Mister RWE is the boss

Long-term Chancellor Angela Merkel keeps her weary ruling party CDU laboriously above the narrow level of the People’s Party. The new party chairman Laschet is expected to win the next Bundestag election in September 2021. He can populism. However, the Merkel silent and complicit released capital mighty demanding more open presence. Laschet as “Germany’s next mum” is first a saving transitional solution.

Learned multiple-populist

Laschet can populism, multiple times. He is a master of bowing, even more than"Mutti Merkel". He promises the good life to all the people.

I, the miner’s son

When it comes to opportunity, Laschet gives the proletarian son. In his application speech at the CDU party congress on 16 January 2021, he pulled his father’s Bergmann brand out of his pocket and held it in the cameras. The father was a miner in the Aachen coal district; if the friends were a thousand meters underground, Laschet says, his father could not see who was of which nationality – “trust” was decisive.

The father had given him the small stamp as a good luck charm for the party congress. “Tell the people: they can trust you,” Laschet told the delegates with a friendly smile. He comes from"modest circumstances". Modest, but ready to rise, as he repeatedly emphasizes: his mother was a housewife. His father was able to retrain after the end of coal mining and brought it to the head of a primary school.

I, the good Catholic

As an incomparably more intensively used component of populism, Laschet gives to good Catholics. “I am Christian,” he repeats, " not conservative." He does something for families, children, “for the people”.

Two months before the CDU party congress, he had a private audience with Pope Francis. Private audience means: this is particularly important, and Laschet’s media assistants scatter the pictures with Laschet at the pope far around.

Laschet also insisted that rival Merz, also a Catholic, would not receive such an audience in the Vatican, because Merz " has to renounce such higher orders for lack of office," as the Vatican correspondent of the ZDF state broadcaster founded by the Catholic Chancellor Adenauer reported with relish. And this was already the second private audience with the Catholics ' world Leader after 2018.

“Me, the Ocher”

With another populism component, the CDU politician also wants to collect votes from the election sheep and election sheep. Laschet comes from Aachen, where he has his constituency.

Especially during appearances in carnival, the Catholic proletarian son likes to give the “Öcher”. Öcher-that is local-Rhenish the name for the inhabitants of Aachen. With this title he became honorary senator of the Cologne Carnival. Thus, he and his Aachen network also ensured that, just before the decision on the CDU presidency in 2020, he was finally awarded the Order against animal seriousness, which is also important in federal politics, by the Aachen Carnival Association-as the first “Öcher”.

Finally, after Merz and Söder: Laschet also gets the Order against the animal seriousness

Since Konrad Adenauer was awarded the Order in 1959, the prize has been an important indicator of right-wing, capital-loving politics in Germany. Competitor Merz had already received the prize in 2006. The majority of the award winners come from the right of their parties CDU, CSU and FDP, a Catholic cardinal like Lehmann may also be there, as well as the banker and cold warrior John Kornblum, ex-ambassador of the USA to NATO and Germany. A prominent rich nobleman such as Princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis is also suitable as an occasional decoration. Otherwise: Franz-Josef Strauss, Theodor Waigel, Edmund Stoiber, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Markus Söder, Julia Klöckner.

Here, too, populism is breaking new ground, finely dosed: the green-coloured car lobbyist Winfried Kretschmann and most recently the media-oriented Gregor Gysi were decorated with the Order. So Laschet got these higher ordinations just in time, 14 years after Merz, four years after Söder.

Slack Satire: Lauti and Laschi

The carnival-enhanced “Öcher” also includes a certain kind of humor. Thus, the state broadcaster WDR, on whose board of Directors the governing parties sit, set up a “satire"broadcast: With Lauti and Laschi in WDR2, the NRW Prime Minister and the corona chat bag Professor Lauterbach, “health expert”, because long-standing member of the supervisory board of the private Rhön clinics, are allowed to froze a bit-satire for the undemanding.

The Social Democrat and the Christian Democrat are not far apart: Lauterbach from the SPD was previously in the CDU and comes from the vicinity of Aachen (Düren), and Laschet is partly responsible for the alleged “social democratization” of the CDU, because he smiles so often so nice.

