Day X and Hanau

For example, the nine fatalities in a shishabar in Hanau on 19 February 2020 were the sole perpetrator of the murder of R. All victims have a history of migration. As the tenth victim, the lone offender shot his mother and then executed himself. Before the crime, R. had spread racist messages and conspiracy ideologies on the Internet.

Shishabars generally have within the German, white, Christian, heterosexual majority society the image as mafia-like meeting places, as spelunks of the so-called orientals and Oriental women, who apparently want to consciously distinguish themselves from the majority society through the consumption of the hookah and oppose the integration imposed on it. On the other hand, they could also be seen as a retreat for those who are not allowed to enter the most fashionable bars and clubs in the city and who probably or less have to create their own spaces with these bars in order to be able to live their pariah existence there. They are practically the retreat for all the outcasts of the majority society – and thus probably have a perfect symbolic character for all those who are afraid of an" alienation “and an” Islamization". The shishabar as an enemy image for the hated “multicultural society”, which has to be fought.

In the messages of the R. it was to be read that “the existence of certain ethnic groups ( … ) is a fundamental mistake”, a “coarse cleansing” and subsequent “fine cleansing” is necessary, which must also concern “one’s own people”, since “not everyone who today has a German passport is pure-bred and valuable”. Furthermore, certain “races and cultures” had made no contribution, were even destructive – “especially Islam”. Entire peoples would have to be completely destroyed. R. it lists a long number of countries, ranging from Morocco to Turkey and the Middle East to Southeast Asia.

Those who continue to deal with the" manifesto " soon realize that, in addition to crude conspiracy theories and possibly paranoid schizophrenia, it is above all an act that can undoubtedly be attributed to militant right-wing extremism. It therefore seems logical from the conspiracy theory world of R. that he chose a shishabar and had to kill all the previously listed people in order to put a monument to his pitiful life, in order to still somehow preserve his honor, especially as a white, heterosexual man.

Not to be forgotten here is also the misogyny of the perpetrator, who in his “manifesto” devoted a whole chapter solely to the female sex. It is therefore not far from the fact that R. was a heterosexual man living involuntarily in celibacy, who adhered to the ideology of a hegemonic masculinity (so-called Incel).

In this respect, one could also consider his act psychoanalytically as a perverse kind of pleasure, since orgasm (or ejaculation in men) in the sense of psychoanalytic dogmatics is regarded as an outbreak of freedom, which R. all these years (or decades?) was denied.

It could therefore be concluded that although R. acted as an individual – and apparently was also severely mentally disturbed – his act, however, corresponds more to the terrorist perpetrator type of the lone wolf …

Another lone Wolf

“How should an honorable man face evil?”, so the core question in the preface of the book Hunter or Hunter by William Luther Pierce. In addition to the Turner diaries / diaries, this is one of the cult novels of the international far-right scene, which many see as a blueprint for the neo-Nazi terror concept of the so-called führerless resistance.

The Turner diaries are about a person who sees himself in a race war. In this world-led war, “the system” dominated by Jews is to be overcome. The protagonist joins a cell of" Aryan “resistance fighters to fight against the"ZOG” governments of the world (ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government), whose centers are in New York and Tel Aviv, to defend white supremacy.

The Turner diaries were also introduced as evidence in the NSU trial, which were found on the hard drives of the two co-accused NSU assistants.

The Bundeskriminalamt saw certain parallels between the NSU and the novel, including the principle of “fuhrerless resistance”, the raising of money through bank robberies and the arbitrary murder of food vendors described in the novel (described in the novel as “Orientals with dark, curled hair”).

The principle of driverless resistance was misunderstood in connection with the NSU murders, although it should have been known to the security authorities. The left terrorist RAF also acted in the spirit of the propaganda of the act. The aim of this form of action is to create sympathies in the population through targeted attacks and murders, to “awaken” them in order to achieve political and social changes.

In order to avoid infiltration within larger, hierarchical organizations, phantom cells or individuals try to make a political statement through their own violence – but they always act for “the movement”; as a rule, these cells are very difficult for law enforcement to track down. In most cases, there is no letter of confession in the attacks. The act – or more precisely: the weapon-speaks for itself here. A Česká pistol was used in the NSU murders, the series of murders was initially even used as a so-called. Česká-a series of murders known – it is interesting that R. also used a Česká in Hanau last year.

Another post for the " Tag X”

What happened in Hanau a year ago fits into the narrative of the Turner diaries. In a world-wide race war, classical anti-Semitic rhetoric is intended to combat “world Jewry” or the persons and institutions associated with it, so that the “population exchange”, the “Umvolkung” or the “Volkstod” of the white “race” is avoided at all costs. R. may have seen himself as a soldier within this supposed race struggle.

The Turner diaries were not indexed in vain by the Federal review Board for media harmful to young persons. It is regarded as the standard work of the racist movement of white supremacy (“White Supremacy”). Ergo, one has to deal with the ideology and the symbolism of the New Right.

