Let's celebrate free enterprise

The lobby organisation INSM (Initiative New Social Market Economy) has often noticed negative articles. However, freedom of expression is not part of the ideology of the lobbyists, which is why I was blocked on Twitter. Discussing this is no longer a value in Western democracy, although freedom of expression is often preached.

Let's celebrate free enterprises

The Covid19 virus is once again being used to tell the business-controlled government in Germany what they have to do after the crisis. First of all, the representatives of the oligarchs do not want to make any more new debts. So Germany is allowed to take on debt to save inept entrepreneurship, but after that the debt brake must take effect again immediately. You notice the oligarchs have no idea about the economy, the entrepreneur just thinks business. The fact that a state is not a company, that a state has different tasks than companies and that the state cannot escape the social task of tax evasion has not yet reached lobbyists. For this we have to understand, education takes time and who has the left when you count the coal that you have robbed of state, society and nature with cigars and sun on some islands.

The war of the USA / Europe against the East has also reached the oligarchs. There is no other explanation for the fact that the representatives of the free economy, crammed with taxpayers' money and subsidies, are condescending to tell us that we are free entrepreneurs and that the West has saved us from certain death worldwide.

Where would we be in this pandemic if there were no profit-seeking and competition for the first and best vaccine?

That sounds great or not? This is to mislead that the European states have lubricated the free enterprise with billions of taxpayers' money, the vaccine is guaranteed to be purchased in quantities and price from European states and, of course, the free entrepreneur is exempted from liability in the event of damage. It is also the European countries that have greatly shortened authorisation procedures without which there would not have been a vaccine at Christmas. We learn that success lies in the state that lubricates, buys, buys, undermines and accelerates, and not the free enterprise.

It ignores the lack of sufficient testing of the vaccines. Far too short and far too few tests, especially for a procedure (mRNA) that has never been used for vaccine development. In contrast to the vector vaccine, a weak virus scares the body before it is sick and the defense creates immunity, a protein is introduced directly into the genetic material of a cell, there it emits proteins, which the immune system considers a disease and fights back. This is the theory whether it will work in the end that will show up especially in times of mutations.

Of course, the free entrepreneurs also celebrate the system. The West, the capitalism that will save us all. The instrumentalisation of systems and countries is, of course, only possible because the media diligently help with the manipulation. It is a fact that the West is late, Russia and China are much further away, they do not hide the state system either, but are directly involved in the development, distribution and administration. One million people have already been vaccinated in China. The mRNA vaccine has many other drawbacks, the peak alone is the necessity of minus 80 degrees. Of course, the global vaccine facts are being misappropriated or demonized in the media, both in the media and by the state, and it should come as no surprise that people believe the rubbish of the free weakheads. A nice effect by the way is that Pfizer is a public company, that free enterprise is ultimately a myth, in the end only the oligarchs and perhaps the people who actually survive the mass test prostrate.

Let us return to the debt, which of course must be stopped immediately. In order for the free weakheads to seem serious and thoughtful, a opinion of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy is attached, which is of course appropriate to the reasoning of the free weakheads. This means that the debt brake is to be reactivated, debts must be reduced quickly and all without a tax increase.

In other words, Agenda 2010, dampen demand, lower standards, and reduce social spending. Exports will save us all. This is what the free weakheads are aiming for. On the backs of workers, society and nature, a competitive advantage over other countries, especially in the euro zone, is to be created in order to strengthen German dominance in the EU and to expose other countries to greater pressure. The German media will of course support the ideology, without alternatives and there is no need to fear from the people in Germany.

There are alternatives, and the debt could remain on the ECB’s books for self-deprecative depreciating through inflation. Of course, demand could be generated through wage increases and thus generate higher tax revenues. To this end, we are finally closing the tax loopholes, introducing a wealth tax and penalising trading in shares, interest and dividends.

For this, of course, it requires political will, which is certainly not created with the parties in Germany. In Germany, after all, the indirect bribeting of political zombies is still permitted, although it is forbidden even in most of the 3rd world countries. So we are not worried, we are paying for research, we are buying the rubbish of the free weakheads, we are liable for the risk and we are not only saving our jobs, we are funding it ourselves and we are destroying lives with our European neighbours without attacking the countries.