Electoral district of Aachen: Charlemagne as forerunner of the EU

Aachen is anyway a traditional center of politically reactionary Catholicism. Here Charlemagne had his seat of government, here he died in 814 AD. The “Saxony butcher” had also using mass forced baptisms is the basis of the Europe-wide feudal state. On Christmas 800 he was crowned emperor by the then predecessor of today’s Pope Francis. The German kings were crowned here on Karl’s chair until the 16th century.

You might think: that was a long time ago, doesn’t matter anymore. But no: Charlemagne had founded the most important precursor of the European Union in Aachen. Therefore: Catholic entrepreneurs, who were members of Nazi organizations, founded the “Aachen Charles Prize” here after 1945: it is even more important than the order against animal seriousness awarded by the Aachen Carnival Association. The Aachen Charlemagne Prize quickly became the highest EU prize and honours the modern successors of the greatest Christian European in Charlemagne’s Imperial Palatinate.

Laschet, the Catholic missionary

Through his wife Laschet is related to Opus Dei member Kurt Malangré, CDU, who was mayor of Aachen from 1973 to 1989. Brother Patrick Laschet maintains a family tree on his website, which proves the origin of Charlemagne. A bust of the Catholic grand ruler stands in Laschet’s office.

They proselytize again and again, not with forced baptisms, but with obligatory mild gifts for the chosen good poorest of the world. Laschet has held and has held various posts in the Vatican Mission Society missio, is ambassador of the Foundation pro missio, based in Aachen: the task is the evangelization of German – speaking Central Europe-Germany, Switzerland, Austria. This is not enough: Laschet is also an ambassador for the Adalbert Foundation founded in 1989 by textile industrialist Paul Kleinewefers: The task is Catholic missionary work in ex-socialist Eastern Europe.

Brother Laschet: Syndicus in the High Cathedral of Cologne

Carsten Laschet, the younger brother of the CDU-Chairman, attorney at law, is only befitting a Board member of the Federation of Catholic entrepreneurs – diocesan group, Cologne – but also, according to a spokesman for the Junior funding circle of the festival Committee Cologne carnival. And according to his status, like hundreds of other entrepreneurs, he is also a member of the Catholic Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, a papal order based in the Vatican State, founded on 8 December 1933 on the basis of the Vatican’s concordat with the Nazi government. Something like this is system relevant and outlasts the systems.

Oh, what you do for the good of free enterprise, don’t you? But that would not be worth so much if the “most holy mandate in the Rhineland” were not added, besides the archbishop: the Laschet brother also holds the office of syndic in the High Cathedral of St. Peter in Cologne. The lawyer is a partner (=profit-sharing co-partner) of the local business law firm Graf von Westphalen and ensures the Catholic law in the richest archdiocese of Germany, in which the sex scandals once again (a bit) increase and the sheep run away.

The men behind the new CDU chairman

Now we finally have to get to the hard stuff. What is really happening behind “Deutschland next Mutti”? Who organizes the politics of the transitional figure before Merz or Söder or others come?

Nathanael Liminski: battle group " Generation Benedikt”

Laschet’s strategist is Nathanael Liminski," the man behind Laschet, " according to the FAZ, whose authors belong to the Christian capital milieu.[3] At the age of 20, the militant young Catholic founded the battle group “Generation Benedikt"at the Catholic World Youth Day in Cologne in 2005.

Liminski was enthusiastic about the arch-reactionary Pope Benedict XVI. After studying history and politics in Bonn and Paris, the Benedict fan and Young Union activist wrote speeches for the Catholic hate of foreigners Roland Koch, CDU chairman and Prime Minister in Hesse. Then Liminski moved to Berlin to the office of Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière, hardliner of the Evangelical-Christian political variant.

When Laschet became leader of the opposition in the NRW state Parliament in 2013, the caring smile wanted to have hardliner Liminski with him. He became managing director of the Landtagsfraktion and finally rose in 2017 with less than 31 years in NRW to become the youngest state chancellery boss in Germany.

