The CDU men's association

In the article I had described Nathanael Liminski as the “man behind Laschet”, just as the FAZ had titled him. In 2017, at the age of 31, Liminski became head of the NRW State Chancellery, the government centre of Prime Minister Laschet (CDU). Until then, there had not been such a young head of the state chancellery in Germany. As a 20-year-old, he had attended the World Youth Catholic Day in Cologne out of enthusiasm for the reactionary German Pope Benedict XVI. the battle group “Generation Benedikt” was founded, became speechwriter with Prime Minister Roland Koch (CDU) in Hesse, then with the Federal Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU), before Laschet brought him to Düsseldorf. Liminski like the leadership of the CDU youth organization, Friedrich Merz and Markus Söder are their idols. For this reason, Merz was also located in the NRW State Chancellery as a multiple advisor.

####Father Jürgen Liminski: Deutschlandfunk, Junge Freiheit…

A reader of the Laschet portrait drew my attention to it in amazement: don’t you know who the father of Nathanael Liminski is? His father’s name is Jürgen Liminski, was editor of Deutschlandfunk until some time ago and writes regularly in Junge Freiheit!

Jürgen Liminski was editor of the DLF until his retirement in 2015. He hosted political shows such as the Information in the morning. After his retirement, he continued to write in Catholic and other right-wing newspapers such as the Catholic Sonntagszeitung, the Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung, the Südtiroler Zeitung Dolomiten, and the online newspaper FreieWelt.net and regularly in the Young Freedom, which is regarded as the central mouthpiece of the “New Right”. You might be amazed at how diverse the diffuse right-wing scene is.

Jürgen Liminski acted and acts as a militant Catholic fundamentalist. “People” and “family” are his guiding concepts. Together with his wife, he introduced his own model family living near Bonn in the book Abenteuer Familie – Erfolgreich erziehen: Liebe und was sonst noch notwendet ist (Sankt Ulrich Verlag der Diözese Augsburg, 2002): The 10 children have biblical names: Nathanael wie Laschet’s chancellor, dann Gwenael, David, eine Tochter trägt den hebräischen Vornamen Noemi; an exception is Arnaud: the first name means “who rules like an eagle”, reported admiringly for example the Bonner General-Anzeiger.

“Mothers do not strike” with Opus Dei

The Liminskis complain about the “birth deficit, which would be aggravated by the abortion mentality”. “Politics"has” declared the hearth to be the enemy of women". On the other hand, “mother must be a profession”! “Mothers do not strike,” the Liminiskis explain. According to Cardinal Ratzinger, “the family is the core of every social order”. Together with his wife and friends, the DLF editor founded the European Institute for the Enhancement of the Family. He became Managing Director of the Institute for Demography, General Welfare and Family (iDAF): She met at the premises of the CSU-Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Bavarian Minister of Family Affairs Christine Haderthauer gave a welcoming address. The Ministry promotes the magazine family, colorful, published by the Archdiocese of Augsburg. Liminski as well as DLF employee Reinhard Backes are members of the Catholic elite league Opus Dei. Since Cardinal Frings, its head office in Germany has been located in Cologne and operates there inconspicuously Catholic student and men’s dormitories.

Also the director of the DLF is (was) there

From 2009 to 2017, Willi Steul was Director of DeutschlandRadio (DLR). From 1994 to 1998 he had already been its editor-in-chief. DLR is the umbrella company for three public radio stations: DLF (Cologne), DLF Nova (Youth programmes, Cologne) and DLF Kultur (Berlin).

Steul studied Catholic theology and journalism at the Institute for the Promotion of Young Journalists (ifp) in Munich. This is the Catholic school of journalism. Steul received a scholarship from the German Bishops ' Conference. Like CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak, Steul is also an old man and a member of a Catholic student union, the K. D. St. V. Ferdinandea-Prag zu Heidelberg.

Director Steul was a member of Jürgen Liminski’s Institute for Demography, the Common Good and Family. Journalist Stefan Niggemeier asked the DLF: Is it true that Director Steul is a supporting member of the iDAF? Answer: “Mr. Steul and Jürgen Liminski have known each other since 1972 and shared periods of study.“After Niggemeier’s request, the name Steul was deleted from the iDAF website.

CDU: Dissolution of a People’s Party

“Mutti Merkel” pretends she has little to do with the CDU. As Federal Chancellor, Merkel keeps the CDU, which had not yet been clarified in her leadership, as the ruling party (still) at the level of a vulnerable “people’s"party, with the help of state and private leading media and PR agencies. In her multiple role, Merkel seems increasingly worn out, even more formulaic than before, sometimes even puppet-like.

The successor to Merkel as CDU chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who was elected two years ago, quickly collapsed. The new CDU chairman Laschet, elected at the beginning of 2021, is an unexplained interim solution. But the machinists in the second row are the two young Union fundis and right-wing fans of Friedrich Merz, Nathanael Liminski as head of the NRW State Chancellery and Paul Ziemiak as CDU Secretary General.

