The war starts with a lie

Under the heading “Credible towards the Kremlin”, the FAZ writes: “Western democracies are based on some fundamental values whose demonstrative disregard they cannot simply accept for their own sake – especially not when it happens in a country like Russia, which is an inseparable part of European culture.”

The fact that not only" Bild “but also” quality newspapers “like the FAZ are rushing against Russia and demanding the end of Nordstream 2 shows how much the” Western community of values " confirms George Orwell: if the lie is repeated enough, it becomes the truth. Why this should not happen in a country like Russia, but in a country like France, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA the “journalist” forgot to mention.

The extent to which the brainwashing of the US Empire is successful is shown in this commentary by the FAZ. But just as the world once believed that the sun revolves around the Earth, so the vast majority of Western politicians and journalists today believe that the oligarchy of the USA (Jimmy Carter) respects human rights, as if they had never heard of the US bombing wars, which have caused 20 to 30 million deaths, of the torture prisons like Guantanamo and Abu Ghuraib, of the trade wars and sanctions, which killed about 500,000 children in Iraq alone, of the human rights drone wars of the USA, where thousands of innocent people are murdered.

If our credibility demands, in the name of our values, the end of Nordstream 2, then we would have to stop trading with the US immediately. No state commits as many crimes against humanity as the “unrestrained rogue superpower” USA. You would even have to stop trading with yourself, Germany is complicit and even if you only cook coffee for transit you are guilty!

And how can only luminaries like Ursula von der Leyen or Jens Spahn consider using the Putin vaccine in Germany? Such an outrageous violation of our credibility is unacceptable!!!!

After all, the FAZ recognizes that Russia is part of European culture. One gets the impression that the majority of our security policy experts in politics and journalism believe that Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are football professionals from Dortmund or Schalke and that Tchaikovsky used to play with Podolski at 1. FC Köln.

Not only the insane rearmament (military expenditures 2019 according to Sipri: Nato total: 1035 billion dollars, China: 261 billion, Russia: 65 billion), or the systematic encirclement of China and Russia by the US military, but also the lies and stupidity of the “Western community of values” endanger world peace.