The books of Pierce and today’s neo-Nazism are based on the racist concept of the Völkisch nationalism of the völkisch movement. This assumes homogeneous ethnic-biological or ethnic-cultural units within a population. The “Aryan” forms with his settlement area one of these units and stands at the top of the hierarchy. The enemy here is Jewish nomadism, which according to this logic tries to subvert the Germanic-Nordic race as a peasantry. To this day, the antagonist of this ideology is still “world Judaism”, but anti-Muslim racism is also added as a new enemy image. Muslims and Muslims, or people read as migrants, are also part of this anti-Semitic worldview that is destroying nations and peoples. In the course of this, migration, feminism or the “gender ideology” must be fought physically and intellectually.

From theory to practice

The big outcry did not occur in 2018, when it was revealed that within German authorities (police, constitutional protection, Bundeswehr, MAD) an armed, right – wing terrorist network was building up and-as if the Turner diaries were actually a blueprint for all this – preparing for day X (so-called Hannibal network).

On this day the weapons will be taken and the race war will be won. With Bundeswehr trucks, political opponents, i.e. people from the left political spectrum, are to be captured, interned in camps and finally executed.

This was the accusation of the Attorney General when he had houses and offices searched in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania at the end of August 2017. In the chat groups concerning the day X is also the Bundeswehr soldier Franco A., who was arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

If you look at the following figures, you could believe that the preparations for Day X are in full swing: since 1990, 109 murders have been recognized by the Federal Republic as motivated by the extreme right (as of 30 September 2020). According to research by Tagesspiegel and Zeit Online, however, at least 187 people were murdered for these very reasons; according to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, at least 213 people were killed (for comparison: according to the Federal Criminal Police Office, 17 people were killed by Islamist violence between 2011 and 2019.). According to the Constitutional Protection Report, the number of right-wing extremist-motivated acts of violence increased by 35.8 percent to 1,088 crimes within five years, i.e. from 2013 to 2018. Tendency rising. Within one year, the number of weapons found in right-wing offenders increased by 61 percent. The number of anti-Semitic acts of violence rose by more than 71.4 percent to 48 crimes.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Verbal statements of the New Right and actually violent actors, as in the present case with regard to R., are mutually dependent. The” classical " völkisch ideology is no longer socially acceptable today, but appears today in a modified form of ethnopluralism (Greek-Latin artificial word for diversity of peoples) more and more in the middle of society – with the difference, however, that here homogeneous cultural areas are aimed at. The idea of the Clash of civilizations on the part of Huntington suddenly becomes a frightening reality.

At first glance, ethnopluralism does not seem as martial as the völkisch ideology. The vocabulary seems more moderate, more liberal, even educational.

However, if you look at the AfD’s programme of principles, you can see that the New Right has made it into the centre of society. Although the so – called Alternative for Germany is committed to an open and free society in which people, regardless of their origin and religion, are supposed to live peacefully together, racism here is functionally replaced by culturalism: the “ethnic-cultural […] Change in the population structure " is here declared one of the most pressing problems of today. Through clever rhetoric, the AfD manages time and again to circumvent the border to incitement to the people; the statements are usually covered by freedom of expression, even if you usually skim past it.

But every now and then the “classical” völkisch ideology shines through on the basis of the statements of individual politicians: “Christianity and Judaism represent an antagonism. That is why I cannot begin with the concept of the Christian-Jewish Occident.“or” In the 21st century, the life-affirming African propagation type meets the self-denying European placeholder type."; both quotes come from Björn Höcke, chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Thuringian Parliament.

Parties such as the AfD, the Front National (or now Rassemblement National) in France, the Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid, the FPÖ in Austria or the Lega Nord in Italy can thus be seen in the European context as the parliamentary arm of the ideology of ethnopluralism. With their statements, their right-wing agitation and partly calls for political upheaval, one could well argue that they thus virtually provided a “license for attacks” and make themselves partly complicit in the context of the right-wing extremist attacks.

World-led trench warfare

The right-wing terrorist assassins of the past years should be seen in a larger context, since they acted in the spirit of the Lone Wolf thesis in the leaderless resistance to conjure up Day X. The perpetrator, who carried out an attack in 2019 on two mosques in Christchurch, was among others in contact with the Identitarian Movement in Austria and even donated to them. In his attack, he wore the Black Sun (identifying mark within the right-wing soteric, extremist scene), referring to the 14 words (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."), the previously mentioned Ethnopluralism, “European, white blood”, as well as the previously mentioned Hannibal-network to Franco A. He sees himself as a proud racist and in a series with Anders Breivik, or even Charles Martel in the battle for the defense of the country. In his” manifesto “he called for racial war to prevent the” great population exchange " in Europe.

In addition to the depicted racism, extermination fantasies and the tendency to conspiracy theories, there are other similarities between the assassins from the international right-wing terrorist scene (whether in Hanau, Halle, El Paso, Dayton or Christchurch): they have in common an anti-feminist and an anti-woman attitude, as can be seen from their self-declarations. Anti-feminism sees the traditional family of father, mother and children as the germ cell of the nation that must be preserved.

