Ukraine and NATO?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky is promoting his country’s rapid accession to NATO. This is a game with fire. A glance at the map shows that the aggressive USA, Russia and China have been encircling for years. Anyone who has even an IQ of his body temperature should ask themselves how long this should go well?

One can imagine how Gorbachev feels when he sees what happens after the Warsaw Pact was dissolved and the Russian troops were withdrawn from Eastern Europe. If there were such a thing as a historical consciousness and a spark of decency in Berlin’s foreign policy, then Maas and the other US errand boys and NATO trolls would know that after more than 26 million deaths caused by Hitler’s war in the Soviet Union, and after Gorbachev’s peace policy, it would be Germany’s duty to oppose an aggressive policy. But the opposite is happening: the incitement to war against Russia and increasingly also against China in politics and the media is increasing.

While the “Defender Europe 2021” maneuver directed against Russia is underway with 30,000 soldiers from 26 countries – including Ukraine and Georgia, two states located directly on the Russian border – the Western media are again complaining about the aggressive Moscow policy because Russia is strengthening its troops on the Ukrainian border. The lying continues: encircling Russia is defense. Obviously, Western fascists are unable to imagine what would happen if Russian or Chinese troops were stationed in Canada or Mexico.

It would be in the obvious interest of Germany and Europe to assume a neutral role in this new world political situation between the USA on the one hand and Russia and China on the other. If the European governments do not recognize this soon, then Gorbachev’s sentence applies: those who come too late will be punished by life.