The CIA takes over the Czech Republic

Every country in the world has its own secret service, and in every embassy in the world there are people working who serve their own secret service. And, of course, the secret services of friendly states work together just as secretly. Like intelligence services work, but that is, by definition, secret. After all, there are now a few informative books.

What is not so well known is that intelligence agencies must have at hand any stories that can be made public if their own unpleasant “stories” are to be distracted or if other good reasons make an immediate attractive publication appear. This is what happened in the Czech Republic.

On Saturday, April 17, it was announced that the secret preparations for a violent coup involving the US in Belarus had been revealed. Embarrassing for the USA. On Monday, 19 April, Czech Interior and temporarily Foreign Minister Jan Hamáček should have flown to Moscow to agree on the delivery of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” to the Czech Republic, after the EU, from the Czech point of view, failed to distribute the vaccine available from Western companies. And also in the Czech Republic there was a discussion about whether the next nuclear power plant in Dukovany should be built again by the Russians or more expensive by a Western company. 

This is the reason to pull an attractive story from the reserve in order to turn the political mood around in the short term. It was decided, what had been in store for a long time, to announce now that seven years ago (!), when a private ammunition depot exploded in the Czech Republic on the border with Slovakia near the village of Vrbětice, presumably Russian agents were the perpetrators. Then, in 2014, the civil war in Donbas began, and a Bulgarian arms dealer wanted to deliver ammunition to Ukraine from this ammunition depot in the Czech Republic. 

Now, quite “by chance” on this very Saturday, the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš announced, literally: “Based on clear evidence obtained through the investigation of our security services, I must state that there is a well-founded suspicion (!) on the participation of officers of the Russian military intelligence GRU, unit 29155, in the explosion of ammunition depots in the Vrbětice area in 2014."(“Na základě jednoznačných důkazů, získaných vyšetřováním našich bezpečnostních placed, musím konstatovat, že existuje důvodné podezření o zapojení důstojníků ruské vojenské zpravodajské služby GRU, jednotky 29155, do výbuchu muničních skladů v areálu Vrbětice v roce 2014”).  And, although there was only “evidence of a well-founded suspicion”, the Czech Republic would therefore expel 18 Russian diplomats from the country within 48 hours.

The CIA, which of course cooperates with the Czech secret service, has thus achieved its goal. The Western European media recently reported on this” case “in the Czech Republic and” forgot " the embarrassing history of the failed coup in Belarus with the participation of Americans. The flight of the responsible minister to Moscow to order Sputnik vaccines was cancelled as requested by the West, so the Czech Republic will not receive “Sputnik V” vaccines. And in the discussion about the contract for the new nuclear power plant in Dukovany, supporters of the contract awarded to the Russian company Rosatom suffered a massive shock. A preliminary decision to exclude the Russian candidate has just been made.

And Czech Republic?

But what are the consequences for the Czech Republic? 1. To be tens of thousands of Czechs are waiting to be vaccinated. There is a dramatic lack of vaccine. 2. Russia, as usual in the diplomatic field, expelled just as quickly twenty Czech diplomats, 16 diplomats and 4 employees, also within 48 hours. So there are only five Czech diplomats left in Moscow, the ambassador will have to clean his office himself in the future. 3. Despite the best experience with the Russian nuclear power plants in Dukonavy, the Czech Republic will now have to pay significantly more for its next nuclear power plant. And 4. Whether as many Skoda cars produced in the Czech Republic can be delivered to Russia in the future as before in this total collapse of Russian-Czech relations is a matter of course.

First withdrawal

Meanwhile, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has already made a first gentle retreat. So reported Radio Prague International on Monday evening:

“Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš says that Russian involvement in the explosions at an ammunition depot in Moravia in 2014, which killed two people, did not constitute state terrorism. After a government meeting on Monday evening, he said the Russian operation was more of a botched attack on goods purchased from a Bulgarian arms dealer.”

Other sources report that Babiš stuck to his statement that it was state terror.

The confrontation between the Czech Republic and Russia soon continues in the rhythm of the hour. The Czech Republic demanded in an ultimatum until 22.4.2021 12.00 clock that Russia withdraw the expulsion of the Czech diplomats. Since Russia did not respond to this ultimatum, the Czech Republic has now expelled 63 employees of the Russian embassy in Prague.

The Czech Republic is assured of solidarity from NATO and EU circles. So far, however, only Slovakia has expelled three Russian diplomats out of solidarity with the Czech Republic.