The despotic western system

By the end of February 2020, we believed we had an idea of how vicious the centers of power were acting. The idea, however, shattered reality. Transnational capitalist class and power elite, oligarchs and plutocrats, as well as their satraps in governments, are far more capable than any conspiracy theorist can imagine. Together, they are the enemies of democracy, of world peace and therefore of the people of the world.

The depotic western system

Conspiracy theorists are absolute bunglers compared to what the rulers worldwide have to answer for in practice in crimes, terrorist actions, intelligence operations, wars, regime changes and plots of all kinds. No conspiracy theorist can come up with what is currently happening before our eyes: the cliques of power dismantle our societies and states, unfold a worldwide tyranny without example in human history. Civilizational achievements such as enlightenment, human dignity and freedom drive you completely to the wall. Peace within society and between states is on the knife edge.

“He that shall perish shall first be proud; and pride shall come before the fall.”

Psychopaths on Amok ride

We let ourselves be governed by psychopaths and most serious criminals under the swindle label “democracy”. We allow it. The last dictatorship in Germany was only 75 years ago. Today, the majority again looks away, again does not want to understand anything, is obviously too frightened or too degenerated to fight for freedom and democratic rights, which are being taken away from all of us. The Merkel tyranny is drowning our country and Europe in a new totalitarianism, in a sea of lies and bullshit.

Tyranny refers to a reign of violence, arbitrariness and terror. Colloquially, tyrannical behavior means " arbitrary, domineering behavior, “it is the behavior of an authoritarian person” who abuses his position and power to tyrannize others, especially dependents, subordinates."

But this time tyranny is not limited to Germany. The new 1,000-year empire of the transhumanists of the ‘World Economic Forum’ (WEF (external link)) is planned for the whole world. As an instrument for the transition to a new hyper-fascism, the power elites use Corona and the alleged concern for the health of the populations. The corona virus is instrumentalized for completely different purposes, that’s what this is about.

With Corona, the attention of humanity is to be diverted to the maximum, so that it willingly follows its tormentors into the free fall of tyranny destined for world society.

Had they not already lied to us and trampled on humanity before March 2020? Did the lie centers become truth centers in the corona crisis? Have the ruling cliques become more credible and humane from March 2020? Or have they not rather switched the lying machine with the corona number off-limits and brought the carriage house of the state criminals and propaganda bullshit media even closer together?

Biggest public health concerns

Since 28 March 2020, the Merkel constitutional coup clique and the top committees of the putschist parties have ruled in a state of emergency. Who would have thought it? Above all, since March they have discovered their very big heart for “people’s"health, in close collaboration with Bill & Melinda, BIG Money, Pharma, Data, Deep State, military, corporate EU, corrupt science and vaccine-enthusiastic New age Dr. Mengeles.

Isn’t that fun?

This cabal is all the most worried that” we " could get infected. That’s why we have to stay at a distance, even outdoors. Also in many inner cities people have to wear obnoxious face wraps, in some countries of the European South even on beaches. Experts have known for a long time that these lobes are not suitable for anything except increased dental and oral diseases as well as oxygen deficiency. The perpetrators also torture our children with masks in a kind of dogfight and traumatize them in preparation for their future slave status in the age of digitalization.

The mask terror is “supplemented” by house arrest regulations and a delusion of disinfection: disinfect hands, disinfect surfaces, disinfect themselves completely. Experts have often stated that the PCR test is not suitable for diagnosis, but they are not heard, denounced, despised and forced out of their professions for corrupt political reasons or thrown at them with the well-known intellectually underground bullshit: “Conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, corona deniers”, etc.Fact, not fake: it is mostly government-supported incitement to hatred.

Bad fact is: in modern tyranny, people are biomass, formerly called human material. In the world of transhumanists, this “biomass” has the only function of being subject, slave and slave. The people have:

The depotic western system

The goal is to reduce human biomass on the planet. This is the announcement for the future!

Equalization in tyranny

There is no room in tyranny for the separation of powers, the principle of subsidiarity(external link), independent justice and the balance of measures taken. The centralization and synchronization of all decision-making levels is running at full speed. The tyrant imposes her will on the länder, the municipalities, the jurisdiction up to the Federal Constitutional Court. On 5 December, the Federal Constitutional Court crushed the Constitution and the rule of law under the corporate lobbyist Stephan Harbarth(link is external), who was appointed in May.

The 4. Violence has long been part of the rule complex and an integral part of the war against civil societies. The democratic state has completely collapsed under Merkel, the state sovereignty has replaced the popular sovereignty via the state of emergency, the police state is pulling up. Many are still hallucinating one or the other" danger to democracy". Let them be told: democracy has been abolished, it is history, even the façade is no longer standing.

