What is satire allowed to do

In view of the situation in Germany, I fear that the following text will be pointless, because I simply can’t think of any more pointers with regard to German society.

The acidity of the citizens increases rapidly and for many good and bad reasons. The monstrous failure of politics and administration, the prohibitions and commandments with the citizens for now a year driven into madness.

Another example is the 5 stage plan presented by the political oligarchs.

In terms of opening steps, a German federal state or region may open in the future if there is a stable 7-day incidence of less than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In retail, for example, one customer per ten square metres for the first 800 square metres of retail space and another for every additional 20 square metres. If the incidence rises again to more than 50 on three consecutive days, it will apply from the second following working day: Retailers will now only be allowed to welcome one customer per 40 square metres of retail space for a fixed period of time with documentation for contact tracking.

But thanks to the political oligarchs, there is an illuminating provision that brings calm into chaos: “Here, a so-called emergency brake is provided: if the 7-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants rises to over 100 on three consecutive days in the country or region, from the second following working day, the rules that applied until March 7 will come into force again. "

In this way, the so-called responsible citizen is definitively disenfranchised. It seems as if the government is looking at the NGOs. Although their projects are sold at least more decently.

The fact that DIY stores in North Rhine-Westphalia may sell seeds, seed potatoes and flowers, but not painting supplies or tools, should only be dismissed as ridiculous pettiness in the large collection pool of prescribed madness.

If countries such as Israel, Great Britain or the USA now only look down on us bureaucratic addicts with a compassionate smile, then that is still a punchline.

For this, the subject of hairdressing has made it felt two weeks to the first place in the news. No, that’s not a punchline, that’s German reality.

I must confess that this universal failure really shook me across the board and I never expected that the “organisation and bureaucracy world champion Germany” could descend into a worldwide laughing stock.

From cradle to stretcher, forms, forms!

The hymn to the Federalism I can’t hear. Where he brought it, everyone in the German federal states can read.

Today, it is no wonder that so many failures are in politics, administration and management: in no other profession is one not held accountable for complete total failure, but sometimes even transported away.

In year one after the outbreak of the disease, rapid test and vaccination concepts are to be developed and a “Taskforce Test Logistics” is to coordinate the order of corona rapid tests. This task force will be led by the two total failures that German politics currently has to offer: Jens Spahn and Andreas Scheuer.

At the latest here the most important of all questions is pressing on me:

Is satire really allowed to do everything?

That this general failure goes through from top to bottom – who is surprised?

Things are no better at the local level than in federal politics. People voluntarily go into quarantine because the municipal health office cannot be reached.

You may imagine that the list of misfortunes, failures, and arrogant wiping away of doubt and criticism would be so long as to take the place of the next estimated months.

If we continue like this, it will not affect herd immunity through vaccination. Then we will experience what should be clear to thinking people long ago. Thanks to the politicians, we have lost the fight against Covid because we have failed to fight with competence, skill, strength, clarity and a good deal of aggressive pragmatism. If the virus were Russia, it would certainly look different.

It basks and multiplies in the German petri dish, celebrates cheerful and manages to drive its 80 million potential hosts into madness. The thousands of artists, retailers, organizers, theaters, service providers who fall by the wayside is an expensive waste.

Made in Germany has long since lost its former glory. The export hit is not cheap junk for nothing. Covid is not the only disaster. Forest status report, Gulf Stream weakness, global warming, species extinction, Julia Klöckner, Digitalization, Peter Altmeier, Heiko Maas, AfD …

Where the men fail, one calls for the man. Fascism, which appears everywhere else, everywhere in a new national disguise, has a common trait in all countries: the longing for the dictator. The slackened peoples are looking for a brain that thinks for them, a back that carries for them.

Please let no one be surprised if, after the slack people have dragged themselves to the ballot box in September, they go to the counting of votes. No one would be surprised if the short-term suspected case AfD will record an increase in votes. Because the people, the” Urnpöbel", will use their only chance to express their anger, their hidden or openly lived hatred, their rejection of this social system fed by absurd corona experiences as an act of revenge of the little man in the form of a simple cross.

For democracies are no longer abolished by violence, but by elections.

Then I don’t want to hear any political shouting, then I want to experience how hundreds of responsible politicians from top to bottom, take their hats and disappear without a sound with their tails pinched and move into their 4 million villa in Berlin and no longer allow themselves to be seen in public.

There will still be enough good people to do the damage. With competence, assertiveness, pragmatism and skill. Don’t worry.