Thus, in the command center of Laschet already sits the tougher competition. The FAZ praises the Liminski as an"ideal addition to Laschet”. The FAZ praises Liminski as a" smart head “and enthusiastically continues to report, certainly truthfully:” Since then, he has not only coordinated the departments in Düsseldorf in a sovereign way, he also keeps in touch with that part of the Union which Laschet has always viewed with scepticism."

Merz advises Laschet: Brexit, Airport Cologne-Bonn, private pension

Laschet and competitor Merz work more closely together than they reveal to the public. The media strategists of the FAZ and the other private-state leading media are also silent about this with the singer’s complicity.

With the beginning of his office as NRW Prime Minister, Laschet and Liminski also won the Merz. In the state chancellery, Merz was established as a consultant, officially for the Brexit support in the interest of the many companies in the state that have to do with Great Britain. At that time, Merz was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BlackRock Deutschland AG.

At Laschet’s insistence, Merz was also elevated to the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Cologne-Bonn Airport. The state of NRW is the main shareholder. Laschet praised Merz for his many good international relations. BlackRock is a shareholder of all airlines operating here, from Lufthansa to the Amazon cargo airline subsidiary to Ryan Air. Merz, who takes off and lands his two private planes rather at small airports like in Brilon, did not bring the hoped-for success. At the end of 2020, in view of his CDU candidacy, he resigned after having resigned months earlier from his more publicly known BlackRock function.

With the help of Merz, BlackRock is looking for an entry into the private pension, which is why he continues to promote the BlackRock financial product ETF, a kind of new risky “people"share, even after leaving BlackRock.

In 2019, it emerged that the NRW state government had negotiated with BlackRock representatives on the investment of 800 million euros in pension funds from 14 pension funds of the liberal professions and for members of the state parliament. The state government evaded a request from the Greens. But the WDR broadcast Westpol found detailed e-mail exchange on the negotiations.

The CDU Secretary General: Merz fan Paul Ziemiak

Among the men behind the new CDU chairman is now also the general secretary of the party, the Catholic Paul Ziemiak, a close friend of Liminski. Ziemiak has long campaigned for Merz as chairman of the Junge Union. At the suggestion of the quickly overthrown CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, he became General secretary of the party in 2018.

As qualifications he brought along: he had worked at the economic"prüfer " group Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) and after his studies is still a member of the Catholic student associations AV Widukind (Osnabrück) and Winfridia (Münster).

Laschet’s head of State Chancellery Liminski had already brought the young militant politician forward, first of all in a family way. As the FAZ writer Reiner Burger from the Catholic extended family knows to report: “Sometimes Liminski carries out networking even into his own family: He made the later CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak the godfather of one of his three children.”

The " Expert council Corona”

As soon as the pandemic began in March 2020, Laschet appointed the Corona expert council.

The Catholic is represented here by Monika Kleine, Managing Director of the Social Service of Catholic Women. Another member is Renate Köcher, member of the supervisory boards of the DAX corporations BMW and Infineon, at ALDI Süd and in several corporate foundations (Robert Bosch, Ludwig Erhard, etc.), in the main office Managing Director of the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy, where the CDU has been sounding out the mood of the population since Adenauer. The series of women continues with Claudia Nemat from the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG and Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, Head of the mechanical engineering group Trumpf. Michael Hüther, Director of the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft, should not be missed as the top lobbyist of entrepreneurs. Former Federal Constitutional Judge Udo di Fabio, sociologist Armin Nassehi, Christoph Schmidt from the RWI Economic Research Institute and the now defunct virologist Hendrik Streeck frame the majority of entrepreneurs.

But Bergmann’s son Laschet: He didn’t even appoint an alibi trade unionist to the council.

“Romanians and Bulgarians brought the virus”

Laschet’s experts have argued that the pandemic measures only apply in public spaces, not in companies, and that they are exempt from the Infection Control Act.