The neo-fascist tentacles of the bloated “infection protection Security Headquarters” of tyranny reach deep into Brussels. A rotten tomato had thrown the tyrant himself into the EU-Commission in Brussels. The suppression of freedom of expression should now be coordinated even better through the EU. In some countries, cyber military units are being deployed. Terror is flanked by a"European Action Plan for Democracy". With it, the commission wants to combat “disinformation”.

The depotic western system

As we know, “Fakenews” only produces the democracy movement. And so the delete button on Google, YouTube and Co. is running at full speed to eliminate tyranny-critical positions. It is about coordinated censorship and censorship is the end of every democracy! Does the left notice anything? It is not truth and facts that are important, but the goals behind political terror — the deliberate humiliation of the people to “achieve higher goals” - those of the 4th industrial revolution!

Even that is not enough.

In its foreign and war policy, Merkel’s rule is closely interwoven with deep-state formations of the war complex. Most recently since the mid-1990s, the German governments have been key drivers of NATO and EU eastward expansion, involved in the break-up of Yugoslavia, the Syrian war, the Ukraine coup, in all sorts of foreign and intelligence operations up to the genocide in Yemen. Anyone who wants to know can know all this.

There is no room here for the enumeration of foreign policy crimes. And because people are not supposed to rest, the warmongering continues: “China and Russia surround divided Western alliance,” says NATO war propagandist Jens Stoltenberg: Propaganda bullshit of bullshitters for brain-washed populations.

The depotic western system

The people of the West are stuck in an absolutely sick, ethically-morally shattered model of civilization in apocalypse mode.

In any case, what is happening around us has been unprecedented since time immemorial. The “radical evil” is in action: as a result of the lockdowns, millions of deaths worldwide will only add up in a few years, especially in the global South, which is particularly affected by the measures as supply chains have collapsed. Mission — population reduction — accomplished, but also with vaccination programs can be helped.

Total blindness

How deluded do you have to be to believe all the brainwashed regime bullshit that is being dished up to us or even to stand by him as a vicarious agent or follower, to cover him, to support him? The arsenal of tyranny in the war against the peoples includes not only:

but essentially also

All this and much more weakens the human immune system. Merkel-tyranny and zealous minions

This stress can also be used to murder people in the medium to long term. Corona is just the way to the destination. At its core, it is not about Corona, it is about the underlying agenda of the ‘World Economic Forum’ (WEC) with all its “forward-looking achievements”.

The depotic western system

Psychological Operation of the extra class

The Covid-19 regime is internal warfare. What we experience includes all the knowledge of psychological warfare, Mind Control / MKUltra (link is external)," Biedermann’s Diagram of Coercion(link is external) " and all the insights of countless wars and anti-guerrilla wars. It is a super psyop mind control counterinsurgency operation against civil societies.

The fear of Mach’s papers from the German and Austrian Ministry of the interior to reveal the perfidy of the super-criminals. These papers also belong to the spectrum of psychological operations as well as strategic cooperation with the media as a “weapon”.

Just as they break the will of prisoners of war in war, the transhumanist psycho - and sociopaths of the ‘World Economic Forum’ under Klaus Schwab(link is external), in conjunction with governments, intelligence services and military, wage a psychological war against the peoples in order to break their will.

and much more belongs to an action ensemble.

Covid-19 is political war, which most people do not understand, do not want or cannot believe. Large parts of the Orthodox “left” are too degenerated, too state-drunk to resist the new dictatorship. They lack any ethical-moral compass. Many feel quite comfortable in the Merkel dictatorship, expect to gain or secure posts, feel called" to higher things".

Above all, you want to be able to tell people how they have to run and set up their lives. That is why they are standing up to Merkel’s tyranny as allies and attacking the democracy movement. Anti-democratic sentiment glorifying the state and hyper-capital fascism of Merkel’s tyranny are obviously not a compelling contradiction.

Covid-19 is a centrally orchestrated, highly diversified operation. The production of chaos, the staged arbitrariness, the piercing through of executive injustice, dictatorial rightness, intimidation and extensive lawlessness of the population, the goal of exhaustion as in a war of attrition shall checkmate the enemy — and we all are — before he comes up with the idea of fighting.

In the concrete case of the war of infection as a permanent state against the peoples, people should get used to the imposed bullshit until they themselves believe in it — eaten and exhausted by fear. The permanent employment with daily new mischief, new announcements, and horror stories expands the psyop spectrum.

