The deserved end of Germany

For the past two years, Germany has been a test member of the UN Security Council, and the sharpener Christoph Heusgen has further destroyed the image of peaceful and diplomatic Germany in the world.

The deserved end of Germany

The UN Security Council has five permanent members, Russia, the US, China, France and the United Kingdom. These members are granted a right of veto. There are also 10 temporary members without a veto who have been elected to the body for two years. These Members have a chance of having a permanent seat on the Council.

The deserved end of Germany

In the last two years, Germany has had the chance to “rise”, but as in history, Germany is not a country of diplomats, but a country of sharpeners. Chritstoph Heusgen has contributed to the international reputation that Germany had to continue to squanish. Heusgen has never been to any other country other than the countries in the West. It is strictly transatlantic, which is already a KO in the world as a whole. The LUN has 190 member states and only 50 of them follow the West. But for success to be successful, you need the voices of all countries, not just those that think they are better.

Heusgen the evil in Meuse form

Heusgen played the pitbull that represented not diplomacy but the 100-year-old anti-East rhetoric of the West. Heusgen has brought the Westerwelle to make itself more unpopular in office than one already was anyway. Not only has he generated incomprehension in Russia and China, but also in many other countries of the world how to quickly experience yourself in a corresponding entertainment instead of spending your holidays on beaches and bars.

There have been times when German political zombies have relived the American calls for consequence. The decision of Schroeder not to take action in Iraq was popular, Kohl, who did not want war at all costs in the Balkans, or Helmut Schmidt clearly put Carter in the way. Days when you collected plus points.

How unpopular Germany has been over the last two years could be seen a few days ago in a UN video conference of the Security Council, the Chinese ambassador put it in two words. A permanent seat on the Council for Germany could be difficult. If one translates the diplomatic into German one can only say “Heusgen and thus Germany has covered it”.

“We will not miss them!”

The Chinese are known for their diplomacy. How to quickly notice yourself when you contact the Chinese embassy, for example. But Heusgen even managed to get these peaceful and well-educated people to develop a hatred for Germany.

The [Spiegel](https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/china-und-russland-attackieren-deutschland-im-uno-sicherheitsrat-a-6d271d73-457e-43d2-9b13-d53eeec93995 “Russland an Deutschland: Sie werden uns nicht fehlen) tells us the whole thing with the pink red glasses:

“During Wednesday’s heated session, the representatives of Moscow and Beijing questioned Germany’s suitability for a permanent seat on the Security Council. The German path to permanent membership “will be difficult,” said Chinese representative Yao Shaojun.

The issue was not even Germany’s dream of the UN Security Council. The Chinese ambassador’s words clearly show the opportunities Heusgen has created.

Russia has shown little regard for diplomatic formulations lately, and the answer could of course also be read in the mirror:

“Heusgen) lamented that the UN Security Council had “dropped” the people of Syria. Russia not only supports Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in the civil war, but also contributes to the “suffering and death” of the people. Russian Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky countered by accusing the Security Council of dropping the Syrian population, which is due to “hypocritical behavior” by Germany and the West. He also said to Heusgen: “We will not miss them.”

In order for the last German political zombies to get it, Russia and China have made it clear once again what Der Spiegel put it:

“The Russian diplomat also said that due to the appearance of the German representatives in the Security Council, many UN member states, which had previously supported Germany’s permanent membership, are now asking themselves whether “so much cynicism” should be allowed in the body. Chinese diplomat Yao said: “Germany’s appearance on the Security Council has not lived up to the expectations of the world and the Expectations of the Council.”

It is certainly not just Russia and China that are talking here. The answers of both are spoken in many names, you just have to listen to them in appropriate circles.

Heusgen hasn’t learned anything

In the videoconference, of course, Heusgen relented. Yes, German diplomacy lives according to the motto, “the reputation is ruined first” and one could then hear at the topic Iran again verbal attacks against Russia / China:

“The German Ambassador Christoph Heusgen used a meeting on Iran in his closing remarks to call on China to release two detained Canadians.” This council will lose its legitimacy if it ceases to worry about the fate of individuals,” Heusgen said at the virtual meeting in New York.”

The UN Council should take care of individuals, all and not just those who the West considers to be individuals. Why the mirror presents this positively, good good journalism is more and less often found anyway. Anyone who criticizes China for two Canadians, for example, for example, forgets Guatanamo, is not taken seriously in the rest of the world. Whoever as A UN ambassador is so partisan, disqualifies himself for this task and thus for this seat as a whole!

China has very nicely talk about the Incompetence of Heusgen:

“China’s Ambassador Yao Shaojun complained about his “malicious” content after Heusgen’s contribution. The German had hijacked the meeting, which was actually convened on Iran’s nuclear program. China is certain that the Security Council will work better without Germany. To Heusgen, the diplomat Yao Shaojun said, “Good that we are rid of you.”

Yes, that’s what a Chinese ambassador said, a person who grew up in a culture where diplomacy teaches breast milk. These clear words clearly show where Heusgen stands and thus Germany.

The Russian reaction has not made it into the mirror, good philosopia, poetry that has no voice in Germany:

“Dear Christoph, I would like to say goodbye to you with the aphorism of the writer Mikhail Vaneckij, who recently left this world: “What a pity that you are finally leaving.”

How popular Heusgen has become. How much work do you think has put into this decline? The conclusion of the Russian diplomat:

“no meeting without criticism of Russia, even if the theme of the event did not fit at all.”

Under Merkel, Germany has become the appendix of US politics, further deteriorating Germany’s reputation. It will be exciting days.