Demand and reality of a demented man

Trump is gone and this-and on the other side of the Atlantic, especially among the liberals, the joy is great. However, the fact that Joe Biden is now regarded as the great savior is problematic in many ways. For example, some of Biden’s now-promised first official measures, such as the repeal of the “Muslim Ban,” concern political initiatives that he himself supported in the Obama era.

America’s new president appears to be a bringer of light that has banished Donald Trump and his machinations once and for all. This is at least the image that many liberals want to convey these days, also in Germany. NATO is happy. Merkel invites Biden to Germany. Ramstein, Africom and co. will run as usual. The transatlantic friendship exists again. On the first day of his term, Joe Biden has already made clear his departure from the Trump course by signing seventeen so-called “executive Orders”. The decrees include a return to the Paris Climate Agreement and the WHO, a halt to the construction of the wall on the southern border and the lifting of entry bans, including the so-called Trump “Muslim Ban”, which targeted seven Muslim-majority states and caused corresponding controversy.

That the" Muslim Ban " was the result of Islamophobia and racism is beyond question. Its abolition is all the more to be welcomed. At the same time, however, attention should also be drawn to the fact that the draft for this misanthropic practice originated during Obama’s term in office. In 2015, he blessed a law that was directed against the citizens of those states in a typical “War on Terror"manner: The Visa Waiver Improvement Program and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act. Critics, who were rather reluctant to listen at the time, rightly described the law as racist. Among the victims of the new decision in 2016 was the BBC journalist Rana Rahimpour, who was not allowed to enter the USA due to her Iranian birthplace.

Joe Biden was not just any part of the Obama administration, but its vice president. According to this, he not only supported Obama’s “Muslim Ban”, but also served other controversial Trump de facto on a silver platter, including the mass deportations of South American refugees or the illegal drone war in Washington.

While many Americans are now celebrating Biden’s act, as a sober observer you still have to ask yourself why Biden didn’t go further. After all, the “Muslim Ban” was primarily a continuation of the “War on Terror” and this was certainly not initiated by Trump, but by George W. Bush, whom many people, even far away from the USA, actually mourned in the Trump era.

Former Guantanamo detainee and best-selling author Mohamed Ould Slahi recently appealed again for the closure of the torture prison in Cuba and addressed Biden directly in this context. One of Trump’s first decrees in 2017 was the order to keep the doors of Guantanamo open. While some of Biden’s supporters now claim that the legal situation is complicated and that Biden cannot easily close the prison, which has uniquely highlighted the inequality and oppression of the “war on Terror,” by means of an “executive order,” many at the same time wonder whether the political will for such a step exists at all.

Joe Biden has already announced many political steps celebrated by the liberal masses of America. His cabinet is in the language of liberal “woke” and divers. His Secretary of Defense is, for example, the first African-American to hold this office. In short: The Obama feeling from 2009 is in the air. The fact that the previous US administrations were a big part of the problem and made it possible for Trump to rise to power goes down.

At the same time, it is also clear that much will not change – especially not American exceptionalism, which continues to assume that it must dominate the world. Biden made it clear before his election that he wanted to “lead” again. Who? Well, the whole world, of course.

In many ways, it’s good that Biden has moved into the White House. He will (hopefully!) direct the constant media focus of a single person – this was the case with Trump-on the entire system and make clear once again how problematic this is. The “Muslim Ban” is history, but the majority of Muslim states continue to be bombed by the USA. Barack Obama, the first African-American US president in history, was also the man who massively expanded the Shadow war on the African continent and ultimately handed over this legacy to Donald Trump. The fact that a black defense minister will now bomb the people of Somalia and elsewhere can be regarded as an achievement by the left-liberal elite in New York, Washington and elsewhere. However, the victims of these wars, which Joe Biden also supported and supported, probably do not care.