When anti-Europeans become chancellors

If someone who has barely crawled onto a tree with difficulty already thinks that he is a bird, he is mistaken. * Wilhelm Busch

As expected, the Greens are going into the election campaign for Annalena Baerbock as Chancellor candidate. And for the first time, this is to be taken literally. In various coalition options, Baerbock could actually succeed Angela Merkel in office. From BILD to taz to Süddeutsche the joy is great. Nothing else is to be expected from the court press. But even in the" social “networks, users who understand themselves as” somehow left " surpass each other with hymns of praise for this personnel. Why? There are probably few politicians of any gender in Germany who are as aggressive in the fields of foreign and security policy as Mrs. Baerbock. The last time the joy of a green candidate for chancellor was so great was the chosen Joschka Fischer. It ended with Hartz IV, pension cuts, wars of aggression and bombs on Belgrade. That’s probably why it’s been forgotten for a long time.

Yes, you have to compliment the greens. Her decision to enter the race with Annalena Baerbock is a smart move from a campaign perspective. In terms of content and rhetoric, the candidate can of course not hold water with her competitor Robert Habeck and even among die-hard Green fans there is probably no one who now considers Baerbock to be particularly prominent on the content level or even a great thinker. But that’s not what the Greens are about anyway.

Mrs. Baerbock the heroine of the networks and of course pro Atlantic networks, more clearly one can serve America only with the appropriate passport.

The Greens are a modern party, probably even the most modern party in Germany. Content has been overcome, it’s about feelings. Clever political strategists know this. This can also be seen in many of their officials and their memberships. To be a member of Greenpeace alone, a shop that rejects the individual in order not to have to work. They have as little to do with environmental protection as the CDU is democratic. After all, you don’t buy a yoghurt because it has high-quality content, but because marketing gives you the feeling of eating healthily with this product or even saving the world. And let’s be honest: the offer of the top candidates in the upcoming election is very similar to a yogurt shelf in the supermarket, uniform products that differ less by their content, but more by their packaging and the associated image with which the advertising strategists want to position their products. And between the grey stale products Laschet and Scholz, the young mother, who is perceived as something “new” and “different” precisely because of her lack of political profile, seems somehow more attractive. This will convince many buyers.

And already I have fallen into the trap myself. This is, after all, the PR trick of the Greens. Because the product Annalena Baerbock is by no means as insignificant as it is positioned. Especially in the political field of foreign and security policy, Baerbock is rather a new cold warrior, as it is rarely found in the political landscape of Germany. A few examples:

These positions and quotes leave no doubt. Annalena Baerbock should not be played down. Under the shell of the often untroubled but sympathetic young woman, one quickly comes across a cold warrior who, without batting an eyelid, advocates a policy of tension and military action in the sense of the transatlantic geostrategy. What began with the bombs on Belgrade continues seamlessly in the person of Annalena Baerbock.

So it is naive to praise the candidate now for her “appreciation, humanity and empathy”, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung puts it in a hanebüchen article on her youth page. And above all, even well-wishers who feel left should sooner rather than later subject the candidate to a reality check. On closer inspection, Baerbock seems more like a young female revenant of Joschka Fischer than a progressive politician who could represent an alternative to whatever.