said: “There is a certain idea of humanism at stake. An idea of the human being and humanity that is at the heart of international law.“These fine words make no sense as long as France disregards international law, which 122 states agreed on July 7, 2017, when they adopted the nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, which was signed on July 22, 2017. It entered into force on 1 January 2021. They also make no sense as long as France does not respect the nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty by not complying with any of the measures agreed there in 2010.

Patrice BOUVERET, Director of Observatoire des armements and spokesman for ICAN (International Campaign to abolish Nuclear Weapons) France:

“It is quite rare that the French submarine forces carry out a missile launch one year after the last test (12 June 2020). This proves that the policy of modernization and renewal of the nuclear Arsenal is in full swing.”

“While the consequences for health and the environment caused by the 210 tests in the Sahara and Polynesia must now be eliminated, France is blocking all initiatives, despite the demands of victims' associations or the Algerian government, in particular with regard to opening the archives or handing over the lists of the sites of the waste dumps…

Jean-Marie COLLIN, expert and spokesman for ICAN France:

“France always likes to present itself as a master of multilateralism and international law. These are nothing but empty words when at the same time the country’s military carries out nuclear tests such as this missile launch and tests of the strategic air forces at only short intervals, almost every three months.”

“45 cities in France (Paris, Lyon, Millau,..) have signed the cities ' call to show their support for the nuclear non-proliferation Treaty and thus reject this policy of nuclear deterrence, which aims at nothing more than the destruction of Russian or Chinese cities.”