The murder of Kassel’s regional president Lübcke in June 2019 should also be seen in the context of the aforementioned plans for the overthrow: Lübcke was on the enemy list of the NSU. The official members of the NSU were also part of the now banned neo-Nazi group Combat 18, which in all probability also included the murderer of Walter Lübcke. This knowledge also had the Hessian Constitutional Protection. Combat 18 plans, once again in the manner of the Turner diaries, the construction of a state in Nazi tradition. This is closely linked to the international neo-Nazi network Blood & Honour, which aims to spread National Socialist ideology – and this also with the help of Pierce’s novels.

And now?

The New Right has made it its task to make ethnopluralism socially acceptable. Completely in the sense of the Marxist (!) Theorist Gramsci attempts to achieve cultural hegemony by infiltrating the elite discourse through journalistic activities in order to dominate public opinion and to govern in the long term.

The lone wolves are here willing helpers of the intellectual arsonists from the parliaments. Through the” propaganda of the deed”, the" leaderless resistance", they try to"wake up" the population. By relativizations, however, one accepts these deeds nevertheless approvingly.

The association of the AfD with actual neo-Nazi leaders speaks volumes here, the border to right-wing extremism is flowing here: only recently it became known that a long-time neo-Nazi leader had himself put up for the local elections by the AfD in Kassel. A war is being waged on the intellectual as well as the physical level, which seriously endangers the liberal-democratic basic order of the Basic Law. R. was confused, but not a classic individual. Confusion and racism are not mutually exclusive ; in the case of right – wing attacks, the mental state of the perpetrator against the ideological background – as so often in the case of Islamist terrorist acts-must not be taken into account.

There is a real danger today for people in Germany whose outward appearance does not correspond to the ideas of the völkisch ideology. The fact that the right danger is not seen may be related to the fact that it does not usually mean a real danger for white-read people. The fact that an exception to this rule is made from time to time can be seen in the fact that Walter Lübcke had to pay with his life for his comments on the Chancellor’s refugee policy.

Compared to Islamist terrorism – which is not to be trivialized in any way here – the numbers of right-wing extremist crimes are, however, far more frightening; people with migration histories, i.e. BIPoC, but also queer people, are exposed to a much higher real danger of losing their lives than a white-read, heterosexual person.

If from strangers (!) hostility as the primary motive for action and not racism, the völkische ideology is perhaps more in people’s minds than they probably would like. Due to lack of consciousness, they cannot see the forest for the trees. The security authorities did not recognize the connections between the NSU murders, which were previously-meaningfully – referred to as the Doner murders. The victims ' families themselves were initially suspected of being involved in the murders; the families were accused of being stuck in mafia structures. One could not imagine that it could be far-right acts.

As long as there is a lack of awareness of these facts within German authorities, no clarification is carried out, files are repeatedly shredded for inexplicable reasons, faxes from police departments can be sent anonymously as threatening letters, without this having consequences for the officials, files for the next 120 years (must remain closed due to the argument of the state protection), one can pessimistically say that for “Wehret den Anfängen!“the train has already departed.

History repeats itself (?)

According to many economists, we are currently at the beginning of a great economic depression, as we were in 1929. The World Economic Crisis is cited as one of the main reasons for the rise of the NSDAP. The socio-economic factors of the past years and the victory of the neoliberalism of the Chicago school since 1979 at the latest must be taken into account in the question why a tendency to authoritarianism and fascism is currently observed in many nations worldwide. Social Democratic governments since the 1990s have also been more or less committed to neoliberalism. This is easily recognizable by the Agenda 2010 of the then red-green government.

Der Aufstieg des Faschismus bzw. des Nationalsozialismus in der Weimarer Republik wird u.a. auch damit begründet, dass die Symbole und Rituale der Nationalsozialisten die Funktion hatten, die Menschen im Innersten, im “Unbewussten” anzusprechen, und dass dieser Mechanismus von den bürgerlichen, humanistischen Kräften unterschätzt wurde.

In den Studien zum autoritären Charakter führte Fromm aus, dass komplexe politische Vorgänge nicht deswegen nicht verstanden werden können, weil die Menschen dazu kognitiv nicht in der Lage seien, sondern dies schlicht und ergreifend damit zusammenhänge, dass dies psychisch bedingt sei. Fromm und Adorno arbeiteten unter Bezug auf Erkenntnisse der Psychoanalyse heraus, dass durch gewalttätige Erziehung, Abwesenheit der Eltern und andere Einflüsse Persönlichkeitsstrukturen und psychische Dispositionen geprägt sein würden, die die Gesellschaft anfällig für Rassismus und Antisemitismus machten. Ebenso entstünde dadurch die Bereitschaft zur Unterwerfung unter einen Diktator und zur Anwendung von politischer Gewalt gegen – aus dieser Sichtweise – Fremde.

Diese Gefahr besteht heute nach wie vor. Den Beweis für diese These lieferte dafür R. in Hanau.

In Anbetracht all dessen sollte die Antwort auf die Frage des Autoren Pierce im Vorwort des Hunters “Wie sollte ein ehrenhafter Mann dem Bösen begegnen?” hinsichtlich des rechtsterroristischen Attentats vor einem Jahr in Hanau zu denken geben: “Das Blut, das durch unsere Adern fließt, weist uns den Weg.”

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