Peace is not green and left

In several problematic contributions, actors of the Greens and the LEFT have expressed themselves on peace policy-details follow below.

The criticism of the military-industrial complex (MiK) – that is, of the war companies and their political counterparts-is a survival requirement, because NATO‘intelligence management’, which is nothing but pre-war propaganda and ‘psychological warfare', poisons the brains of people in the sense of the military. NATO has set up a ‘Strategic Communication’ centre in Riga for this purpose. Quote from the Website:

“Strategic communication is an integral part of our efforts to achieve the Alliance’s political and military objectives.”

NATO manipulation catches up with Greens and Leftists

The successes of NATO manipulation are evident in many words and deeds on the part of social Democratic and green party-goers. And even with the Left Party’s expert on ‘security policy’, Matthias Höhn, the manipulation of the militarists works, as media report.

On the part of the Greens, a paper with the cooperation of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, for which Heinrich Böll should turn around in his grave, is a new highlight in this fatal sense. Under the title “For a new agreement between Germany and America” it is about a ‘world power role’, about the nuclear war strategy of the USA called ‘nuclear protection commitment’ and about the ‘nuclear participation’ of Germany as well as about the further increase of military expenditure as ‘burden sharing’ also for the intensification of NATO activities up to the ‘Indo-Pacific’.

The paper triggers debates in the Green Party: “' More … Responsibility is often urgently needed and will cost money. But it is wrong and dangerous, that only militarily … to understand’, says security expert Brugger” the süddeutsche Zeitung. Ms. Brugger’s contradiction is debunking because inconsistent. Their answer does not represent a rejection, but only emphasizes the intertwining of military force and political paths that NATO also wants. The points of the paper, also supported by right green, and those of the LEFT Matthias Höhn show striking similarities in the approach and in some details.

On the individual points of the paper by Matthias Höhn (LEFT)

LEFT-Board dissociates itself

Fortunately, on 23 January, the Executive Board of the Left Party distanced itself from Höhn’s paper with clear positions on peace policy:

“The Bundeswehr must be brought back from all foreign missions, we also reject new foreign missions, regardless of which organization they take place under.

Also union and science against armor

The softening and abandonment of peace-political demands described in this article is also confronted with an increasingly peace-political consequence in statements and positions from the trade union. The union’s commitment to peace is clearly reflected in the Frankfurter Appell, the active members of the peace movement, the ecology movement and officials of the DGB and the IG Metall:

“We demand a new peace and détente policy, a system of common security and controlled disarmament. … We want a nuclear-weapon-free Germany and advocate a worldwide ban on autonomous weapons systems.”

The warning of the critical nuclear scientists, who have set their clock to 100 seconds before midnight to warn of nuclear war, shows how urgent this demand is. On 27 January, the scientists will publish their latest hazard assessment.

The peace movement and the Left have the task of clarifying the media sovereignty of the corporations and their lobby with facts. This becomes clear already with the term ‘security’, because it is abused by NATO for high armament, danger escalation and for war preparation disguised as ‘deterrence’.