The sheep run away from the big Christian churches

The two major Christian churches, with their numerous privileges and state functions – exceptions to labour law; high state subsidies; support for worldwide military operations; no punishment of priests in state courts, even in the case of sexual abuse – are running out of sheep for various reasons. Thus also a traditional part of the CDU voters.

With their approval of the four Hartz laws and the low minimum poverty wage, the church leaders have contributed to the impoverishment of a large part of the employees. And since you can save yourself the church tax by leaving. Already the archbishopric under the late Cardinal Meisner had determined: the actual church tax payers are the better earners, moreover rather in the older years.

That is why the small militant Fundi sects are advancing in the German churches, as in the USA and Latin America. In the richest Catholic German archdiocese, in Cologne, Cardinal Meisner had assigned empty monasteries and poorly attended churches to a dozen such sects: one of them, like Liminski, preaches child-rich motherhood.

“Mutti Merkel”: even more men

Angela Merkel was considered progress for the CDU: young, from the East, female. However, it was gradually captured and consumed. Cardinal Meisner forced her via BILD before her election as CDU chairman to conclude a proper marriage. Of course, the marriage advertisement appeared in the FAZ (2.1.1999), the smallest one ever published there: 8.4 x 2.4 centimetres.

And under the promised female CDU chairman and then Federal Chancellor, the previously small increase in the number of female CDU members decreased again, the number of male members increased. And the female successor Kramp-Karrenbauer was quickly away from the window. Most recently, the three men Laschet, Merz and Röttgen fought over the CDU presidency, and the possible candidate for chancellor is the CSU chairman Markus Söder from the Free State of Bavaria.

And the small, but powerful business group with its idol Friedrich Merz-who, as we know, wanted to leave the rape in marriage unpunished-announces its demands more impudently than ever.

Liminski, Steul, Ziemiak & Co also helped with this reactionary masculinity: “Mother as a profession”. DLF editor Jürgen Liminiski gave the award speech to Ellen Kositza, who received the Gerhard Löwenthal Prize in 2008 for her book “Gender without End”. The publication announcement for the book states: “Are there still men, after 40 years of equality feminism, state-mandated gender mainstreaming and a feminization of negotiation, education and leadership? Do we not come across the family idiot, the paymaster and the woman-understanding man everywhere?”

Merkel troop flees to PR agencies

Under Merkel, the new, unregulated capital organizers such as Blackrock, Vanguard, Blackstone, KKR, Carlyle, EQT & Co bought into thousands of the most important companies, trimming them to additional profits and further lowering labor incomes. US law firms such as Freshfields and management consultants such as McKinsey and Accenture (in the Federal Employment Agency) received and are getting more and more orders. Men’s associations could flourish into unimaginable large-scale fraud: exhaust gas fraud, cum-ex tax fraud, Wirecard. At the same time, the infrastructure that is important for the majority of the population is decaying or becoming more expensive.

The Merkel troops can only keep themselves arduous with the help of PR agencies and professional advertising. Their own work and argumentation convince less and less. In 2019, the federal government’s expenditure on political advertising campaigns was already 60 million euros, in 2020 it was 150 million.

Merkel troop flees to the even larger state apparatus

At the same time, the Merkel force is expanding the state apparatus, that is, the Federal Chancellery. The new Federal Chancellery in Berlin, built in the hype of the German-Capitalist association, was already oversized: with a floor area of 64,000 square meters, it is the largest government building on Earth, about eight times the size of the White House in Washington. “The Chancellery is as remote and lonely as the dream of a jungle despot at the Tiergarten,” even the FAZ complains.

In October 2020, however, the Merkel troop announced that " unfortunately, the largest seat of government in the world is too small, it must be expanded beyond the Spree for 485 to 600 million euros."(FAZ) When the office moved in, it had 450 employees, under Merkel it became 750. But even that is no longer enough for the crashing “Mutti der Nation"troops.

Merkel troop escapes into a “gigantic security lock”

400 more employees are to be added, as well as a helipad for inconspicuous important visitors, an in-house kindergarten, nine five-storey conservatories and two bridges over the Spree: and all this as a “gigantic security lock” in the “dimensions of a small state”, says the astonished FAZ writer. The Bundesrechnungshof has submissively warned that even higher costs are to be reckoned with – everything does not matter. The Merkel government, increasingly distant from voters and taxpayers, “blows out money as if there was no tomorrow”.(frankfurter Allgemeine)

The FAZ reports critically-well-behaved from its pro-government knowledge. But the “Zeitung für Deutschland” or for the interests of BlackRock & Co in Germany is preparing itself and its audience for the rising and not yet used up populism substitute named Söder. And Mann Merz is still in reserve, just in case: why not move into the new Federal Chancellery with a government of experts, as is now the case in Italy with a “financial expert” at the helm?

People, men, women, diversis, Germans, citizens, voters and refugees of all nations, employees and non - and part - and underemployed and overemployed, Democrats: what else do you want to endure?