Government empowerment

So the government said: “As a reward for the months of suffering of our measures to torture (forced isolation of old and terminally ill people), we are giving the good people a zückerli in the form of a partial opening of schools this week. But the people must not be angry with us if we then put the screws back on in other places”. These words have, of course, never been used, but they still describe quite well what we have been expecting for a year without any discernible exit perspective. We are treated like little children who are told that they are locked up and beaten so often only out of pure love and care.

But this also means that we can only free ourselves from the immaturity assigned to us. Although there can be no guidance in the sense of a recipe, the following recommendations should at least be suitable as “building blocks” of a responsibility to be assumed individually.

a. Distrust all those who make money with Corona.

b. Compares the number of “corona deaths” with the number of people who die from other diseases, and thus determines where Covid-19 is in the ranking of the most common causes of death.

c. In view of the arbitrary limits, do not allow yourself to be persuaded that there are no meaningful alternatives to the anti-life, anti-labour and anti-educational measures.

d. Do not believe everything that is served to you (in conspicuous one-sidedness) in the media: the critics of the current measures are mostly severely affected and not confused or rights.

e. Keep in mind that our perception has long been influenced by well-paid agencies that provide the desired texts and images on behalf of the government.

f. Consider what it says about the relationship between the people and the government when it is established that Health Minister Spahn was not prepared to suspend his adjacent real estate business during the “pandemic period” (see Tagesspiegel of 19.02.2021).

g. Try to reduce your potential fear of the viruses (always part of life) to a tolerable level by noting to what extent the accompanying factors that are important for severe Covid19 disease histories (weakening of the immune system due to pre-existing diseases, lack of exercise and social isolation or contact with hospital germs) apply to you.

h. Do not displace the fact that our future life (re-establishment of freedoms or permanent introduction of numerous prohibitions and controls) will also depend on the behaviour of each individual (adaptation or resistance), which is of the utmost importance in view of the currently discussed plans (extension of the measures until March 2022!).