France is holding on to creative protest

“We want to keep dancing” … this refrain has become more and more common in France in recent weeks. Sung and danced on numerous flash mobs in public places. The chanson “Danser encore” has become an anthem of peaceful and creative resistance to the Corona measures in recent weeks. Just last week, hundreds of French people danced their frustrations at Paris’s Gare de l’Est. Images that warm your heart and give you hope. Further actions are planned

Since only a few of our readers understand the lyrics of the song, we have made a free translation for you.

refrain: We want to keep dancing see our thoughts embrace our bodies, spend our lives in chord sequences Oh no, no………

We are migratory birds. Never docile, not really wise. We do not swear allegiance to the Dawn under all circumstances. We come to break the silence.

And when the “good king” speaks on television in the evening and proclaims the verdict, we are disrespectful. But always with elegance. Oh no, no…….

Refrain x2

car, subway, work, consumption, decrees, prescribed absurdities. And woe to him who thinks… And woe to him who dances….

Any authoritarian measure, security order is sweeping away our confidence. They try with perseverance, to lock our consciences. Oh no, no…….

Refrain x2

Let us not be impressed by all these unreasonable people, sell fear in abundance. Indecent fears.

Let them keep us at a distance for our mental health. For our social and environmental health are our smile, our intelligence the instruments of resistance to their madness. Oh no, no…….

The song by Kaddour Hadadi, head of the artist collective, sounds naturally down in French.

Hadadi released the song “Danser encore” in December last year and the video has already attracted more than two million viewers on YouTube, and the trend is rising sharply.

With the tightening of the Corona measures in France, the song has become the anthem of peaceful resistance. It has already been sung on hundreds of flash mobs in dozens of cities. Here is a small selection:

It is nice to see that many people in France have retained their joie de vivre and their typical Gallic spirit of resistance. Media coverage is critically restrained. Although there is a lack of masking and distances, the reflexes carefully conditioned in the German media are fortunately absent from our neighbours. It is also hard to denigrate the colorful mix of musicians and flash bullies as conspiracy theorists, Nazis or anti-Semites.

In Germany, such a thing would be difficult to imagine. As a reminder, Paris currently has an incidence of 600. In this country, water cannons would probably arrive and the media would proclaim the pandemic demise of the West. France seems to be a little further on that.

We want to show the song and the beautiful videos because they are encouraging. The whole of Europe has fallen into madness? no! A country populated by indomitable Gauls does not stop resisting madness. And that is a good thing and encourages all of us. Nous on veut continuer danser encore. We want to keep dancing.