The end of Corona

With the progress of the vaccination campaign, most of the federal states have moved to offer vaccination to the so-called priority group 3. This group includes people who are older than 60 years of age, who have special medical risk factors or who are “in a particularly relevant position in institutions of critical infrastructure”, as the Federal Government formulates. These" systemically relevant “include – one hardly believes – also all journalists. You have not read about this in the newspapers? Why only? Will the reporting now change when the alarmists are now called to the syringe by the service and no longer have to be afraid?

In her speech on 1 May, Angela Merkel explicitly thanked all the brave people who work in the home office. They had “kept the country running” in the pandemic, according to the wise Chancellor. As a brave home office stallion, a tear of emotion ran through my buttonhole. Not all the useless nurses, policemen, garbage men, pizza delivery men and postmen, but I was the one who kept the country going! Thank you, Merkel! Finally someone speaks this uncomfortable truth!

However, there are other brave people who are so systemically important that their work is indispensable for the survival of our civilization. These are, you already suspect, the zealous comrades of the Kampfbrigade Feder, who, especially in the crisis, are doing their best to keep the alarm constantly at the top in the words of a notorious right-wing radical “and ensure that no unnecessary, critical dispute can distract us from agreeing to the sensible and always appropriate measures of our government.”

Now, however, the bulwark of the reaction is threatened by first cracks. Once the dear colleagues have been injected from their collective anxiety psychosis, they may lose their fear and the ratio may influence the thought processes. Then perhaps the first critical thoughts would find their way into the brain and from there into the analog and digital sheets and TV formats.

What would happen if we were no longer bombarded day in and day out with incidence figures, individual destinies and forecasts? Maybe we even lose our fear? And that would be a disaster in the midst of the pandemic!

Two pandemics are currently rolling across the country. In addition to the actual viral disease, the fear of the virus has also taken on pandemic forms and one wonders what is worse for society. True to the old Sponti saying “Imagine it’s a pandemic and no one is afraid”, however, we could at least overcome the collective anxiety psychosis and with it the much-cited new normality. Take a self-test and avoid all journalistic products for a week. You will see they are much better. And what if the systemically relevant opinion makers themselves lost their fear and henceforth liberated and rationally reported? The pandemic would be over … at least the pandemic of collective fear.

Are these the pious wishes of a desperate man? Probably. The fear psychosis has eaten too deeply into the brains of alarmists and drummers for a loss of one’s own fear to eliminate the psychosis. If one considers the state of mind of the writing guild more realistically, it is more likely to be assumed that the syringe inspires their thoughts in a completely different way. Now that the systemically relevant journalists will soon all be vaccinated, the topic “Special rights for vaccinated people” will certainly shape the editorial. It would be even nicer if, as a pillar of our society, you could not spend this summer with a glass of barolo and gluten-free finger food on Sylt. It is also a fine thing when you are among yourself and the common, non-systemically important people have to stay at home. And of course, this can only be done if the alarm remains exactly where it belongs: namely at the very top! In this sense: push! And please, be afraid!