In a rampaging system, madness is an end in itself. It is part of a war of attrition and subjugation. In addition, the pro - and contra-camps are targeted against each other: young against old, infection protection enthusiasts against fear-free, vaccinees against vaccine critics, etc.. This psyop terror strategy is flanked by police measures, which can be escalated inwards at any time until the military operation: Psyop + armed power against the population, that’s what’s going on.

The goal of all psychological operations is the subjugation of the human mind. If the" political animal " in man is defeated, no shot must be fired.

“PSYOP are planned operations that convey selected information and indicators to foreign target groups in order to influence their emotions, motives, objective thinking and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups and individuals. In this way, PSYOP influences not only politics and decisions, but also the ability to govern, the ability to command, the will to fight, the will to obey and the will to support”.

As long as the narrative of the killer virus devastates the minds, humanity is not in good shape. This Narrative must be replaced by a new one — a Narrative is stronger than all the Police forces and armies of the world.

Merkel’s tyranny must distract from the devastation of her policies to the maximum and has entered the escalation stage of a new dictatorship with Covid-19. To this end, all those who refuse their tyranny must be denounced and despised as misguided, “foreign bodies of society”, psychiatric cases and, in extreme cases, declared terrorists. This program is running at full speed. This strategy, too, is a reissue of past dictatorships and was characteristic of the tyrannies of Hitlerite or Stalinist influence.

Passive and active resistance

The tyrant rule is as old as the rule of man over man. That is why the subjects have always thought about how they can effectively set limits on the abuse of power and breach of treaties by kings, princes and the clergy. The dispute over the right of resistance has not been settled for centuries. By the assassination on 20. After the German Republic was torched in toto by the ruling drunken Angela Merkel and her henchmen, who socialized in Protestant joylessness and SED cadre dictatorship(Link is external) after 1968, it is back in the spotlight today.

The following quotations are from: Arthur Kaufmann / Leonhard E. Backmann (Ed.) Widerstandsrecht, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 1972.

“In this context, it is not uninteresting that even among the Spanish Visigoths who had already become Christians in the 6th century, the right of resistance went so far that of 35 kings 17 were not only deposed, but even killed”.

“The objective reason for authority, rule and power given in the nature of the political community is the common good. Where a tyrant destroys the common good from the ground up, whether by revolutionary intrusion or by the provision of his first rightful commission, he is without right and has no authority to command. Active resistance against him is therefore permitted. Again, the common good is the necessary criterion for the actual application of this resistance, that is, for the uprising against the tyrant”.

“The common good is the highest law! If the ruler, who has to take care of the best of the people, constantly and most seriously offends him against the common good, even turns the purpose of his office into the complete opposite and obviously becomes the enemy and destroyer of his people, he thereby abandons the legal basis on which his power is built”.

History repeats itself as tragedy or farce (Karl Marx): Hitler said after the failed assassination attempt of 20 July 1944:

“I’m freezing here. If the German people are not prepared to stand up for their self-preservation” (i.e. to continue the war to the point of complete self-destruction) “well, then let it disappear!”.

What is the purpose of the tyrant Merkel and her henchmen with multiple lockdowns other than the complete destruction of the economy and society of our country and Europe? Of the “creative destruction”, the trailer they are all to remain in the medium term, the Chaos, the distress, the enrichment of the Few and the misery of the Many, as well as the decline of long-term anyway. This is the ultimate crime, the ultimate state terror.

Ernst Bloch(Link is external) writes in the genealogy of the eternal followers, who don’t seem to care in which political system they settle down and under which thumb they bow — the eternal majority, that is — in the genealogy:

“Just being gentle doesn’t mean being good yet. And the many weaklings we have are not yet peaceful. It’s only in the cheap, bad sense of the word, it’s all too easy. Yes, as little children they did not like anything, these desire that one means miracles, what it has to do with us. But after that a thousand wars came to ten uprisings, and the victims remained good. In addition, everywhere, the many faint of heart, do not say so and not so, there you have it later, you have said. Easily already pretends to be peaceful, which is more cowardly and cowardly”.

And the tyrant was hurled a sentence of Kant from “To eternal peace”, although Kant could not yet know in 1789 that the state power would not only let off steam in inter-state wars for the purpose of gaining power, but would act against its own peoples to maintain power globally and comprehensively:

“That kings philosophize or philosophers become kings is not to be expected, but also not to be desired; because the possession of power inevitably spoils the free judgment of reason.”

Bloch further:

“Even beyond the war (the ultima ratio regis), violence is spoken of here as a personal or official possession, one that continues to communicate itself to a whole layer of court cabinets or bureaucracy, which corrupts the free judgment of reason in itself, authoritatively prevents the desired mutton people among them”.

Under the tyrannine and her henchmen, the claim to privatize state power has not changed: 231 years of lost political development.

You can find the sources for the article here.