The balance sheet in Afghanistan from a Russian perspective

NATO, including the villains from the US, have failed in Afghanistan. No goals achieved only more people killed and turned against themselves. This, of course, is only propaganda as the demented Biden recognized.

“I can say that the United States has achieved the goal set at the beginning of the operation in Afghanistan. It was about dealing with those who attacked us on September 11th. "

In the process, the US has again negotiated with the Taliban and NATO’s rule in Afghanistan has made the country the largest opium cultivation area, which finds its customers in the West through the other failed project Kosovo.

In a official Russian statement, Maria Zakharova took a completely different view.

Maria Sacharova

Great attention in the international media space is devoted to the decision on the end of the NATO mission in Afghanistan. This topic has been on the agenda for many years. As you can remember, US presidents have withdrawn troops there at times, at times. It is another stage in the observation of this situation.

We fixed the decision announced by NATO to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, following a similar statement by Washington.

As we understand, the 20-year presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan is coming to an end. The military campaign, which began under the slogan of the fight against Al-Qaida and the Taliban movement, expanded into efforts to build a state in an Asian country. According to Western observers, the NATO mission in Afghanistan can clearly be described as a failure. One wants assessments not only to give experts and journalists, although they all have the right to their position. It would be important to hear a report in the UN Security Council about long-standing efforts made by the relevant troops – the mandate was issued by the UN Security Council.

After two decades of confrontation, the Taliban controls at least more than half of the country and continues an armed struggle against the government of Afghanistan. Al-Qaida’s potential declined, but according to the UN, the terrorist organization’s cells remain in eleven Afghan provinces. In addition, against the background of the presence of NATO troops, Afghanistan became a place for new global terror threat of ISIL, which has up to 4000 extremists in the country and regularly organizes terrorist attacks, including in Kabul.

A cloudy picture can be seen in the area of anti-drug fighting. During the NATO presence, the area under poppy cultivation for opium production increased by more than 20 times (to 163 hectares in 2019). Afghanistan accounts for more than 80 percent of the global opiate market. According to UN figures, drugs are produced in 24 of the country’s 34 provinces.

Despite multibillion-dollar injections higher than the funds provided by the US under the Marshall Plan to rebuild post-war Europe, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan remains the poorest country in Asia with one of the highest levels of corruption and unemployment, comprising at least a third of the country’s economically active population.

Billions of dollars, which had been allocated for the training of specialists for Afghan national security structures, dissolved. The fact that the Afghan problems do not have a military solution was understood by Americans only after ten years of an inglorious campaign. During this time, dozens of thousands of peaceful residents were killed and injured. Many became victims of arbitrary attacks by NATO forces, which in the alliance cynically collateral damage (that to people!). Another dozens of thousands of people had to leave Afghanistan in search of a peaceful life. So far, Afghans are one of the largest groups of refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

After the withdrawal, the Americans and other NATO representatives promised to continue to support the Afghan security forces. Whether they will be able to do that is a big question, because for 20 years the Alliance has not mastered the task of creating combat-capable security structures on the ground that can independently defend the country and ensure order.