That is why it could happen that in the largest meat company in Germany with headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Tönnies, whose boss belongs to the main donors of the Laschet CDU for many years, suddenly “unexpectedly” 1,500 exploited meat workers turned out to be corona-infected.

But the Catholic-caring miner’s son knew immediately that the migrant workers were to blame, and not Tönnies, and not the complicit trade supervision in the federal state. No: The outbreak at Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, where 30,000 pigs are slaughtered in 16-hour shifts per day or night at a rapid pace-so the outbreak came, according to the Prime Minister “because Romanians and Bulgarians have entered there and the virus comes from there.“The high-profile expert council Corona did not object to this either.

Capital-Elite panel of the FAZ: Merz or Söder!

Before making important political decisions, the entrepreneur-Postille FAZ has its capital elite panel conducted by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy, which was also commissioned by Laschet’s expert Council and also by the Merkel government. The FAZ understands and presents himself publicly, and without scruples as a media strategic representation of the “Elite”. This “elite” appointed and maintained by the FAZ includes several hundred entrepreneurs, top managers and other “decision-makers” such as economic"auditors”, business lawyers, opinion makers and (conservative) politicians.

Allensbach CEO Renate Köcher announced the expected result:” Merz sees the economy as one of its own", while" politics " gave Laschet the preference. This is the strategic problem for the FAZ capital elite: they prefer Merz, but it does not win a federal election. Because of his unnecessary offer after his narrow defeat to immediately replace the current Economy Minister Altmaier in the Merkel cabinet, he has not made himself unpopular with the elite, but with a part of the electorate.

On the other hand: the laschet could win the election, but it would continue the Mutti line. But it is used up, successfully drags itself to the end on brittle corona ice. We finally need more Merz, the “elite"demands. But how to win the election? What to do?

FAZ indictment: Laschet does not follow the Western secret services!

Part of the solution: first saw Laschet’s chair, soften it. The FAZ retrieved the “Russian understanding Laschet” from the archive. Laschet is promoting the Nordstream 2 gas project. This has to do with location policy: The NRW-based energy company Eon, the largest operator of energy networks in Germany and neighbouring countries, has a stake in Nordstream 2. Jobs, energy prices and energy security depend on this.

Now the FAZ criticised Özdemir and Ralf Fücks Laschet as “Russia-Versteher"with the help of the popular upper green Cem Özdemir and Ralf Fücks. The most important energy companies in Western Europe are involved in Nordstream 2: in addition to Eon, also OMV (Austria), Engie (France), Gasunie (Netherlands) and Shell. These are not criticised by the FAZ strategists.

Laschet had also not joined the Putin accusation against the allegedly poisoned intelligence agent Sergei Skripal. The FAZ even accused Laschet here of disobeying the Western intelligence services: “He ignored the fact that the Western intelligence services were convinced that the nerve agent could only come from state sources in Russia.“If you want to become a good politician (and journalist) in Germany, you have to follow the secret services blindly!

“The elite”, “The economy”, according to their Postille FAZ, wants Merz. But he cannot win an election. The laschet could, but is too lax. The Spahn could, but too young behind the ears and his Corona-policy could cost votes. The elite solution (first of all): The sole ruler of the Free State of Bavaria, Markus Söder, decorated in blue and white with a Jesus cross in his office, can fix it. The day after Laschet was elected CDU chairman, the FAZ published a full-page interview with Söder.

Söders CSU: The most intensively donated party by companies

By the way, note from the Alternative Capital Elite panel: Söders CSU is the most intensively purchased party by entrepreneurs, no other party gets so much corporate donations per member. The largest single donor to political parties in Germany, like the Thai king, is based in Bavaria: The Association of the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry. To Söder’s election campaign 2018, he donated 625,000 euros, all remaining business-related parties received together only 160,000 euros. Other CSU donors: Verband der Bayerischen Chemischen Industrie, Verband der Chemischen Industrie Deutschlands, Bayerischer Bauindustrieverband, Allianz, Daimler, ERGO, Münchner Rück, Gauselmann (Glückspiele), Philip Morris, Rheinmetall…