The green dystopia as government

“The authoritarian conscience essentially boils down to the willingness to obey the orders of authority persons to whom one submits. It is glorified obedience. The humanist conscience is the willingness to listen to the voice of one’s humanity and is independent of commands given to us by other people.”

I open the newspaper: Baerbock! I turn on the TV: Baerbock! Also on Facebook: only Baerbock! I hardly dare to open the * * toilet lid**. The messages to the green icon turn over every day. Annalena Baerbock is the new Superstar. She can certainly walk over water.

Bündnis 90 / The Greens are always climbing new heights in the voter surveys, with a strong tailwind from the “quality media”, which have been firmly in the hands of left-wing, green journalists for quite some time. Their hour seems to have come and so the Greens are currently getting one platform after another. It borders on a single great orgy of jubilation.

The green Dystopia as government

A sea of flowers for Annalena

HUGO MÜLLER-VOGG wrote a critical comment in the Cicero magazine:

“Thank you for the flowers – Annalena Baerbock’s position as Green Party leader was accompanied by a largely uncritical media quake. But how long will the honeymoon between Baerbock and the media last?”

The business community is also supposedly in favour of Chancellor Baerbock. The same media headlines: “Germany’s decision-makers want Annalena Baerbock”, “Baerbock Wunschkandidatin der Wirtschaft”, “Wirtschaftselite favorisiert Baerbock”.

The green Dystopia as government

The survey quoted comes from the opinion research institute Civey. With an approval rating of only 26.5% for Annalena Baerbock, the media make Baerbock the darling of the economy. 26.5% is close to the result that the Greens currently score in election polls, so not unusual. In other words, 73.5% would prefer someone else in the chancellery. By the way, in a other poll conducted earlier this year by Civey, 68.9% of voters were still against Baerbock. Only 17.9% could imagine Baerbock as Chancellor.

The propaganda apparatus is running at full speed

Now they obviously want to call for a green chancellorship. I can already see the headlines of the quality media in the next few weeks. “>Greens ahead of the Union”, “Greens extend lead”,” Baerbock ahead in Chancellor’s question”, “The Greens have increased strongly in the Sunday trend”, “It greens so green…”, “Annalena can go over water”. Anne Will becomes the new government spokesperson in September and announces: The Chancellery will be renamed under an Annalena Baerbock into an “Office for Goblins” and announces a 10-point immediate program:

Speed limit of 30 km/h on motorways

Until the time comes, however, green success stories continue to literally flood the media market. Manipulation from all the pipes of journalistic possibilities. The voter will be “bared” with the topic of Baerbock, greens and climate until he believes that only this can save Germany.

Grünomanie the incurable disease of the media is

The Greens are just as populist as the AfD, but the ‘refugee’ here is called ‘climate’. With a scenario of fear, it must be made clear to voters that a great disaster is imminent if the climate is not saved.

The new top forces recommend themselves

The self-destruction of the Union, with its puppet show around the candidate for chancellor and the breathtaking downward trend of the SPD dramatically increase the problems for Germany. However, the Greens are not the solution, but a veritable part of the problem. The Greens do not have adequate answers to many of the current questions, let alone the required representatives. The Chancellor in Pes considers “Kobold” to be a raw material, wants to store electricity in the grid, confuses 2/3 with 75%, and considers Germany to be the largest economy in the world.

Robert Habeck can do nothing with the German people, does not know the commuter allowance and does not know what tasks the BaFin has. Claudia Roth and Katrin Göring-Eckhard have neither a profession, nor a degree. After all, these qualifications are good for a top position with the Greens.

It remains to be hoped that Baerbock will make the “Schulz” as soon as possible. Those who rise high can fall low.

I finally want to be able to open the toilet lid again without fear and have no more anal-ena nightmares.